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Pelvic muscle tension and anxiety/depression

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Can anxiety/depression cause pelvic floor pain? My muscles seem to be overactive and throughout the day my pf muscles tighten too much on and off which causes pain and frequent urination. This has been going on for some months now and the more anxious and stressed out I am, the more pain I have. I just started on 25 mg of sertraline yesterday.

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yes, I had it and very painful. Every time my toddler would whine or cry, it would tighten up and be very painful, and yes I was urinating like every 15 minutes. I ended up going on amytryptilene and it went away

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Ren2 in reply to autumnthebrat2

So it was anxiety related? And did it go away when the medication started to work?

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autumnthebrat2 in reply to Ren2

thought I had a uti, or diabetes, but tests were negative. It went away in a couple of weeks after using the medication

I think during stress, muscles may tighten in various parts of your body, I first started peeing constantly, started googling and just added fuel to the fire because then my pf muscles started tensing and became very painful.

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Ren2 in reply to autumnthebrat2

Yes painful it is. It's also driving me crazy as it's been going on for a couple of months already

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