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Dizziness weird feeling

Hi I recently been to the hospital I was there for 3 days and was diagnosed with migraines the funny thing is I've never had any bad headaches. Barely any normal headaches. It started a week ago and they did a lot of test they did find two small lesions in my brain but said it was from the migraines but here are my symptoms. I feel like I'm not me my vision can't focus and I feel dizzy all day all the time it's hard to walk right. and the more I think about this I feel like I'm dying and I have trouble breathing like someone is sitting on me. They just send me home and I feel exactly the same they game me medicine to prevent migraines but that's not doing anything at all. I need help I feel so scared and with panick

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Candyy, I just saw this other post. I would get a second opinion preferably from a Neurologist.


I'm thinking about going to another hospital because the symptoms are overwhelming. They seem to get a little better at times but worsen others


Candyy, I agree that you should. Sometimes we need to be our own advocates. Who better knows our body like ourselves. You shouldn't have to leave the hospital in the same condition that you went in for. I wish you well. You deserve some answers. x


a) did they check your B12 and folate levels - B12 deficiency can cause migraine like symptoms


b) people do have silent migraines - in which there is no headache but the symptoms are pretty much what you describe.

2 forums that you might find useful


note - pernicious anaemia is an historical misnomer and the condition is actually about the inability to absorb B12 from your diet



Hello, I wouldn't worry too much about going to the hospital right away but definitely check up with your primary care doctor and see if they can get you in with a neurologist. They can't help with headaches for sure and comfort you about your lesions on your brain.


It is possible to suffer migraines without the headaches "silent migraine" is the term used, but having said that you are of course entitled to seek out a second opinion from a different consultant, because you've been in hospital 3 day's that would suggest you've had tests done before you were discharged? I do understand completely how difficult it is when you feel that you must have some underlying illness, you could consider visiting your gp and tell him your not convinced that all is well? but try and remember that it is possible to experience all the symptoms of migraines except the headaches "silent migraine" more common than you think :-) xxx


I'm just still in easy because all the symptoms are still here I don't feel any better


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