today was feeling sick waking up so layed long but now im passing through the wave again and starting to feel better. I used to feel deathly ill in the mornings but now i only feel ill...i think its strange how it comes in waves...which i knew what could do that but eh...im doing better now that the morning has passed some...took some d3 as usuall and omega 3 with Coq10...no real heart problems just feel it beating sometimes...no real problems other than twitches and such here and there and my cough which i do...should be even better later tonight...usually am...

Lots of great basketball games tonight, spurs, golden state ect...


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  • So funny you sound like me. It's been like this for the last year off and on...constant last three mos. I have an endoscopy and colonoscopy next week to see what's going on, hopefully just anxiety. The nausea tight throat trouble breathing palpitations chest pains fast heart rate that wakes me up, and the vision issues ....can't explain em.....just like I don't see right...weird...

  • yeah i dont have fast heartbeat or vision problems but yeah sounds like me otherwise...i got lot of suttle things that basicly seems like my body isnt functioning how it should...but im confiedent ill cure myself or be better eventually maybe in few months...i just think its weird that i feel good in the night then after laying i feel sickish in the mornings...makes me come up with random theories...like my body isnt being pumped right when i sleep or not enough oxygen...so my body feels sick and takes time to fix it eeryday...stuff like that.

  • Yeah. I think mine just is an asshole that starts every late October and by January it starts to get better....I think it has to do with solstace. My body doesn't like this time of year what do they call that seasonal something disorder...I need the sunshine....a quick ten minutes a week in a tanning bed is supposed to help the body feel like its still summer. Molds can cause that in the fall/winter due to more moisture too.

  • yeah im allergic to mold so yeah, u should take vitamin d3 might help you out with the sun some. I personally never hae this problem..i always happy sporty guy...i love working out and playing basketball ect...but yeah i did start laying around for awhile and bad lifestyle...now days i got to lay around cuz dont feel so well always.

  • Yup me too....but what can we do but take care of our bodys ....I was an avid runner everyday 5miles....then I fell off ..same problem....every time I try to get back into it I get sick....idk...maybe our bodies just miss our old lifestyle.

  • yeah eventually im gonna start working out more, heck now days i barely get off my butt...only to pee eat ect..cuz i feel sick often and worry about myself since im not 100% like i was.

  • did something really bad happen that caused you to get sick sounds like you were going pretty good active sporty and then you got sick and have never been the same since im like you i feel real sick in the mornings and yes it comes in waves once im up and start to tell myself i can function it recedes enough to allow me to get up and do something not a big something but something so i can relate to how you are ive got post traumatic stress what have you been diagnosed with do you find your social life is limited due to your health?

  • nothing bad happened to me honestly, i was taking benadryls for sleep for 4 years...basiclly abusing them...and may have messed with my brain maybe...since i did have a panic attack when taking them.....i had a panic attack that sent me into shock......then the next day i was normal....for about 1 month or so....then i started feeling like this in the morning and been like this since....now days i wake up not feeling 100%...normally rest cures everything for me...not this...not sure what it is that makes me feel ill....and makes my body not function optimally...but just trying to stay positive. (doctors told me its not the benadryls since its out my system in 4 hrs...which makes some sense but I have a million theories and some rememdies but no solutions yet)

  • Hello there, how you feeling now?

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