Head pressure and dizziness

Hey everyone, I have been diagnosed with anxiety, I am taking antidepressants but they don't really seem to be working much, I'm currently off sick from work as I couldn't cope with it anymore. The biggest issue I have is the constant pressure in my head and feeling little dizzy, I also had big issue with breathing and tight chest and always kind of trying to yawn to catch some breath that's got so much better since I started doing breathing excersizes so now the biggest problem is the dizziness has anyone had the same? I can't go to shops or really any closed buildings or wait on queues or be in crowded places, ive not been on holiday in 5 years since I'm not able to get on the plane because of my anxiety. I do my shopping online too. Has anyone got over this dreadful feeling? I also had therapy but it didn't really work...


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  • I get this it's horrible feels like something is trying to break free from your head and the dozzyness I felt drinking loads water helps

  • I agree, being hydrated helps with dizziness - always stay super hydrated. I have taken medical leave, a week at a time a couple of times, but was unable to take off extended periods because I cannot support myself without work. It's a struggle at times but at others I'm glad that I have to work or I may never leave the house. Antidepressants help many but you have to find the one that works for you. I did not have much luck with them personally but everyone's chemistry is different.

    The fact that breathing exercises help seems like positive news. I don't always love long lines or enclosed spaces but I guess I've had "exposure therapy" out of necessity and it has gotten much better. I still don't love it but I take a Xanax (alprazolam) and I'm okay. Same thing with trips; when I had to go due to family or work obligations I managed. But tranquilizers help. I know they are not ideal, but if you can keep them to a minimum without leaning on them too much they certainly help. Sometimes antidepressants don't cut it, but perhaps you just need to try a different one?

    Dizziness. I went to neurologists, docs, etc, until one finally had me lie down quickly and said "oh, you do have vertigo". Wow. Apparently your eyes do a thing when you actually have vertigo that is easy to detect when the right person is taking you seriously and actually looks. Why it took so long I don't know but it turns out I had "crystals" in my ears and there are certain head exercises that can relieve it. Thousands of dollars later. But the main thing is, I had everything checked out from head to toe first, and then the dizziness was manageable and finally passed. Good luck to you.

  • meds well work in time you have to let them work over time it well build in ur buddy and they well work or you need a deferent meds

  • and yes iv got over that feeling and it took a long time it took 2 year to I learnd to control it

  • I do know about vertigo I have reaserched it a lot, I have my breathing thing back today too :( it just feels like everything is an effort, even leaving the house is sometimes a scary thought, I want to go back to work but my job is a bar manager and its a lot of pressure the reason I got signed off is because I can't just not go in if I can't cope so I can't just call in sick here and there it just wouldn't work so being off sick lets them get cover. I do think I need different pills as the once in taking I've had for long time and nothing seems to change. I don't think they are doing the job but for some reason the doctor doesn't want to change em, he says they will kick in but my therapist said they would work by now. Well doctors again on Friday so fingers crossed. 1000 dollars? That sucks, least I don't have to pay for any of this. Hope you're doing ok

  • I have been given antidepressant by GP but still not started yet. I have booked a private counselling hope it will help.

    And I also have dizziness come and go, very annoying. My bp is always low, so I am not sure whether anxiety has caused my bp go lower thus the dizzy spells.

    I also have breathing problems. I always feel there is not enough oxygen inside the house, I sleep with window open and felt like this is the only way to get enough air. I yawn a lot during the day like non-stop, so embarrassing. What kind of breathing skills did you use ?

  • What antidepressants have you been given? I'm on antitriptyline but they don't really work for me but my friend was in them and she said they really helped so it definitely depends on the person

  • I was given Sertraline 50mg, but so scared to take it because the bad stories I read. I am taking Diazepam when feeling very depressed, it 's a hit and miss.

  • Well the yawning thing is what causes it it's like viscous circle! You the reason you feel you don't have enough air is because you're over breathing. I know it sounds weird! Do breathing excersizes for about half hour twice a day. Try and only do 6 bpm so breath in hold and slowly breath out the breath out should be longer then breath in and always through your nose. Or to quickly get realief do the paper bag think but be careful with that don't over do it! Overbreathing (medical name 'hyperventilation') means a habit of breathing incorrectly and excessively. It can result from emotional stress and can cause tension or anxiety. Overbreathing upsets the chemistry of the body and can lead to many physical and emotional symptoms. I do think that from this comes the pressure and dizziness too and causes the whole anxiety thing. So maybe if you tackle this other symptoms will go too. Didn't really happen to me like that :(

  • Thanks, I really need to look into the breathing skills as I am very bad at it whenever panic attack s.

  • Hi, how are you feeling so far? Have you gone through your dizziness and pressure? Excuse my poor grammar

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