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Anxiety or something else?


Hi everyone, this is my first post. On Friday I had a panic attack and since then have not felt normal. I have felt constantly heightened since. My chest feels really tight, I can feel my heart beating through my body. I got an ECG done at the hospital and they said it was fine, they still wanted me to wait in the ER but I couldn’t cope being around all the people so I just went home. I feel fine mentally but my chest and these, I’m assuming palpitations, are so annoying. It’s not painful it’s just constant. The only time when I’m okay is when I’m asleep. I wake up with a heavy feeling in my chest and I go to sleep with it. In other people’s experiences, have you had an anxiety attack that lasted this many days or is this something else? My anxiety keeps making me google it which doesn’t help! It’s also important to note that I have had a complete loss of appetite. I felt this way since before the panic attack and even had some vomiting happening. On Saturday after the panic attack I had diarrhoea all day and a bit of vomiting. Can someone please offer any advice or experiences? I’m so scared I’m always going to feel this way.

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Hi - I actually had a similar experience when I had my first ever panic attack. I am so glad things checked out ok at the dr. What I suspect about the loss of appetite before the panic attack is that it was related to some anxiety that was leading up to the panic attack.

After my first panic attack I was in a heightened state of anxiety for days because I was so scared the panic attack would happen again. It wasn’t until I started seeing a therapist that I understood what was happening to me. Now I know that when panic attacks come, they suck but run their course and will eventually end. That thought alone helps me to not always be so heightened and worried about another one coming. I also had a loss of appetite at this time because I was so anxious.

Things that helped me- exercise, baths, prayer, yoga, meditation, and putting a heating pad on my chest. I also would make chicken noodle soup and drink as much broth as I could just to get some food down. And drank Gatorade to stay hydrated.

I’m here if you ever want to talk!! You will start to feel better soon!!

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Thank you so much for replying, I really hope that there is nothing wrong with me and that it’s just anxiety but it’s been going for three days and I don’t want to feel like this anymore. It helps to know you have had a similar experience

Don’t start Xanax or lorazepam right way, so those things that are he previous girl suggested to you. Then see how are you doing

Otherwise you will end up like me, been to scare and start Xanax right way. Took me time to get out , very bed

The same exact thing happened to me! Try speaking to your doctor! I got prescribed some anxiety medication which worked and those feelings went away and I felt normal again, I also was prescribed something I take when I’m having extreme anxiety or a panic attack. This calms all my nerves and makes me feel good again within minutes. Try talking to ur family doctor because the world of medicine works wonders, but be careful with what they prescribe you and what side effects it has, the medicine I was on that I took daily to stop my anxious feelings that happened 24/7 like your saying, had bad side effects and made me gain a tremendous amount of weight within a time span of 5 months. I had to take myself off of it for health reasons and am currently not taking anything but I do carry around the “emergency pill” as I call it still and it helps wonders. Hope this helped.

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Totally same for me - I was prescribed a daily medication and then an “emergency” medication that has been a life saver that stops the panic within minutes. I always keep it with me in case a panic attack strikes!!

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Can I ask what the emergency medication is? Cause I got prescribed Valium (reluctantly) yesterday and all it did was make me sleep and then I woke up feeling the same.

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Mine is Xanax.

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It doesn’t make me sleepy. It just takes the anxious feelings away.

The emergency medicine I’m on is Pms-Clonazepam-R 0.5mg !! I only take this medicine when I’m having panic attacks and it calms my nerves immediately! The daily medicine was something else that I took daily, I am not on it anymore but that helped take away anxiousness witch occurred everyday all the time! If I find the name of that one I will let you know but I’m currently only on the “emergency” medicine for when I have panic attacks or really intense anxiety!

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Yes that emergency medication is a blessing it helps me right away!! It’s always in my purse wherever I go!

You guys! I just did my hair for the first time in a few days. I hope you’re proud :)

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That is AWESOME!!! Super proud and happy!!

I suffer with the same symptoms, i have GAD which is a type of Anxiety. Ive always suffered with Anxiety but wasnt as bad as what is it now since ive quit smoking its made it worst. I have learnt to get on with it it makes my everyday life really hard and a struggle as i suffer with Nausea, Tight Chest, Headaches and neck tightness etc its worst when i have to go out around a lot of people or in a car etc. Hope you feel better soon

Hey guys, I went to sleep and woke up feeling really tight in the chest again. Really light headed and nauseous (which I want to assume is from malnutrition and dehydration more than anything) the doctor gave me a beta blocker propranolol, to take when I am feeling these severe anxiety feelings or I can take it every day if I wish. I’m praying that what I am going through is like a panic attack hangover and that I will only need to take one-to a few to help me get back to normal.

some people find the CBD oil helps with anxiety i work with someone who uses it all the time it takes the edge off

I've had anxiety attacks that have lasted months at a time, sorry to say. For me my stomach bothers me day in and night. I get this tightening n burning feeling, I feel like it's going to Burst??? I live on rolaids, Alka-Seltzer and 7UP hoping for some kind of Relief?

