scary 11 months

ive been dealing with this anxiety and dreadful dying feeling everyday for the past 11 months ever since i had my panic attack ive been trying to accept it but its so hard bc i get bad thoughts like what if i have cancer what if i have heart disease thats making me feel this way i had 2 ekgs done im fine and i also had ex rays done in my chest and lungs all clear it's just really bothering me i don't know how to control it i think ima die everyday is anyone going thru the same can u relate?


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10 Replies

  • samething for four months my heart worries me the most and the chest pain everyday i think sooner or later something bad might happen for me smoking dumb weed it really messed me gave me severe and anxiety feel like i heave heart problems or might die out of a heart attack or like you said a heart dieases

  • I can relate. The fear of dying Everyday. It eased up a little for me but some days are so Hard to deal with it.

  • I always assume the worst with my anxiety like big threat illness and of course to make things worse I tend to Google things and it makes it worse am going for a biopsy soon so even that makes me very anxious.

  • Health anxiety is awful to live with.I've had it 16 years it's got 100 times worse since I lost my mum. Our fear is because we are afraid of the unknown.and I think we consume ourselves with bad thoughts we convince ourselves were dying of some terminal illness.this is horrible to live with because your battling with yourself 247.I've always Said I'm my own worst enemy I over think too much and I look for reassurance all the time to ease my mind.

  • its very very hard to deal with but im glad im not alone in this war

  • and i always think thati didn't have a panic attack i think i had a heart attack or something else serious but i had 2 ekgs some ig there's nothing wrong with my heart

  • Yes I also have been going through this for a while now. I too think that any day can be my last day. Heart palps are the worst cause they can happend at any random time and usually when your just sitting there relaxed. And all of a sudden you rush and google it and all the other symptoms web md has on there you start feeling them.. it's a vicious cycle. I've left my house for work crying thinking I might not come back that day and see my kids ever. It's most depressing thing ever...

  • I've had this for 2 years my dr. Gave me a website. I work and use this. I also started praying prayers for panic attacks and anxiety they are almost completely gone for 5 months now . I get a little anxious but no more er visits and on no meds. I strongly recommend this.

  • My best advice get all your test done with the doctors and if it everything is clear you might have what I have hypochandria is something mental look it up....but first get tested for everything so your mind can have peace.

  • I had tests done im clear and im 16 so ik im good its just hard to believe i am

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