Hello everyone Need Some one to talk to and find out what to do about whats been going on

Wassup everyone havent been on this like this but its some crazy feelings i been having i dont know what to do like my head just be feeling numb headaches, daily my vision unreal and dream like daily all these physical sympthoms are driving me crazy like a few minnutes ago i was out and i felt a rush that came out of no where that i felt like i was going to die and it did went away i try not to react about it but it scared the hell of me felt like i just wanted to call for help but i didnt because i was with a friend of mine but lets get to the really point of this ok lately i feel my neck jerkin and head like unctrolably nun stop its mostly only when im home laying down or when i get up from bed its like im forcing my self to relax but i cant i feel this neevous feeling going up my body to my neck and head that i have to take some deep breath in order to calm down but im getting tierd of it everyday daily and another thing i feel muscle spasm all over my body like it goes from one place to the other even my eyes im stressed about this and my heart beating hard and fast at times but im not even anxious or neevous and it just happens plus when it does that i can feel it in my throat just beating hard or fast with out even touching it like its crazy i feel like something is physcally wrong but i dont know what it is because it happen with a bad experince with weed and i been this way for about 6 months i cant believe nothing else but something wrong with me you dont know what is everyday waking up feeling good sometimes but a certain time i start to suffer and i try to keep everything to myself because i dont want to scare anyone but i want to get to the bottom of this im just lost and confused of all this thats going its like im not me anymore im just a different person its crazy thats just having all these problems and suffering and being strong but something hads to be wrong with my body ever sense that weed thing but the crazy part is my friend and i smoked the same stuff and he still good till this day it just effected me that day ever sense never been really the same this problem its getting me sad and angry and stressed out for real its like having a disabilty but sorry guys for talking about again but i just had to let out whats going on and how i feel i just want to be the same with out all these problems im having


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  • Actually I was wondering how you were doing Johnnie. You haven't been on for a while. I know you are really trying to work it out yourself but there comes a time when we all need to reach out to others who understand and who have been through the same thing. They call anxiety a disorder but it can be a disability to many who have their lives impacted by these symptoms. You may still be getting those anxious thoughts and fears as well as the symptoms, but I think you are learning to handle it better. It takes time to retrain your negative thoughts to positive ones. You will get there one day. Don't lose hope. Stay strong.

  • I dont know but this feeling is really crazy its like its trying to kill me or something im annoyed by it leaving each day this way and hopefully this goes away

  • Take your meds Johnny.If it gets better, its anxiety.If not allow doc time to shuffle your meds up ,maybe try different combos. you know whats wrong, y ou have anxiety!! You have your diagnosis,it not a mystery.But what is a mystery ,is why you seem to think that you know more than the many doctors who have cleared you ,of any undiagnosed serious illness. Johnny you are making this so hard, and it doesnt have to be that way..You are destined to go round and around on the anxiety roundabout.Only you can alter the situation.No doctor can help you when you refuse to listen to them, or to take the medicine that they precribe.Johnny NO DOCTOR CAN HELP YOU IF YOU DO NOT HELP YOURSELF AND WORK AS A TEAM WITH YOUR DOCTOR,TO REGAIN SOME EQUILIBRIUM. johnny i put my last sentence in capitals in the hope that if i scream the problem loud enough ,that you will finally hear what i and countless others have pointed out to you , I always say i wont give advice again, but then i feel i must try, i remember that there is a young man suffering...... needlessly ,but suffering all the same.,And the retired nurse in me wants to help you to see the problem clearly, and then you can take the appropriate actions, as advised by your doctors ,to get yourself better.I also wonder where the rigidity in thought patterns comes from ,and i hope that you get the The strength and clearness of thought needed to finally slay this dragon!

  • Yeah it just dont feel like its anxiety all this is phyically happening to my body its just wierd ever sense the bad experince with the weed that one day have this way for 6 months about to be 7

  • Go to a neurologist, go back to the cardiologist, go see an osteopathic specialist, go see an electrophysiologist, go see any specialist that specializes in the parts of your body that are causing you issue to give you more peace of mind. You are young and healthy with anxiety, but I do know one thing, if you continue on this path that you're putting your body through needlessly when you have treatments you could take, the immense amount of stress you're causing yourself IS going to start causing health problems that aren't so easily treatable.

  • it is anxiety.Johnny .Many people on this page have described identical symptoms to the ones you have described and offered in good faith their best advise.. to help you I doubt you will listen to anyones advice, i have wondered what it iis that you want us to say ? are youperhaps waiting on someone to agree with you? I think there is more going on here than meets the eye .To that end i wish you the best of luck for the future.

  • I'm like you! I offer advice (because he asks for it). He ignores ALL advice. He complains again. I vow never to offer advice again. Then I do offer advice. Then he ignores. My last post i asked what he wanted. It is very frustrating as he has an amazing resource here on this forum as ALL of us have had every single one of his symptoms so we are coming from a position of understanding and empathy but the broken record of heart beat slow heart beat fast smoked some weed feel like dying etc is wearing my patience thin - if this was all still happening to him after he had tried medication, therapy, nutrition adjustments, supplements, exercise etc then we would be so much diligent in helping out a fellow sufferer........ 😣

  • It's anxiety. Take your medicine. I already told you the same thing happened to be when I was 18. Weed triggered everything and created a monster. Stay without the medicine and suffer for over a year like I did.

  • How did yours ever go away then but did you really have it bad the same way im going through it

  • I don't remember. All I remember is that I suffered for over a year. I never went to the doctor and my family thought I was going insane. I quit my job and everything. I still went out with friends and tried to be normal while feeling horrific. My friends didn't even know the stuff that was happening in my brain. So maybe distracting was what helped. Again, it took over a year of pure hell so if you want to be in hell and suffers then don't take your medication.

  • it was bad right if you dont mind me asking what were you sympthoms and how did yours happen?

  • The same symptoms I have now. Huge attack when I smoked the weed and felt like my soul was leaving my body. The next day felt the same. Intense drunk vision, everything seem and looked fake. 24/7 panicked. I thought I had all illness on the planet. Weird existence thoughts, scared of lights, outside, the world. Questioning reality and many more.

  • soo you had it mostly everyday ? and didnt find out what was going on because mines if physcal sympthoms and wierd sensation in my head spasms different places in my body like i dont know why sometimes my head jerks and neck aswell its like i cant relax or something my heart beats wierd sometimes really hard or fast another things is my vision unreal and dream like its like everyday its scary like i dont know what it is after that day messed me up bad for some reason i think that im dying or something is gonna happen

  • Every single day

  • and you would just go with it everyday ? how about your heart ?

  • Every single day for over a year and I just went with it. My heart and body were out of walk. I use to go multiple times to the Er. Just like now for 4 months

  • And because I was going bat shit crazy I use to cry and think I had all types of illnesss including heart problems, brain problems, and cancer. Also my brain was associating my hometown with dangerous since I had so many attacks that I started moving around. I went to Ny, to Cali and to other place. Yeah take the medication and nip the shit in the butt

  • soo you did take medications and its still happening to you ever sense the bad weed experince ?

  • 18 years later it came back like a monster and I tried Zoloft but Zoloft gave me bruising and I came off it. Also, I am on medication. Called Amitrypiline which helps me sleep because when this started I didn't sleep AT ALL for 9 weeks. Now I'm seeing a holistic doctor to go the natural way but I might also try some other medication when I see my psychiatrist

  • oh for real thats crazy i was t trying to tske any medication

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