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How do you know if it’s anxiety or something else?

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I’ve been feeling kind of strange the last couple days, I’ve really been paying close attention to a slight vibration or buzzing in my chest, feel like I can’t get enough oxygen or that I have to make myself continue breathing, a bit light headed, slight headache, and have been having very anxious dreams. Does this sound like anxiety or something else? Am I being a hypochondriac or does it sound like something else to be worried about?

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Sounds to me it could be many things or nothing. Quite possibly a small panic attack maybe but only a guess. I'm not a doctor but I have similar symptoms when I get an attack, anxious or depressed. Everyone experienced for me is diffetent. No two are the same.hope you feel better soon.

The only way to truly know is to set up a dr’s appointment but even then we still always question. Try to use the wise mind though process. Yes it could be bad BUT likely it is not

I ask myself that question kinda often. I haven't had the vibration feeling in my chest but had a cool feeling & definitely the light headiness, headache & feeling of not getting enough oxygen. For me, as usual, all checked out fine. I don't know about anyone else on here but my symptoms seems to change. Or they have in past few years. I'd say if it continues obviously go see your doctor just 2b sure but I have read others talk about the vibration feeling. Hope you feel better very soon.

I went through the same thing about a year ago. Felt like I couldn't get enough oxygen. I still get like that from time to time. I noticed if i was busy or not focused on my breathing it didnt bother me. I had all kinds of tests run and they couldn't find anything. To put your mind at ease you should have it checked out.

i havent had vibration but other symptoms i notice if my mind goes off it then it isnt so obvious to me i think sometimes we focus so much on the way we feel it intensifies it but the best thing to do to mayb put your mind at ease is a doctors appointment best of luck.

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