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Something else I could convince myself I have?!

I know this May sound mad but the thought of a heart attack scared me so much! I convinced myself because I googled it I want to believe something else so what could it be ;(!

My symptoms are:

Chest/arm/back/shoulder pain

Feeling sick

Feeling dizzy





I don't know serious or not but not heart related i cant live like this no longer :(

Or someone give me a kick info why I won't have one!

Help appreciated x

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I sometimes get like this I went to er multiple times too and one time they actually thought I was my blood pressure was way up.

If you have no family history of heart disease or family having a a heart attack at a young age it slim for you having it.

Are you on birth control? If no then hunny it's not the heart.

Anxiety mimics heart attack another thing they told me the last time if it's constant pain, discomfort longer then a few days. A heart attack you would have had it by now, pain doesn't last days. it's most likely just the chest being sore, costochondritus, from the anxiety I would have loss of appetite and get really bad dizzy spells again anxiety you breath crazy during this time and you get all sorts of symptoms because you have a lil too much carbon monoxide in your system just breath and take some anti inflammatory meds and if it doesn't help go to you docs for a peace at mind check up.


Thankyou so much for this reply it was so reassuring! Nope no birth control guess its just me! Was a big help x


Your welcome and anytime you need reassurance remember we are all here for you, ok Hun :)




I was just coming on here cause im getting all the same symptoms, mines been happening for a few days now, i suffer from anxiety as well & i had convinced myself im about to have a heart attack, but its my anxiety.


Hope ur OK x


Thankyou for reply sounds just like me :(xx


Right now I am suffering sore chest pain. When I had it last time it was down to my cheat wall being inflamed and I am sure it's the same again but it don't help


Thankyou not just me then :(! Hope you're feeling better xx


Hi PinkCookie - I swear by Tiger Balm (White Ointment) It really helps with this pain and can make it feel normal in a way lol. Boots will cost £4.96 but Holland and Barrett will cost £3.45. It's worth a shot. I had work last night and well it really kicked in then but now I am feeling sort of normal but I will take it easy for the next few days just in case


Hey I have these symptoms DAILY and I know that its anxiety. I worry about my heart health 24/7 and cant help it even though im only 26 and I work out daily. But I know my anxiety from this causes all the pain and feeling I experience. Your anxiety does raise your blood pressure temporarily so don't worry about that. Also a common thing that happens to people with anxiety that get their blood pressure taken at a hospital is white coat syndrome which is a boost in blood pressure simply beause your anxious for being at the hospital. just embrace yor anxiety about your heart and know when ur having symptoms that its your ANXIETY. I hope you feel better and if you have any questions im here.


This is totally me. The arm pain, back pain, dizziness, jaw sore, and sense of doom. I hate it. Been checked out with ekg's about. 10 times. Absolutely nothing. On a low dose kolnopin now which helps but I still worry. Best wishes.


I have these symptoms also and was diagnosed with anxiety and vertigo


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