So I'm at work and thinking how great it feels just to feel normal again. I have had such a tough road and so has many of you well I would say all of us on this group. This week

Has truly been one of my best weeks since it all started. I have been using a very good vitamine joined with omega fish oils also a cup of tea first thing in the morning with molasses.

The journey with anxiety isn't easy we all know that but we can have hope really you can. Anxiety manifest itself in a mental or physical way and all those symptoms are just crazy!! Boy are they just annoying and painfull. Remember that you are not alone and that there is a light at the end of

The tunnel you just need to find your way to that light again.


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  • That is great news what vitamins are you using

  • Centrums omega fish oils and immunidue. I also stay away from coffee and anything with caffeine. Lavender oil in warm water with epson salt I soak in the bath for 20 minutes the stress relieve after a bath like this you just won't believe the results

  • I take vitamins and a fish oil but I've also added calcium magnesium and a vitamin d supplement all in one that helps as well the lavender oil with Epsom salt I would have to try thank u.

  • Wishing you best of luck and peace

  • Thank you

  • This helps to hear that there is light. I need that hope right now x

  • Just hang on to that hope Moonmoo if you don't have hope you will totally give in to anxiety and life as you know it or rather knew it will just seem like a

    Far memory...I face anxiety

    Each and everyday as well but I do not surrender to it anymore I do not allow it to take away the person that I am. Each day I wake up with a smile and say today I am the defeater and with God by my side people I work with can not even believe that I actually struggle with anxiety because again I am me and anxiety is not me. Each day

    My friend is a new day

  • I wish i could, i really do. X thank you for you kind words. You are a beautiful person. My anxiety and depression has taken who i am. Its stolen my soul from me. I hurt everyone around me with it. Its pretty hopeless.

  • Thats what anxiety does yeah. .it isolates you. I have actually learned to see anxiety as this other person it really takes on a life of its own. You know when I started accepting that what I had was anxiety I started reading up on everything I could find regarding anxiety. .like they say knowledge is power! ! So I impowered myself with knowledge because we only fear what we do not know or understand. So I thought to myself if I know everything about Mr anxiety how can I then fear

    It or not no how to cope with it when it suddenly pops up or when its there the whole day. I know it may sound that I have everything under control?? Well trust me I have my days but I do not let it beat me anymore. It stoles your soul yes it feels like it but trust me your soul is not anxieties to steal. The road with anxiety is not easy no its hell but I promise you I was that girl that just wanted to sit in a dark room as well once. Thank you so much for the beautiful compliment.

  • You really give me hope. Thank you so much xxx

  • Peace be with

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