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Dizziness. Anxiety or something else?


I also get dizziness and light headed. Docs always say its anxiety. However today i have had 4 dizzy spells. When im walkimg and when im sitting still. I go light headed and extremely dizzy. Its as if the room aronbd me is moving and jolting. It lasts a fee seconds and then goes. I feel on the verge lf passing out and obviously after this i then get very anxieous and scared it will happen again ! Doesnl anyone else get this. Is it anxiety or something else. Sometimes i feel like docs say its anxiety as its easier

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i had this last night, light i felt this rush through my body then i went al dizzy and faint felt like i was going to collpase for a couple seconds and my heart fluttered at the same time which scared me alot.

Maybe a silly question but are you drinking enough water? Too much caffeine? Maybe dehydrated.

I smoke. Have had 2 bottles of drink today. Dont drink caffienated drinks

The shocks me are what I get from medication withdrawal. You will be ok! Just go back to docs if it happens again. Keep on bugging them.

Im not on medd i wont take them x

I know, just saying. I hope you figure it out and it gets better. Please share if you find anything out!

Thanks x

Hi, I often get the dizzy off balance feeling with my anxiety then I wonder if it’s anything more serious than anxiety which just makes you feel worse! Lol vicious circle, I have always refused Meds. I find going to the gym really helps once you get over the feeling that you are going to pass out during your work out or run. Feel good then back to square one after the gym. You definitely have good and bad days, understanding why is another hurdle. Try laying down, take time out for yourself and think of happy memories. 👍

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Thank you x

Ooo yes me. I went to the ENT doc thinking it had to do with my inner ear or something. The room just starts spinning sometimes. He suggested it's probably benign positional vertigo. So it's probably eaither that or my anxiety for me. Dizziness is something very common with anxiety. It may come when you feel "calm" but our subconscious may be saying something different :/

Thanks xx

I constantly feel dizzy. This is something that does not go away for me. It really sucks. Have you been checked for anything ear related?

Nope i went docs and he didnt check anything

Yes I know that’s the thing the doctors just listen. To you Cheak your vitals and say take it easy on your self they don’t understand is hard when your chest is hurting and you fell like crap. I been dealing with this for years. Spent a lot of money at er and doctors. It is sad to have this I’m a strong man and it takes me to places I don’t like. I have all the symptoms I have gad

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I feel like this all the time everyday too. Constant light-headedness. I can't take it anymore. I take Meclizine sometimes ,but it needs to go away. I also have Anxiety. Sucks all of it!

I constantly feel dizzy too! It’s more of and off balance feeling like I’m on a rocking boat and with it I feel like I’m going to pass out! The doctor thinks it’s something called Vestibular migraine! I only have a migraine a couple times a month- but then I have the dizziness almost every day!

Okay thank you xx

I had trouble with dizziness, sometimes when I felt anxious I would go for a walk outside but as I was walking I was feeling like a feather could knock me over! The hardest issue for me is that unlike a lot of people who "feel" anxious, I always feel calm of mind except that I'm worried about physical symptoms - dizziness, short of breath, shaking, hearing my heartbeat in my ears, feeling my heart race or skip beats. But in my mind I feel like "I'm calm, it's just that body isn't, WTH?" That said, I had a lot of stress - extremely busy job with poor management and also rship stress. So I would say that if you have stress in other areas of life that is a big indicator that your symptoms are stress. I have resolved one issue completely and take a regular ssri. My anxiety has been reduced about the same- in half. I understand if you don't want meds though.

This is exact same as me

Yes exactly the same and I always feel spaced out like I’m not real and everything just looks weird it’s awfull even standing up is scary think I’m just going to faint and die.

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Same..:( i have been spaced out for two weeks i donnot know what to do..

Hi! I'm so sorry to hear you are suffering with this.. I battled for over a year with it. Antianxiety meds is what has helped.. I thought it was some awful physical problem and every doctor kept on saying it was anxiety and I didn't believe them! Eventually the problem got so bad I was basically forced to try meds and I'm so glad I did!! It took about 3 months for the dizzy/lightheaded feeling to lessen now to the point I hardly notice it. Its been subtly life changing. Do keep your options open on this one.. I was very against meds too. Iv been taking Brintellix which is a newer ssri and has less side effects (I'm really sensitive to meds) and it's been fine! All the best :)

Im just too scared to take them

Hi, Are you getting any good exercise such as running or walking? I did have anxiety and dizziness but long walks really helped me. Hang in there, you will feel better in time. Also a low dose of lorazepam can help get you over the hump. It worked for me.

Yep i walk a lot

Are you unable to take a low dose anti-anxiety medicine. They really helped my with my anxiety. Best to you.


Look up POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). It causes the symptoms you talk about it and also mimics anxiety. I thought I had horrible anxiety most of my life and had tachycardia, would come close to passing out regularly, and eventually started passing out. Doctors put me on antidepressants and meds to lower my heart rate, which made things drastically worse. Getting on the meds actually caused me to start passing out. If you look up POTS and it sounds like you at all, feel free to message me. I have lots of resources on it. :-)

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I have that my heart rate to stand up to go toilet can easily go over 30bpm it’s always worse in the morning and always feel like I’m gonna pass out. Not on medication GP referred me to a group that can help with the symptoms and how to deal with them and improve life.

