Burning sensations in head suddenly come on is it just anxiety?!

Hi I'm a mum of two and this is affecting my life been staying with my parents as I think I have a terrible illness and fear leaving my children it all started when I suddenly got waves of heat up my back in bed then started panicking then later I had brain zaps that just come on when I was out for a meal prior to this I've had diarrhoea for the past 2 months and heartburn which makes me worry more. Doctor prescribed me 20mg citalopram which I had huge horrible side effects burning every part of my body & very suicidal thoughts been back and forth to docs she tried me on the lower dose and the burnings got worse in my head and travels down arms and prickling in my wrists Ive had bloods done all fine. Scared to sleep as I fear I'm not going to wake up and in the mornings I feel it all over again it's not getting any better surely I can't have all these anxiety symptoms all day long? Anyone else been through this?


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  • I had these last week. Was worried at the time but it seems it was just another anxiety symptom grabbing my attention. Ones like that I can get over, but I can't seem to shift the chest pain

  • I can't believe my anxiety is causing all this stress in my body I'm playing with my kids even distracting myself and the burning just comes on it's a horrible feeling. Just want this to pass feel like I'm living in a nightmare and I'm not going to get out of it again 😰 I haven't suffered much panic attacks but do get the chest pain too and everywhere else this morning my beck hurt and bottom of my back aching.

  • Ashley, I get those too and I know from reading other comments on here that other people get the same thing. I get a feeling of things crawling in my head sometimes and I've noticed it comes on when I'm stressed or irritated from my husband lol. I've noticed lately if we argue and he raises his voice the crawling bug feeling in my head comes back. I've had really bad allergies and sinuses this summer it seems they won't go away and I think that also contributes to it or maybe they're affected by my nerves. I have ringing in the ears especially the right one, I had it checked professionally and my hearing is perfect but its from the nerves connected to the sinuses. When I had an anxiety attack I did get those weird feelings down my neck, down my arms and even in my legs. Sometimes my legs feel so heavy and my head feels light like I'm going to get dizzy. I used to get the chest pain like Sandy1710, I went to the hospital twice for that and both times I was fine and eventually those pains went away. I think all of these symptoms are from stress that affect our nerves and muscles. I know where my anxiety and stress comes from, I just can't do anything about it at the moment but I've learned ways of calming myself down and easing these feelings. I think the worst feeling is that something is really wrong with me and I'm going to die. I know there's nothing serious because sometimes especially when I'm enjoying myself the feelings don't even exist. I don't know but it's a shitty feeling whatever it is.

  • That's good to know Tina. Last time I had depression 10 years ago I had the ringing & buzzing constant in ears too. This burning sensation just suddenly comes on and I can really notice it. I first started on citalopram a few weeks back because I told the doc I was getting heat rising up my back and pins & needles in legs so she put me on 20mg the first night was hell I stayed at my parents house with my kids I woke up hallucinating and my blood felt like it was boiling all over! Just awful decided to carry on for a further 4 days then stopped as it was making feel suicidal. Then went back to docs she tried me on 10mg I'm having exactly the same things happening. So I stopped yesterday after 4 days again do you think that could be affecting my nerves it's funny because I don't feel anxious my body just feels weird with all these horrible burning and tremors/ twitches going on 😣

  • Hi Ashley, I can really relate to what you are going through. I to at times believe I have a terminal illness and will leave my young daughter, it's a fear all parents have but people like you and me can't deal with it rationally. Whether it's because of genetics, chemical imbalance etc who knows. I have had so many scary physical symptoms that I just can't believe can all be created by a stressed mind but all evidence points to it. Try googling anxiety symptoms, there are hundreds. The only way I find that helps me on the right track to feeling better is to start taking a positive hold of my life, usually that is by exercising, doing some research on supplements that may help then trying them along with a healthy diet. I go to a Physio who helps so much, they can have a good look at your body and give you real reasons why you are feeling certain things, usually it's due to muscle tension which can cause so many different problems. This really gives me the motivation to do something positive and takes the focus off my physical symptoms which eventually results in the symptoms disappearing.

