Does anyone experience tingling in Legs from anxiety? Or could it be something worse?

Hi everyone. I was just seeing if anyone else experiences a tingling sensation below the knees in both legs? I might be reacting to the medication I'm taking (I'm on 25 my sertaline) it feels like not enough blood flow or something is reaching my legs? Not sure if anyone else experiences this? Is this anxiety causing this?


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8 Replies

  • When I had anxity real bad I did. I went to doctors few times then I realized it was just anxiety.

  • Did it eventually go away? I seem to get the tingling sensation in my feet & hands now. Only at night too. It sometimes feels like icyhot being put on my feet. 😋 is that normal? Did you experience that at all?

  • Itching or tingling hands and feet is extremely common with anxiety. If you are worried though speak to your doctor. I've had it before but found when I distracted myself I realised the tingling had gone away

  • Timsmith Anxiety isn't "just anxiety"! It can effect everyday life to the point it immobilizes you. The different health problems anxiety can cause are serious. I believe everyone may have situational anxiety at some point in their lives. It goes away when their situation improves. Chronic anxiety can push some people over the edge. There are many maladies anxiety can mimic. If one truly has chronic anxiety they need to be under a physicians care. Goodness knows tingling in extremities is a common complaint. Peripheral neuropathy is real. It is important to rule out no underlying process before we assume it is just our anxiety. If symptoms occur...stomach distress, heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat and, or chest pain, tingling and numbness in extremities, bowel issues etc. A physician who knows you and your basic health is important. Especially one whom he/she has a non-judgemental view of patients with severe chronic anxiety. If one is fortunate enough to have a healthcare provider who listens to what you're feeling and documents the issues hopefully, for example chest tightness or pain, they can rule out true cardiac problems versus a symptom of anxiety. This can help a patient from running to emergency department repeatedly. In ER's they tend to get a bit put out with with chronic anxiety patients who are frequent flyer patients. If symptoms get out of control a person may need antianxiety medications and steered towards therapist. A good primary care doctor can be a valuable resource for chronic anxiety patients. I pray you don't chalk any issues you may have up as "just anxiety"! Maintain a good relationship with your Doctor. They can be a valuable resource. Reassurances from a trusted physician can help relieve high anxiety and, or panic attacks. Hope your anxiety is maintainable and will not disrupt your life. McLaughlin. XO

  • I get it in my hands real bad when my anxiety is bad. Sometimes in my feet too

  • LoveMeg22 I go nuts when my toes and fingers tingle and feel numb. I'm with you on it gets worse at night. When my anxiety hits this symptom drives me nuts!!!!! My Doctor ruled out any underlying health issues causing the problem. This in itself helped my anxiety over the tingling. When I have a physical he always asks specific questions about the tingling to be sure it hasn't changed and is due to anxiety! My best to you!


  • I have this exact same thing! I think it goes away when sleep but comes back once I wake up and think about it

  • Tingling in your legs and arms is definitely a common symptom of anxiety. Did you just start taking sertraline recently? If so, your body might be getting used to the sudden increase in serotonin-- I know my anxiety skyrocketed a few days every week when I was still adjusting to the medication.

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