ok todays a new day, took a forth of standard aspirin cuz i dont like having shortness of breath that i been experiencing but im alright...i did kind of freak out alittle when i thought i saw a big star out the corner of my eye (I know silly) but i might have been some light from the sun so acting like it didnt happen...anyways im chillin going to take my Vitamin D3 now...

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  • Have you tried magnesium supplements? I used to suffer with palpitations and it sorted me right out, I took the soluble stuff. It's important for optimal heart rhythm. It's a common deficiency because the soil is overworked therefore the plants/foods we consume are low in it. Look it up :-)

  • yes currently taking a magnesium spray on the skin, they say it absorbs best that way from my research...rarely get palpitations....almost requires some Adrenalin usually. thank you for advice. not doing half bad right now...pretty decent feeling just relaxing.

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    Have you been checked out by a doctor and given the all clear with your health , I would presume you will have , just go steady with the Aspirin , yes one a day sometimes a Doctor will advise to take but 4 is a lot if you are taking them regular but if it is just a one off then I suppose it will be ok

    Usually shortness of breath is an anxiety symptom , do you do some breathing exercises when you feel like this , they can help us to regulate our breathing till the feeling passes again without the need to take anything also have you ever looked at Mindfulness if you put it in Google it tells you how to do exercises to help you relax

    Take Care x

  • yeah whent to Er they said i have premature heart beat and palpitations but that im a healthy young man at 31...anyways...i was in worse condition not to long ago so i been improving gradually...no heart pains or palpations today which is good...just walked my dogs and did a small jog during....cold as heck.

  • Well even athletes have irregular heartbeats and they are super fit it can just be one of those things some get but nothing serious and if they have said you are healthy then all is good :-)

    Glad you have had a better day :-) x

  • yeah he said its a variation of normal...and im fine with that (doctor was quiet impressed with m medical knowledge)..personally i think its something more....like a deteriorated artery or vein but i think its improving regardless....so im just going to stay positive and eat healthy and try to do things right....yeah im haing better days lately...before i would lay down for 1 hr...or 3 hrs...and wake up feeling deathly ill...dont have that anymore...also would feel stress hormones running in my veins daily.

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