    You'll get through this rough time, you can stand up to this, it's just fear that's all it is. Learn not to care about it, this takes time, but you'll soon realise good things are on the horizon 😊

  • Shortfox I must admit I haven't excercised I just feel I'm getting worse each day it wakes me up and the mornings are worst with the burning prickling in my neck and head I'm not even thinking about it though and it happens. I decided to take citalopram again this morning and just keep going with it will these feelings eventually go I feel so ill with it I'm finding it so hard it's anxiety with all these aches and pains 😢 Just want to be the old me and get back to normal but fear I'm not going to and fear I have this terminal illness and it's all spread through my body. No one believes me, I've had blood tests done all fine but I'm still not convinced 😣

  • Yep this is exactly me, honestly! I believe its spread through my body, no one believes me, I even imagine the day when people are saying sorry to me for not believing me, I imagine people like my partner and Dad feeling awful because I went through all this pain and feeling unwell for so long on my own! I have felt like this on and off for the last 3 years (with feeling better and myself in between). Im just coming right again after 3 months of feeling so ill, with ongoing pains, vision disturbance, prickly sensations in my hands, nausea, loss of appetite, loss of balance, abdominal pain, joint pain and more. And then there are all the psychological symptoms, depression, feeling unreal, questioning reality, constant thoughts of death, irritable, anger and very little tolerance especially with my daughter and partner.

    It's a horrible existence and of course you're not going to feel well when your mind doesn't feel well. But trust me you will start to feel better when you address your thinking. Just think F#4k it I've had enough, if I have something it will eventually present itself but in the mean time I'm going to carry on living my life the way I was before. Go for a walk even if it's just for 10 minutes, and feel good about it! Go and get your hair done, go and be around people that you love, clean your house and do the washing just get back to yourself and if you can do all these things you're still well enough to live a normal life. I promise you will be you again and feel good again but you do need to make a mental decision to try and work towards it.

  • Shortfox I wish this was in my head but I'm starting to think it's really not I'm like this allday it actually wakes me up this horrible prickling sensation in the back of my head and scalp my eyes are so heavy I'm so hot it's like my body's been trying to fight something has been like this for a few weeks. Each day I'm getting a new pain somewhere else 😣 I don't even feel anxious 😩 im not sure I want to know either 😢

  • Ashley I really do understand how you feel! I had a terrible day yesterday due to nerve irritation in my hands. I've had it all week and my physio said it's due to my back but do I believe her? No. I believe it's a tumour or MS or something sinister. Then it started turning red yesterday and burning up, even my physio said go to the doctor. So while I was having a major anxiety attack thinking to myself, well this is it, I call my doc and I speak to a nurse who wasn't to worried about it after all. So of course I had a horrible night that night, waking up in sweats, pain, dizzy disorientated. Now it's morning and I'm a lot calmer. I didn't have a horrible night because of my hand, I had a horrible night because of my stress about my hand. My body produced physical symptoms due to stress. And I must also add that I can get all of the physical symptoms when I think I'm not even stressed. You think you don't feel anxious but the fact that you're on here seeking advice means that you are. And by the way it's great you are on here because it will help you, and you are at the same time helping me, so thank you:)

    You need to take your focus off it, even if it's for a little while. Accept your symptoms for now and try to let them happen without judging them, don't care that they are happening. By the way I have had all of your symptoms, they're just stress and your mind is keeping them alive. When you stop caring about them they will go, then you'll get new ones:) Have you been for that walk??

  • I haven't been for a walk yet shortfox but I went out to the seaside de the other day and it's all that was in my mind I'm dying and I'm leaving my two children 😢 I kept getting head zaps allday and needing the toilet. I feel so bad I've told my parents to not go away as I don't know how long I've got left there's a new pain everyday or flutter sensation and what bothers me the most is the mornings I get woken up by like a hot bubbling burning sensation on my neck and rises into my scalp I feel so weak in the mornings and I have to force myself to get out of bed to feed my baby 😣 Then today I've been having groin pain. I did have a lot of pelvic pain since 12 weeks and my stomach muscles split having my baby girl 6 months ago. My mum keeps telling me she thinks I have physcosis depression but surely it can't cause all these symptoms! I will tell you all mine ...everyday I have pain in my back or hips, I've had prickling in my wrists, numbness in my head, body tremors or ripples, the bubbling burning sensation in my neck or head, diaorroeh, heartburn, excessive sweating all the time like my body's trying to fight something. Cbt even told me that they have never heard of burning sensations so are going to speak to my doctor again. Which makes me worry even more

  • Oh Ashley please believe me when I tell you I've been where you are, I'm sort of there still now. You've been back and forth to the doc, same as me. If she was really worried about you she would have taken your testing further. I find it hard to believe that cbt haven't heard of burning, it's one of the most common anxiety symptoms. Burning is a stress response, I've had it many times along with excessive sweating. Every night for a month I would have to get up in the middle of the night and have a shower because I was soaked through. AND you have a baby!! You are exhausted and your body is under a lot of stress. Do you have a supportive partner? Or are you doing this on your own? You need to get some decent sleep so you can start thinking clearer. Hard to do with a 6 month old but if there is any way do it, sleep is vital to you at the moment.

