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Hello everyone, haven't been posting so much lately just focusing on trying to recover. Lately, I'm pretty sure I know what happened to me is a blockage or heart attack and over the 3 months of being normal back around August, had another one or by then the scar tissue built up. Regardless I been working at fixing my problems since by working out ( thus has been my biggest help!) drinking b12, vitamin d3, resveratrol...maybe get some stem cells flowing! I really believe in the power of resveratrol for so many things, one of the reasons I probably look younger than 31 too. And hawthorn berry, and now I decided it's best I don't drink coffee instead I drink matcha green tea, matcha is important because they use the whole leaf and grind it up. I have no doubt this is amazing fr you! Ordered some omega 3 comes tomorrow. And daily asprin really helps me, probably second best to exercise.

Those are my advice, when ur comes to anxiety. Exercise, green tea, d3, b12 seems great and omega 3 couldn't hurt either. :) hope that helps! I also believe that the power of the sun on your skin, sun bathing s rather a miracle! Try it!!!


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Hi there - how do you know if you had a blockage or a heart attack? Did you get this diagnosis from a Doctor?

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I am pleased you are feeling a lot better

I think two things stood out for me and that is taking a daily Aspirin should really be taken with caution , your doctor has obviously recommended you should take one as if not needed they can cause more harm than good so please anyone reading this do ask if you are considering taking Aspirin on a regular basis

Also the sun is great , lift's your mood if you are lucky to be living somewhere that is sunny , however we all should be careful to make sure we have a good Sun protector on if we are laying in the sun as again this can be harmful if we expose ourselves to the sun to long without

Hope things carry on improving for you

Take Care x


of course anything in excess is bad for you

as I said for people with Anxiety :

"Those are my advice, when ur comes to anxiety. Exercise, green tea, d3, b12 seems great and omega 3 couldn't hurt either. :) hope that helps! I also believe that the power of the sun on your skin, sun bathing s rather a miracle! Try it!!!"

Aspirin is not listed and I never take whole aspirins, thanks.


Aspirin was listed as something you take but I can see you have edited your post and now no longer is

Each to their own , have a good day :-)


You say you take a 'daily asprin' in your post?


Yes it comes in an envelope Poppy's girl :-) x sambs!


Health anxiety is very real can trick our minds into thinking we have a problem we really don't. Unless you've been diagnosed with heart disease, heart failure or heart attack I don't think you should be trying to treat it. At your age I very much doubt you've encountered these things. However I can't agree more with the excersize you are doing to help your anxiety. Especially the vitamin b, d and omegas. You should see a doc and get a proper diagnosis to set your mind at ease!


yeah only a matter of time before i go to cardiologist and get checked up in January when my health insurance kicks in, treating ones self with simple things like exercise, omega 3, vitamins rarely could hurt. It's only rationale to solve ones problems, doctors are no god of mine that's for sure (the last doctor I saw was more impressed with my knowledge than anything) but yes i could use their equipment to see my heart but often the things they prescribe are not....just look at early day medicine to see this. Till then I got to do what I got to do, would like to cure myself completely before January. Actually if you google heart failure between ages 19-60+ is pretty normal standard ages.

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Those comments are pretty aggravating... and provide no help in my case.

Disappointing to get the same types of comments over and over...not a good you're doing better...or great you're trying to improve...just criticism...very disappointed.

Sorry just feeling aggravated today...

i don't jump around from thing to thing...has always been my heart....pretty sure I know what it is now....been treating it as such and its helping so thats further issues arent day to day or moment to moment I pretty much always have difficulty breathing and can feel the source is my heart. I cured the sick feeling completely by exercising, same thing happens with heart failure...all I know is its my heart, I may have some scar tissue or a slight blockage or messed up vein on it...till i can get seen I have to try to help myself...

"I REFUSE TO DIE!" something I always say when I don't feel so good, then do bunch of push to fight to live! and it helps me.

(sorry anyways about lashing out again but just needed to express myself...makes me agitated when people can't understand how I feel or blow it off as anxiety, I got anxiety from this problem...but it isnt "the problem")


If you look at my original reply I say I am pleased things are a lot better and I hope they continue , is that not supportive ?

I do then mention the Aspirin because any members that read these posts and replies it is down to us as members if we spot something that could potentially harm someone to in a polite way just point it out so they are aware if they follow that advise what sometimes it could cause but this does in no way mean it is a criticism towards you as you are free to make your own choices and if they are working for you than that is great !

At least you got some replies even if not what you wanted , if you go through the many posts in this Community you will see that there are so many that have No replies whatsoever , I wonder how they must feel ?

Remember we are all trying to support each other , we might even be having a bad day ourselves when doing so skip pass the comments you don't like and focus on the one's that may help you , when we post we have to bear in mind that by posting we are asking for replies sometimes these may not always be what we want to hear but as long as they are said with the best intentions & in a polite manner that is all you can ask of people

Hope you are feeling less agitated and where we have rain , winds and it is cold I can visualize you there in the Sun , how lucky are you :-) x


yeah i know i was going to say besides bounce I know you said that and sorry again I was pretty agitated yesterday for some reason.