Hey, I don’t know if you get a notification when someone else comments but I’ve just posted an update and I don’t know if it will help you or not as everyone’s experiences are different, but I felt tightening, burning and even like a cold burning feeling in my chest. If you want to, feel free to look at my comment as it could be of some help? I’m not saying that it will for sure but it’s worth a shot! :) hope you feel okay.

Hi everyone,

I want to give you an update but first I would like to thank you all so so much for sharing your experiences with me.

I went to the doctors today because I was feeling so hopeless. The tight chest feeling was constant and I didn’t want to feel that way anymore. It turns out, what I am experiencing is acid reflux. Apparently this is common in people who have had gastro (tick) have anxiety (tick) and take zoloft (tick). I was given medication for this that I took earlier and I went home and relaxed to settle down from how heightened I have been from worrying about whether what I was feeling was real or not and if it was life threatening or not (how great is anxiety?). Now a few hours later, I sit here feeling like myself again and am feeling my appetite coming back.

I want to share this with you because I think that doctors are quick to disregard your physical pain when you mention you have anxiety. The doctor who gave me propranolol didn’t listen to my chest or check my heart rate. I think this makes us with anxiety second guess our symptoms. So we google to try and find something that fits but that makes us more stressed and we start to accept that this pain is stemming from our brain. This doesn’t stop the occasional flicker of oh my god is it a heart attack!? But it’s always there that “what you’re feeling isn’t real” thought.

Don’t second guess your body. I understand that a lot of us do have panic attacks and physical symptoms from anxiety and that we sometimes need to take medication like diazepam and beta blockers to make it better and that is absolutely fine and so good for who that works for. But, you know your body better than anyone. I was diagnosed with anxiety in primary school and have gotten help with it forever. I have managed it and while it does flare up, I knew the way I was feeling was not right. And the fact that it was such a simple fix and the fact that a doctor took me seriously has helped me to relax. The symptoms of acid reflux, the tight chest, the nausea and the loss of appetite made me assume that this was a panic attack which made me... well... panic. I spent the last few days absolutely miserable and I never want to feel that way again. The lovely people above have shared their experiences with panic attack and their success with emergency medication, but my experience is different and that’s why it’s so important you visit a GP. Something so simple made me feel so hopeless and sent me into a panic just because it was new. But that’s anxiety isn’t it?

Sorry for the novel, but I know how much I searched the internet over the last few days just wanting someone to tell me I wasn’t crazy and to do something that would fix it. I can’t fix it and trust me, Googling it makes it worse. But if you’re like me and you’ve deep dived to the point of finding this post take my advice and know that you can trust yourself and trust that you know how you feel- anxiety or not. I know me, I know my body and I know my anxiety and this is just not how it normally goes for me and I’m so glad I took the advice of those above and saw a doctor, even though my experience was a little different to theirs.

Thanks xx

Stress and anxiety. I feel this way at times. When I stress I have no appetite. When I don’t eat I feel sick. When your belly is empty you will have diarrhea and then constipation. Then I worry about that which causes more anxiety. Anxiety is a bunch of ugly wrapped up in one word. Try to push fluids to start then small meals throughout the day. Your brain needs these nutrients to be strong enough to fight these anxious feelings/ thoughts. Try and stay away from google and talk to us here. More clarity when you get feedback from people who are actually dealing with this fight against anxiety.

Absolutely. While the acid reflux medication fixed up my chest pain, I’m still overcoming how heightened I was from the anxiety of the week. I haven’t been 100% myself. And yes, if I’m feeling anxious I immediately need to go to the toilet for a number two but I’ve never experienced this level of loss of appetite! In fact, I’m normally an emotional eater. Our bodies are extremely complex...

You seem to have some of the same issues that I do. Two years ago I thought I was having a heart attack, went to the ER and they said all was fine. I was diagnosed with Anxiety. I get heart palpitations, nausea, very nervous and fidgety and end up in bed for a day or two. I am normally a very active person so this really bothers me. I am currently trying to get meds situated.

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