    I have bad back/hip/pelvic pain also. Have bad groin pain also, that's muscular. Do some yoga stretches for the groin it helps. Have had numbness in the head, that was really scary but all due to muscle tension. Ashley our bodies can do basically anything under stress. Think about it, stress causes heart attacks so imagine what else it can cause.

    You're tired and burnt out being a mum with young kids, this is exactly how mine started.

  • Thankyou for replying shortfox it helps to know there is people out there suffering like this too! Today I've woken up with burning scalp again and pain down my arm I'm on day 3 of citalopram again just hoping it will kick in and I will be ok again for my kids sake I thought anxiety was just a thing that passes comes and goes or can it suddenly get really bad? I don't feel constantly anxious my body pains, zaps, burning etc is making me feel worried. Have you experienced the burning prickling sensation shortfox it's horrible makes me think there's something in my brain 😰 I've got docs Friday I'm going to ask for bloods again I know something's going to show up now 😣 She said all my bloods were normal 3 weeks ago so I'm fine but I've got worse! I hope you feel better soon!

  • An anxiety disorder becomes a way of life. You won't only get the physical symptoms when you think you're anxious. There are a lot of contributing factors...you're sleep deprived, stressed and emotionally exhausted with young kids. Your muscles are so tense 24/7, even when you are asleep so your body is going to be sore. Yes I've had that symptom, I've had many. I've had brain scans, pelvic scans, bloods you name it. You had bloods 3 weeks ago, nothing would have changed since then, it doesn't work that way. But do get them done again so you can get some reassurance.

    You're going to be ok, this will pass, just accept it for now xxx

  • Ive decided today I'm going to do my best to ignore all these symptoms and just be positive keep going. It all started when my cycle came back after the birth of my little girl. I had some boob pain and a burning sensation then I focused on it everyday and checked myself all the time for any lumps or anything different. Then started becoming so hot and feeling ill tried to relax in bed one evening and got this burning sensation up my back and neck then pins and needles in my left leg and brain zaps all day & everyday I've had a pain in a different place in my body even elbows and wrists. It's just getting me down I want a time of day where I do not feel like this 😰 I'm so scared I don't know if I want an MRI because I will be petrified if they tell me it's spread everywhere and how much time I have. My auntie died at the young age of 35 of breast cancer but my mums trying to tell me it wasn't genetic. Just wish this would go away.

  • My Auntie died of breast cancer at 45, I was extremely close to her, and this is the reason why I started on this road. I had my daughter, things were fine for about a year then I to got pain in my breasts and that was it. You're story sounds just like mine.

    I go to a breast specialist once a year now, he says pain is very normal and doesn't mean cancer, actually cancer doesn't usually present with pain. I get pain with hormonal fluctuations. Which would explain yours.

    Anyway I'm so glad to hear a positive step from you, that's all you need:) It's not going to just go away, but you'll feel better when you learn to accept it and carry on x

  • Hi shortfox. I hope you don't mind but I needed to talk to someone that understands today I rang an ambulance felt awful feel like I'm dying like my body's trying to fight something so hot all the time I've been having more head burning pain in both sides and on top. Electric shock pains in arms and legs I'm just surr something's very wrong and I don't want to know 😢 The doctor done another blood test and said something like anemia would show up if I was really ill. She checked my urine sample and gave me a breast examination and said all fine told me to stop taking citalopram feel so lost and not getting any better 😢

  • I have all your symptoms! How are u now it's been 3 wks?

  • Hi Lala, I do feel for you! I've been back to the docs more and they've done full blood count again as I've been getting worse and the tablets aren't helping I've stopped worrying about it now so much and just accepted what's happening to me I'm my bones are actually hurting now I'm just sad because no one believes me and cause I don't look too bad on the outside. I have two very young children find this very unfair 😢 I'm expecting them to contact me tomorrow with results they've tested my liver and for infection too I just know I'm not well and it's not good

  • Hi Ashley,Sorry I never saw your last response until now, I just so happened to be going through my history and came across it.

    How are you doing these days? I hope life is treating you well 😊

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