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I'm new to this forum, and came across this thread in my Google Search. I've been a sufferer of dizziness/lightheadedness/foggy brain feeling for about 5 years now. I've had so many tests done that I could probably fill up a page... from ENT/MRI's of head/neck/sinuses, bloodwork. You name it I have gotten it done. I too have been told that its just "anxiety", but getting a weird floaty feeling and almost feeling like I have to faint everyday doesn't seem like it could just be anxiety. I know there are 100's of symptoms of anxiety, but I would never think that anxiety could control your life mentally AND physically. For me, it all started when I was at the gym on a stationary bike and BAM I felt dizzy and thought it was dehydration, but it stuck with me since then, and it has only gotten worse. As of late just sitting here typing just makes me have a floaty/waves of dizziness in my head feeling. Even the right side of my head feels like it twinges :o( Any help would be much appreciated. I just wanted to add too that none of this runs in my family. My husband says since all my tests come back negative (which is obviously a good thing), that the only thing he can really say is that maybe the docs are right and that its anxiety? I just feel like its something more because its so strong and ruins my daily life... I'm 34, active female with no kids/pets, and exercise on a daily/weekly basis. Just sucks. All I want is to rid this for the rest of my life, its so frustrating and scary.

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  • I am so glad you wrote this. This is me. I was fine one day and was running on my treadmill when all of a sudden I feel like im.weak in my legs dizzy ears ringing and off balance. Then I started having this weird scalp pain..I freaked many appts to er with ct scan negative ent said tmj while.only looking in my ears I was rushed out quick. Went to my internal doc several times he said anxiety. Went to neuro for mri of cervical spine mra which is for anyuersms because dr google had cleary convinced me I had one. And seeing a cardiologist today for sudden chest pain. I finally have had to give this to God! ! I tried several attempts to google and diagnose myself and yesterday I ginally heard God say let me have it. So I am. Will keep you updated and im praying for you!!

  • I'm so sorry that you are dealing with the same thing I am everyday. I know what its like. One doc says this, one says that... most just say anxiety to brush it off because they have no other answer for you. I also have TMJ (and have actually been diagnosed with it) and wear a nightguard when sleeping. If its ok to ask, how did your MRI of your cervical spine go? Did that come back normal? Really? Sudden chest pains? I had those too, to only be told they were nothing because I have had numerous holter monitors but they have all came back fine (except they said I do have extra heart beats)... but that is considered fine? which is why I get fluttering... Can I also ask, how old you are and how long this has been going on for you? I hope you get better soon. I know how this is! It is awful to deal with on a regular basis

  • I go for echo of heart today. I get results tomorrow from nuero. With this weird scalp pain she said occiptial nueralgia. So I can beleive that but sometimes I have nimbness and tingling in legs and arms and hands. I did atress test 2 years ago was perfect. 3 holters fine except I have extra weird leaky valve.

    I am 31 female not overweight actually I was lifting and gettng really into the heavy lifting thing. And the neuro said she thinks I have a jacked up neck. Its weird.I feel like I was healthy as a horse until all of thsi happened. My doctor thinks its my job and said stress can manifest in a million differnt ways. While I can agree these feelings are unrelentless and I can feel them...sucks

  • Hey are you still suffering from this? I have been for 3 years now. I am still at a loss for what is causing it. Hope to hear from you.

  • Wow crazy... do you have any pain/discomfort with your neck though? I have been told I could also have postpositional vertigo? (has to also do with my neck) some days it feels really stiff, other days its fine... so its weird. Maybe something did happen when you lifted heavy? Part of it could be your job. I know that part of it for me has to be my job. Constantly stressed out, lots of pressure put on me to get my job done at certain deadlines throughout the day. But the thing is, when you don't know what is going on with your body/symptoms of course you are going to get higher stress levels and probably develop anxiety. I don't get what doctors are talking about when they say "O you just have anxiety"... its like i"m not gonna take meds just to treat this so called anxiety... when I look anxiety up online there are over 100 symptoms. So that would mean everyone in the world has anxiety. Just doesn't make sense how people can feel this awful and they just diagnose it with that. Well I hope all goes well with your neuro and you get some answers. Let me know what you find out!

  • I will so keep you in the loop..this place has definatley given me hope to explore health and anxiety. I have been driven with fear but I promise when I quit googling God assured me that he had it. I trust that. I know because I have great doctors. Im trying to do hollistic as possible of course if I needed serious medical attention I would get it. My job is stressful at times but its crazy how it all of a sudden hits you hard with no warning so when new symptoms arrise, I can tell you that I was like no im dying. Because you are mwntally feeling rhem.

  • I am so thankful to find this site. I have been having head pressure, dizziness, floating feelings for years. I don't know how to explain my symptons, sometimes I can feel sudden attack or strike at my head as if it's going to make me faint, my blood test is good, ENT said is normal except I have nose sensitive. All these years I have been living with this really horrible feeling and fear of fainting everyday. I feel so hopeless and I just want to be a normal person. I see doctor almost every week because i feel like i am going to faint anytime. Because of these symptoms, i have develop anxiety and fear of dying..I hate this thinking. I always think that am i going to die today? Noone understand how i feel. Few months back I started with workout, thought of exercise can help me to be healthier. For the first few months I was alright although sometimes after exercise I feel dizzy and floating but I just try to ignore it abd blame that to nose sensitive. Yesterday it was horrified, I finished running on treadmill and suddenly felt strong head pressure for 10 seconds. I don't know why, I was terrified and floating with dizziness after that. Now I am phobia to go workout again. I am glad to have this site support that I am not alone .

  • How have you been feeling?

  • Do you get arm pain or nausea at the same time?

  • Do you suffer from heaches

  • Sometimes, on/off, esp when I don't have caffeine

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