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Why do I keep convincing myself it's not anxiety/stress related


8 weeks ago I woke up just sick overall. My symptoms are

24/7 lightheaded

Brain fog

Memory issues

Head sensitive

Light sensitive

Weight loss (50lb)

Loss of appetite


Constant shortbreathed

Constant mind racing and worry

Swallowing problems lump in throat. Heartburn GERD related issues

I've had every sine test done possible. Scopes, bacteria test, mri, cat scans, ultrasounds, x3 blood tests. I've been cleared

This year has been highly stressful and my anxiety panic attacks have been insane. The doctor started me on Prozac 4 days ago but I keep constantly worrying myself by reading various diseases online to try and match symptoms.

Like most of my symptoms match hyperthyroid but I've been cleared of any thyroid issues but I am having a hard time believing all these symptoms can be stress, anxiety, panic and slight depression related.

I keep fearing myself I'm never going to get better or I have some crazy disease.

right now Prozac imo sucks. I know it's just a start up but i feel so very sick most of the day i can't focus.

Can stress, anxiety, panic and mild depression really cause this. I wouldn't be so worried but the right sensitivity & heat sensitivity scare me because it's not common to stress and anxiety at leadt that I now of.

Also can lavender essential oil aid In helping with stress and anxiety?

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I've had all the same symptoms and I'm still having further tests too, nothing shows up so it's so strange, I used to work 50 hours a week in a very stressful job so I'm putting it down to wearing myself out to complete exhaustion, I now have anxiety about returningti work :( my symptoms are getting a lot better but still worried about returning to my job.

So you have had or have all the same symptoms including the light and heat sensitivity? Are u taking any meds for anxiety? The doc has me on Prozac 20mg and the y this so far I feel is completely sick.

I could be over working myself up thinking I have 50 million different diseases. I some how can't stop researching online all day and making myself worry all the time.

Do you feel like your getting better? Is your symptoms improving?

Oh bless you I was exactly the same, I've started pro biotics, vitamin d6 , digestive enzimes, and cod liver oil every day and cut out almost all sugar and gluten. I was given beta blockers for my palpatstions but didn't like the side effects .

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Did this help you? The vitamin probiotics and all these?

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Yes they have :)

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Any idea how they help Anxiety scientifically?

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Apparently bad bacteria caused anxiety and other symptoms so pro biotics are recomended, magnesium is to help with palpatations, cos liver oil for memory and focus, vitamin d I was low in my blood test

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So this might work for you but not for others?

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Not sure it's worth a try

Imo I think reducing the stress and anxiety or illuminating both is the key.

This is why I chose SSRIs. Like Prozac. My boat is under constant stress, anxiety and my brain is always going 100 miles per hour.

I'm thinking that once I do these my symptoms might vanish completely.

I'm not going to try anymore then taking Prozac, a good multivitamin, reading books. And I gotta stop reading Google. It's making me believe I have 5 million possible diseases which adds to my stress

I just read that probiotic is used for anxiety as it reduces the stress and cortisol released during the morning.. So might be worth a try before the SSRI..

Even a friend just texted me saying that he felt better with it so i guess worth a try for all of us

So has this gotten rid of all your symptoms? Was this stress and anxiety related or do you think more internally related.

I'm on Prozac atm day 4. I just can't out a finger on it if it's anxiety ,stress or more internal

Like I said my boss and all my friends seem to think kits be cause I'm always stressed out and have constant anxiety.

I've had 2 nervous breakdown downs this year and own landed me I the ER. I'm going to continue the prozac and I just added a good multivitamin to my diet. Centrum silver. And fish oil. If this is all due to over stress, anxiety panic and now a little depression only because I got sick then I'll be pretty ticked.

Oh bless you it must be awful, I hate not being well it sucks :(

Not completely, I think it definitely was stress that caused it, and now it's given me anxiety , had to come to bed now as I felt all weird as if I was going to pass out :(

Yeah I'm starting to believe that my constant stress and anxiety caused this bit I'm hoping with Prozac and positive thoughts rather then negative can reverse this.

Maybe even try to forget this all completely. So I'm assuming you are not on any medication for anxiety or stress so you don't know if that would help your symptoms or not?

Btw I hate Prozac right now. 4 days sick so far. I have heard this sickness can last 2 weeks or longer. Not sure I can take it much more honestly. It's terrible

No I'm not a believer in chemical medicine, I know it does help some people so I'm not knocking it, just personally it's not for me due to the side effects I get .

Believe me the side affects so far suck. Headaches and constant sick feeling and im not talking about a little sick I'm talking I had to call the doctor cause I felt extremely ill yesterday. Almost like I wanted to puke all day.

Oh my thats awful :( that must be so hard .

I take alot of Pepto and bread. It seems to help decently.

What's pepto?

do you know if your B12 and folate levels have been checked.

There is a lot of variation in the way people respond to B12 and normal range doesn't necessarily mean that everything is okay.

you can find a list of symptoms here


there is a significant overlap with symptoms of other conditions.

It is treatable.

If you think it might be a possibiltiy then get hold printouts of any blood tests and join the PAS forum on health unlocked


I had my b12 checked it was 413. Range levs were from 219-813 or something like that.

Would taking a multivitamin like centrum silver be a good start? I started taking one yesterday but I'm not sure they even work at all. I've ever take. A multi vitamin before

you could try but if you have an absorption problem then the does in a normal vitamin tablet is unlikely to make much difference. You'd really need to be taking 1000-10000mcg a day - and oral through the gut doesn't work for everyone

the result does look like it is in the range where deficiency could be an issue. In terms of getting a proper diagnosis you would have to go back to GP and ask if they could refer you for homocysteine or MMA - these are tests that look at levels of products that are potentially harmful and will build up if the body doesn't have enough B12 to recycle them into useful products. However, quite possible that GP won't be interested in persuing. If not then try supplements - but keep an eye on your folate levels - as you need folate to process B12.