We don't all have 24/7 time to answer everyone. When I have the time

I answer the ones I can, I have some real conditions and can speak from my own experience as do most on here, because same names crop up regularly and some, like me, are prepared to put their photo on as well. You used yours to Justify and boast about young you look. There are real people here with real problems, as well as the many mischief makers who just use an emoticon to identify them.

This Website, Health Unlocked, started off as a British website for patients in the UK, now there are people from anywhere and everywhere clogging it up - that's probably also a reason why not all posts gets answered.

By all means help, by writing of what circumstances caused your anxiety and say what helped you, that's how most started off with their posts or responses. A doctor is probably the best and 1st port of call for people, before or just after they contribute. Sorry if you don't like this answer either, but you must take responsibility for what and how you "advise" we are not medically qualified advisors we are only supporters!

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Are you aware Jeffery, that at least on our UK TV news, of how many people, young,old, fit and healthy alike die from heart attacks or have strokes! I'm sorry you really are barking up the wrong tree on this Community and you don't seem at all anxious to me.

Those with genuine anxiety need genuine, personally based support from others who have been there, done that and THEN say what helped them!

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I am glad to read that someone is getting better, it is so motivating and I really hope I will get to a day when I feel normal again too. :) Keep up great work.


Ok Jeff - 1 apologise - along with some hopefully supportive suggestions.....

....thoughts. After my previous 'last' comment, I thought Jeff's psychosomatic -You can look up meaning for yourself - and I decided to read your 1-20 posts. As you know I had already guessed you were in USA, that was by the way you write and some of the words you used, I am using my intuition and genetic history here because my dad was a professional Pyschoanalyst! I'm 68 now, so he's long gone!

That not the only thing I inherited from him either!, so please read and consider the following:-

coffee - 1st thing in morning. You wake up feeling anxious, seems it's a permanent condition for you at present. Coffee is a stimulant, it could be the reason for the palpitations together with the anxiety!

Sun - You spend a lot of time lying in the sun - you could have heatstroke! I had a 4 year old cousin decades back he got sunstroke very badly unfortunately he was left permanently mentally disabled, except, he also developed great physical strength that he didn't have before he was hospitalised and given lots of physio! He spent his life in an institution for the mentally disabled (I don't know where he now or what happened, because I have lived in France for the last 8 years) but I'm going back 50 years now, when medicine was a lot further behind than it is today!

Obsessed- given your writings, you obviously spend a lot of time on your computer, isolated and are surrounded perhaps by wifi! You may even lie out on your sunbed with earphones on or an earplug attached to your mobile phone listening to music by wifi, cou,d also cause palpitations!

You have self prescribed aspirin, even if in smaller doses, you are working out daily, getting the aspirin even quicker into your liver. Do you take time to eat even? I know you said you drink green tea but your diet seems to consist of all self medicated supplements, when it's a good healthy food regime and company at meal times tyou need.

I notice you were much better on Thanksgiving day, a day of celebration and the traditional roast turkey dinner!

You haven't mentioned family or friends, I presume you have both and spent Thanksging with one or other of them, instead of your regular daily routine!

So all in all I think you are causing your own anxiety by the daily pattern of your life, and it's affecting your brain and causing the symptoms, when if you totally changed your lifestyle, you would start to see an improvement. The computer also keeps you/us awake if we are on it late at night, therefore stopping us from sleeping. I have seen it suggested thT there should be At least 2 hours between stopping all mental processes, except relaxing, and going to bed to sleep. A bath and hot milky drink just before bedtime really helps!

Supplements - don't take D3 unless it's prescribed! Ask for Vit D and Vit B12 blood test. Do you have any other medical issues for which you take prescribed meds. Self medicating can do more harm than good at times you know. Cut back on the caffeine and stimulants.

Just so you know, I have an autoimmune disorder, undiagnosed cirrhosis, also had a TB infected gland removed when I was a baby, (possible genetic link here dad had it twice in his life - it was listed as one of his causes of death)

I also had a spontaneous aneurysm and brain haemmorhage early 2013 - so yes I know about things affecting neurotransmitters and neural consequences of taking wrongly prescribed antidepressants or OTC meds and stimulants because I'm a te drinker , so I was frustrated here - not anxious, tho I am now concerned given that my platelettes have dropped to 45000 when the norms should be 250-400000! I've had several infections, my skin pigment colour has gone, on arms, shoulders, feet, and the current overall diagnosis for me is Thrombocytopenia.

Like you I want to live and am doing my damn best by also researching, knowing I have real MRI'd and blood test proven conditions. None of yours are, I think your doctor in January will test things, not find anything and diagnose Anxiety and or refer you to a pyschiatrist. Its not what I want to happen for you, because I do think you could be your own salvation. Take each day as it comes, but in a positive responsible way.

By the way it's cold wet and windy here, so I ain't going sunbathing :-)

As I said earlier also, none of us on here are medically qualified, but we all have own experiences to use to try and help others.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!


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