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Thank you

Just looked and i get exactly this with many other things aswell

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POTS is a form of automatic dysfunction, so it can cause so many symptoms. The body produces too much adrenaline to compensate which makes a person go into fight or flight regularly. It's exhausting and miserable. I have to drink extra water, take electrolytes, and use lots of sea salt on my food. If I get dizzy, I drink sea salt (not table salt) in water and my symptoms improve. If you need help finding a specialist, they are hard to find, let me know. My specialist is having me exercise on a recumbent stationary bike to help. I was started off doing ten minutes a day for a couple weeks then slowly worked my way up. I am also supposed to do yoga/pilates to help strengthen my cardio too. Are you really flexible by any chance? Or were you as a kid?

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I was as a child i done gymnastics for years but i have scoliosis and poles in my back

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With having the POTS symptoms I was kind of expecting this. You should look up EDS (Ehler's Danlos syndrome). I too was a gymnast and have had spinal surgeries. Most people with EDS have POTS, especially women due to our natural hormones. I was diagnosed with hypermobile EDS, which effects a lot of things. If this sounds like you or you have questions about it, feel free to message me. I have lots of resources on both EDS and POTS. 💓

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No i dont have the symptoms of eds

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Well that's good then. 👍 It just sounded like EDS with your cardio symptoms, flexibility with gymnastics, and scoliosis. (You don't have to dislocate to have EDS fyi.)

Dealing with the same four years .... I have alot of post about this on my page. :( I've only been diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder... But it have anxiety and panic because of these feelings

Omg im the same

I have had these same types of dizzy spells. It happens when I am walking in the store , coming from the doctor, walking in the hall, etc. They last a few mins but have you feeling very disoriented. I don't know if I am going to pass out or be able to call for help. It never happens while sitting. I was checked for virtigo.. negative. I was checked for possible brain concerns.. negative. A neurologist suggested it couldbe the fact that I have low blood pressure many times. I have always been on the lower side.

I actually passed out one day after a dizzy spell. I was taken to advanced care. My husband saidI was shaking and disoriented. The doctor believes it might have been a mix of my medications. But I will never know.

All I know is I was told by the neurologist to never get up too quickly if you have low blood pressure. I started doing that and it helped, but I still have those spells from time to time.

Best of luck to you, girl!

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Thank you i dont take meds and blood pressure is always fine. I get dizzy when just sitting still so it really concers me xx

I do to I can be sitting and feel like I'm in a falling elevator... Does that make sense??? I jolt up and freak out

Yes !!

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Ashley1489, do you have neck pain/problems and headaches? Have they ever checked you for Chiari or a CSF leak?

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I do neck issues ... But I've never heard of csf leak? What is that and how would they check... I've only had X-rays done on my neck

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I've had these symptoms for four years.... If it was a leak wouldn't they have found something by now? I've been to the chiropractor and they done x-rays which infid post my X-ray on here he said my neck was tilted to the right and three of my nerves were pinched ... But I don't have pain and rarely have headaches.. any ideas???

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Nfra, did they check you for POTS?

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I'm embarrassed to ask, but what is POTS?

I had this kind of symptoms. Im dizzy 24/7. I cant even walk or stand i feel like i will pass out or fall ...I just stay in bed for like 2days straight. then i googled it, it says thats its due to anxiety and i saw that it can be vertigo and i decided go to the doctor and she just gave me an anti vertigo and i feel okay now...just visit your doctor so that she/he can prescribe you some meds..

I did and they said they cant give me anytging for the dizziness

I have dizziness on a daily basis most days worse than others but it’s always there.On the days when it’s really bad I have OTC meclizine that I take and it really helps

Docs wont give me meds

You don’t need a prescription for it you can buy it over the counter at any pharmacy or store like Walmart

Okayy x

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What did they give you for Anti Vertigo meds? Do they work?

Hey, just seen some of your post & I can really relate to your posts . I’m actually feeling the dizziness right now too , feels like I’m standing rocking on a boat . My head hurts & my heart goes fast too. I always feel anxious and once I feel anxious I notice that’s when my heart starts racing . Do you know what really triggers yours ? Does it happen just random ? Or does it happen when you remind your self about anxiety?

Mine happend randomly !!

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Yes I have this all the time happens nearly every day it’s called vertigo that’s what your suffering from

hollieedridge yesterday morning I did a sleep over at work ( work with disabled adults ) woke feeling really sick and so so off balance . My head felt weird all day , vision not clear . Just felt dreadful went back to work at 4 pm for another sleep over and my lightheadeness was real bad . I ended up taking a Kalma and it all went away after half hour . Bloody anxiety . Couldn’t eat due to the nausea

I sometimes have those same reactions. And my mother has to remind me to take my vitamins. You may be low on your Iron. Also vitamin B12 helps a lot.

I did just google information on Vitamin B12 its a nutrient that helps keep the body's nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all cells. Vitamin B12 also helps prevent a type of anemia called megaloblastic anemia that makes people tired and weak. Two steps are required for the body to absorb vitamin B12 from food.

And drink plenty water. Going to the gym helps, as well as going for walks. And getting as much rest as you could.

Hope this was helpful!

Thank you

Yes they always say anxiety it gets annoying after awhile you are not alone

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