I can try and see if it does anything it's worth a shot really need to get out of my job all I did yesterday was stress out I'm going in today and I'm just going to ignore everything I do believe the stress is playing a big role in my health

My other problem is is that ever since I got sick I haven't really been eating properly at all there was a point where I didn't eat for like 4 weeks so eating again and boosting my vitamins and everything would probably be a good idea

I'm willing to try a b12 suppliment on Friday. Currently dead broke. All these tests cleaned me out.

Like I said it did not help that when I woke up 8 weeks ago I basically stopped eating for many weeks. I will give it a try


Yes, you can have light and heat sensitivity with anxiety as well as anxiety to sounds, to noises. Our body is so revved up that anything can irritate it. Though it could also be due to low thyroid function as I do. I also have constant tinnitus. I stopped asking anti depressants 18 months ago because of the side effects. Mainly sugar craving and weight gain but also insomnia. What it was good for was dealing with constant worrying and body pains and sensitivities and tinnitus but in my case, it did not handle the health anxiety and I was constantly searching the Internet.

Lately, I have developed more issues related to anxiety. More body pains, muscles twitching, tingling, carpal tunnel syndrome, lump in throat, you name it :( however I started to focus on my diet and removing any trigger like caffeine ( not just coffee but any kind of drinks), no refine sugar except every other day in my only morning cup of coffee. No alcohol eventhough I used to drink only one drink per day. Focusing on gentle stretches by doing yoga and meditation but also going gluten free. I believe my gut is damaged by many years of being on anti depressants, antibiotics, bad diet at times. So I have stopped gluten 3 weeks ago, included probiotics like fermented food (like organic sauerkraut), organic kefir) , try to eat lots of fish, include vitamin d 3 and instead of reading about diseases in the Internet, come here, or read site about how to improve naturally your mood. There is also a good book called the "mood cure". I am going to pick it up today at the library and study it.

Also read this link. You need to understand that serotonin is not regulated by the brain as I learned recently but by the gut!


Meditation like mindfulness helps understand we are not defined by our thoughts nor are they the truth. try to download some free meditation to help with anxiety or check yoga nidra meditation

Take care

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I have started implementing new things toy health and life. To reduce stress, anxiety, depression and overall negative thoughts.

I am eating better but i can't afford a gluten free diet right now.

I am looking for a new job. I worked today at a new position just for the day in a completely different building and I felt relief from stress. Although I'm currently still sick.

I started taking a multivitamin (centrum silver).

Started taking good news brand Probiotic this morning. Starting small at 1billion and gonna work my way up. Do for said start small and work up.

I have implemented good sleep. No more 2-4 hours per night I am doing 6-8 or more.

I am going to continue the prozac even tho it's day 7 and I don't feel anything but sickness from it

Something new happend today. The lump in my throat and swallowing issue seemed to calm down some and I am now obsessively hungry all the time. I haven't barely eaten anything in 3 months due to serious lack of appetite and extreme weight loss.

I'm going to try lavender therapy as well and meditation.

I still am lightheaded 24/7, still have light sensitivity and heat sensitivity. Am extremely sick from prozac. Constant headaches I think are due to the bright lighting. Memory issues. Brain fog.

The thing that scares me is that it's been so long almost 9 weeks with the symptoms listed above that I'm never going to be back to normal but im trying to keep positive and keep negative thoughts at bay.

Everyday I look at the lights because they have been bright for almost 9 weeks now. I'm looking for the day the lights dim and then i know im getting better. I've had every test done and my

thyroids are perfect. They did a full ultrasound and saw nothing. I had a scope done and he couldn't find anything wrong. It also scarese because my family has a history f mental illness. Most of my family has committed suicide, has anxiety, depression or panic attacks or are in institutions. I do t want myself or my kids to go through that ever

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Dear friend, I am so very sorry that you are feeling so poor. Battling anxiety has been a lifelong process for me. Tonight, I am also feleing really low and kind of depressed. What my life experience has taught me though is that, it will pass. Waiting for your symptoms to go away (I know, I am also like you), makes it worse because honestly, for medication like Prozac to work, it need a long time... Each time I have been on an antidepressant, I could only feel the effect only 3-4 months later. At the beginning, what you feel is more the physical aspects like less muscle tension. I don't know what dosage you are at, if it has been increased but usually the starting dosage is much more to help your brain to adapt to the medication. You usually increase few weeks later, sometimes 2 weeks, depends on doctor and type of ADs.

Anyway, don't worry to much about gluten free diet right now. You are right, take care of just having regular food intake, adapt to your new job and plenty of sleep.

Take care

I have asked the doctor to up my prozac to 40mg which he has agreed. He is a great doctor and listens well.

On top of it i have made some alterations to my diet.

Eating healthier

Started taking a good probiotic (starting small. Single strain 5billion)

Fish oil (x1 per day)

1tbs raw unfiltered Bragg's vinegar (once per day)

1000mg vitamin b12 (x1 daily)

X1 centrum silver multi

Just making better choices for my health overall.

Prozac imo hasn't done anything at 20mg except make me drowsy and feel like blah all day

I am also putting in applications to get out of my high stress job. I still have health issues. Sensitivity to light and heat, lightheaded, memory issues

swallowing is getting better. Im sleeping 8 hours per day now rather then 2-4. I'm eating better and more. Still don't feel like my old self

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