well todays a new day, sunny day. Had a sharp mild hart pain this morning but im alright. Was checking out a good video on the heart today wanted to share...im a strong believer in Nitrix Oxide and eating healthy...particularly tomatoes for the heart....i decided i want to start drinking coffee today (normally dont have issues with coffee while drinking it...lot of debate if its good or bad but sure makes me feel smarter) so starting now, stay positive...be healthy and we can overcome.


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  • Do you suffer from any heart problems or is it just anxiety?

  • Well I whent to Er and they said I have premature heart beat and palapations...and i couldnt sleep...caused by anxieties was the doctors answers....both but im not sure which caused which....thats the thing...but im getting anxiety under control now to handle heart....not but 1 week ago cortisol (Stress hormone) was running through my veins everyday...i couldnt sleep more than 3 hours...sometimes 1 hr....periods....i would wake up feeling deathly ill!! but now i fixed that somehow? by ignoring the stress i think...i wasent even eating good...im eating good now and sleeping good now...im improving but need to improve my heart last....

    Thats the thing about medical issues and anxiety...its difficult to determine which caused which, everything works in syntax...like a domino it can go either direction and knock eachother over...just depends which side you push from...the only definite fact is the domino got knocked down...the goal to focus on is lifting it up :)

  • I also went to A+E with heart palpitations had an ecg done and they said everything was fine but due to bad anxiety and panic attacks I still dont believe them cant shift this anxiety though I have tried medications but they seem to make it worse:(

  • yeah thats what they told me...they said they saw premature heart beats and that can cause heart pains, palpations, ect... they gave me beta blockers but after research i refuse to take them, my heart rate is fairly low normally so dont think thats the solution and has too many side effects for my liking, they probably should have gave me something to provide Nitrix Oxide but im just using natural remedies to increase those levels and benefit my heart such as stuff at GNC. ( L-arginine, the sun, omega 3, vitamin D, I found tomatoes are a huge fix for me generally...not sure if its the lecopene (doubt it) in the tomatoes but something definitely...I also use a magnesium spray on my skin everyday...magnesium levels is essential for the heart and potassium. Do you experience heart pains?

  • I thought I did thats why I went to A+E but they just said its not heart pain im experiencing it was just anxiety they said sometimes during anxiety attack you get sharp chest pain in the same area you would get pain if you had a heart attack according to the hospital my heart is healthier than the doctors at the hospital. How do you manage your anxiety?

  • Personally I found vitamin D and doing the things that bring some happiness to me are the things to do...the sun really helps...my issue was my heart pains and palpation would bring me back to anxiety...but now i just ignore them and m anxiety is very much gone for the most part...no more morning sickness...that was killing me! i felt like terrible in the mornings...like the flu...didnt matter if i slept for 1 hr...i would feel it...anyways ignoring the triggers might be a key...or just distracting yourself from them....also looking for solutions such as your doing now...is a great way. try new things and if it feels like it helps some continue that.

  • I dont get much sun in the UK mostly raining here I search google for solutions I will try natural remedys for my anxiety I do also recommend bachs rescue remedy it does work but you have to keep using it throughout the day

  • yes baths are good :)

  • Yes they are:) if you ever need to talk then just message me :)

  • likewise and thank you

  • Thankyou for your advice on how to deal with things.

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