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Is it anxiety or something else?

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Aloha all! I’m 35, had anxiety few years back it went away. I had moved to Hawaii from Florida and completely changed jobs. I get weird random pains in my head and lately a dull ache in my thighs. I’m trying to see if when I get nervous if that’s what triggers my anxiety? I have chronic back and neck pain everyday. Went to Dr they tell me I’m fine. I’m scared to take antidepressants. I get weird thoughts in my head, sometimes facial numbness. I always feel like there is something wrong with me but told I’m fine. I watched too many people my age dying of cancer or brain aneurism and I’m so scared! Any help anyone can give me as to why it can back or why I can’t make it go away?

I also forgot to mention when I first got anxiety I was in a crappy marriage with step kids that caused me a lot of problems and caused my marriage to fail! I’m now divorced for years and engaged to the love of my life and feel I’m acting weird because I’m scared of dying young and us not to get married and be happy!!

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You sound like me ! I have those symptoms in addition to other debilitating ones . I hate it !

What do you do to control it?

I just try to control my thoughts . I know that’s not helpful . But when I go to the ER and any of my doctors they are not helpful either . To this point I am my only hope . With anxiety , our minds are our worst enemy . We have to make amends with it .

Anxiety can make other body feelings more intense. First of all always rule out something worse, but in my case... my anxiety can make a leg ache into something throbbing. I try to accept that its part of the condition and find ways to distract myself from the sensation. I know its hard and we always overthink the worst, but again-- if its not bothering you all the time and you are obsessing over it AND it goes away when you dont think about it-- It might be your anxiety.

Yeah I went to dr had blood work and CT scan. I just need to lose weight and lower cholesterol but not on meds. But I agree with the making more intense cause that’s exactly what happens to me. I wish I could go back in time to before this started and never have it ever!

I am the exact same way I wake up and first thing I do is study how I feel.. this morning I feel forgetful and my legs feel like jelly

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