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Hey guys wassup i need some segguestion for may 5th


So May5th they are doing a birthday celebration for my mother at a club so im going to have to go but the thing is idk what should i do lately i been having unreal and dream like vision and plus im a little sick sore throat and runny nose so all this is hitting me at once anxiety panick disorder and being sick idk what should i do so i can enjoy it with my mother at her birthday party with having heart racing and shortness of breath or trying to run out the club lately i have been having alot of symthoms but everyday i go through i fight this evil thing but im trying to figure out how to have fun with worrying because it comes out of no where and hits me then i just want to run because my heart start going really fast and i get sort of a dizzy feeling in my head and im worrying about my vision its seems blurry like unreal dream like and pressure at times on my chest then it goes away i been ignoring this all these days how can i enjoy guys on my mother birthday ?

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Hi, the unreal dream feeling can be startling. I think you should see if you can get a 1 on 1 therapist if you don't want to go to group therapy. That's what I'm doing right now and it may help you cope better but for the mean time, do what makes you comfortable and explain to your Mom what you're going through if she's an understanding Mom.

yeah she is understanding but i want to make her halpy and goo and enjoy my self idk i think might just fight it and goo

Do What you feel is right and give Her a heads up of what might happen so she won't feel alarmed. You might not even feel the symptoms because you're around family.

yeahh she knows already whats going on but she told me son is your mind you cant let your mind control you if the docters say your fine your fine its just your nerves but i have these un real dream like vision the whole day today

My Mom tells me the same thing lol. I have the dream feeling too. I don't have a remedy for that unfortunately lol. I wish I did, I noticed it comes and goes throughout the day depending on the level of anxiety. The only advice I can give you is to know that the unreal feeling comes with anxiety and try not to get worked up when it happens. If you can, keep water with you, drink it or splash your face when you're feeling nervous. Find something that works for You. Sometimes jogging in place if I'm home helps too or some sort of exercise.

Yeah makes me feel nervous like something wrong with me lol im tierd of this i think i have health anxiety snd its high because i have 24/7 everyday and i try my best not to pay it no mind sense im not taking no meds only beta blockers sometimes

There isn't anything wrong with you lol. Some people are more sensitive than others. My older brother went through it when he was under a lot of stress and now he is fine, like nothing happened. You have to accept the fact and either get more professional help or let it be. It's not easy but at least you know you're not crazy and you're not alone.

yeah for real but the thing is mines started with the weed people get regular anxiety but mines with weed i been like this for about 4 months and i never smoked after that day and i been stuck like this for 4 months already

I told you the same thing happened to me when I was like 18, smoking weed with my cousins and I was like you but eventually I forgot about it and it went away. I started getting it here n there when I turned 31 (now im 32) like mainly at night time, at that time I lived alone and it was new for me (I was used to having my cat but he couldn't stay at my apt lol) but anyways last December 2016, this female I thought was my best friend put something in my Drink which made me panic. It was crazy because I don't do drugs not even weed since I was 18. After that I started feeling crazy anxiety all day and then my close friends committed suicide in January and a week after my child hood friend got shot and killed. I've been having the unreal feeling and depression with constant anxiety Everyday since. That's my issue lol. You have to be strong because life comes with curve balls.

yeah you right how long did it go away the smoking weed

It took like 6 Months, maybe more than that. I used to run out of the club too because my heart was beating crazy and I thought I was going crazy. Drink a lot of water, Eat fruits and vegetables. DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL it's only going to make it worse. If you go out with your friends just drink water with lemon or cranberry, orange, or pineapple juice but don't drink liquor until you get your mind back right.

yeahh did you take meds for that? or no

No, no meds. Everybody is different though.

yeah your right but did you have physical symthoms when that happen all the time and unreal vision

Yes and I used to cry every single day and every single night. I kept going to the Emergency room. I even worked myself up to the point I had a temperature. The Dr's. Couldn't find anything wrong with me lol. It was crazy. Sometimes it seemed like everything was spinning around me. I thought I was losing it lol. The lights always seemed extra bright.

yeah i think im in the same page as you then because i was going nuts and still feel like i am and today makes 5 months im like for only that one day the really hit me hard thats crazy that damn weed before that i use to smoke alot for two three years and sometimes im calm and sometimes i feel like my heart was racing but i wouldnt pay it no mind un that one day it really hit me hard it was like my body was trying to warn me before anything but i didnt listen i kept smoking and now look what happen been like this for 5months and docters saying they dont find anything wrong with me its crazy when it first happen i was going to the hospital everyday until one day theyo t tierd of me and left me for last to see me because they already knew what was wrong with me and i kept going and even went to see a cardiologist and everything was fine


Maybe this is a good opportunity for you to go out and enjoy yourself and realise that you are ok.

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yeah but the physcally feelings i get its really strange i never experince it before i been stuck this way for 5 momths already my vision seems unreal or dream like and also get really physical feeling in my body and the twiching like muscle spasm scares me alot aswell espically where my heart sometimes i think it my heart and it just twiching

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I know, you have been on here for months asking for advice but ignoring it. Good chance now for you to move on Johnnie.

Yeah are you taking meds ?

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No, got rid of my anxiety without them, have never taken meds for it.

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