Difficulty breathing and chest pains

Hi everyone,

I am extremely scared right now. I woke up this morning feeling okay and then about a half hour later, my breathing started to feel weird... almost forced. It felt as if I stopped focusing on breathing, I would actually stop breathing. This got progressively worse on my way to school and once I got in class, I felt like I was suffocating. I felt sweaty, lightheaded, my chest felt really tight, and it was very hard to breathe. I haven't had any school stress lately because I haven't been having many assignments and tests. It was an easy day so I didn't see how anxiety could be the cause. Anyway, throughout the day I've been feeling that on and off. It is now 10:20pm and it's getting really bad. I am having difficulty breathing, chest pain, my heart is beating hard and fluttering every now and then, and it feels like there is an elephant sitting on my chest. I also feel lightheaded and my right arm feels weird. The tightness and pain in my chest is so bad its making me nauseous. I'm scared that there is something seriously wrong with me. I went to a heart specialist a few months back and they did all kinds of testing. Everything came back normal. But that was months ago. What if somethin changed? What if I'm having a heart attack? Or a collapsed lung? Or what if I suffocate and die? The scary part is I complain about phyiscal symptoms so often that its kinda like the boy who cried wolf situation. No one really believes me and pin it down to anxiety. I am so tempted to go to emerg right now. I have a gut feeling that something wrong.... but I can't tell if its just anxiety. I'm so afraid. (btw I'm a 17 year old girl with no history of heart or health problems other than anxiety).


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  • Those truly are the exact symptoms of anxiety. And the more you stress and worry the worst they get. I get random bad anxiety as well ., even when I have nothing to be stressed out about. But that's what a disorder is .. When your " fight or flight system" is off and telling you that you are in danger when really you are not.

  • I am scared of the same thing I'm depressed and my chest is tight I went the the doctors about one month ago and everything was normal but I'm scared that I could get a heart arrack or worse!! I'm frightened and i am going to the beach next week and I'm scared I won't be able to go swimming or ride the roller coaster and I'm truly frightened.

  • Hi! I hope you're feeling better.. I'm sorry you're feeling this way I to feel the same way all day everyday I worry about how I'm feeling that I physically feel the symptoms. I try to distract myself at times it will work but not all the time! It's hard. We are focusing on something being wrong that it becomes a normal sucky feeling:( I know it's way easier said then done but try to walk or do something to keep your mind off of it. Take care! Good luck

  • Have the exact same symptoms as you. It's a horrible feeling but I can assure you there's nothing majorly wrong with you. It's just anxiety messing with your head. My anxiety is so strong it often overpowers my life and it's all I think about. I feel trapped in my own thoughts! Hope your feeling better soon

  • Hey! I am also 17 and a girl. I believe God showed me this post to show us both that we need to let go of anxiety and believe. I know the same exact feelings you are having heck I am having them right now. I'm not going to lie I want to go to the ER but deep down I know it's anxiety. Everyday is a battle everyday I have to talk myself into peace. Prayer is a great medicine. You are amazing and God made you just how you are... perfect . He loves you and he wants you to come to him in this time of pain, the same for me. Anxiety sucks but it's something that we have to deal with sadly. One day all this pain and suffering will pass and we will be stronger than ever!

  • Thank you to everyone who replied. I ended up going to emerg because I really couldn't take it. They checked my blood pressure (normal), oxygen (100%), temperature (normal), and they did an ecg (result was negative). So all my vitals were okay. The nurse said the doctor would probably want to do an x ray but it was 2 am and there were 9 people ahead of me before I could even SEE a doctor. I had something important at school this morning at 8am so I ended up leaving emerg since my vitals were fine. I went to school, still feeling the same symptoms (not as severe though) and now its night time. I'm trying to sleep but my symptoms are hitting me full force right now. My chest is tight and I feel like I'm suffocating constantly. I feel a sense of impending doom which I know is related to anxiety. It's so hard to accept the physical symptoms as anxiety. I always have the, "but what if it's real this time" thought.

  • Hi

    That sounds like i can relate. You're not alone , for sure. Don't feel aggravted by ppl not believing you, because those issues are real. I hope you get better. :)

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