Pressure in head cold sensation

I'm signed up for this forum. As I'm at a total loss I don't know what's causing this. I'm 33 I'm been dealing with this for 3 years. It ripped my life apart with work and home life. As well as my social life. I used to love my life was an athlete. It's ending everything

I have pain in back of head near occiptal nerve and tingling on my left side. Its also cold feels like someone is pouring cold water down left head. The pressure is so intense. I'm starting to have memory loss. Also completely lightheaded 24/7 on that side and ears ringing. Seen 4 Nuerologists have took amitriptliyne 10mg.Gabipendtin. 300mgs Zoloft ( made me faint). Is this anxiety?? Some days I feel life is over. I never had any history with this. I have had mri,CT scan. All negative. Had ears checkout all set.

Pray to God everyday for my old life back.Hope life isn't over.

Just looking for anything at this point.I honestly feel like my life is over some days. This isn't me..


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  • It sounds like anxiety. I too have the stiff neck and headache that is paired with lightheadedness. You are not alone in this. We here to listen and support you!

  • i am with you! i feel like everything in my life is getting to be really hard at this point, but i am hopeful we can get out of this! <3

  • Thanks for reply guys. It's tough socially for me. Of course I know other people don't understand. Lucky I live in a city with good doctors but these symptoms are a guessing game it seems. Curious to hear any more stories of help I'm in the woods lost looking for a path. Just amazing how your life can change. From 1 extreme to other. I never knew :(

  • My major problem is its 24/7 Im struggling to see the good in life

  • Hi Whishey, I've had all that, and with me it started some time after taking a course of a cipro antibiotic. Be sure to check if you did, at any point prior to this starting, because even a short course can cause all of these things. Certain over the counter meds like ibuprofen that we take can make it worse. All my tests came back negative too, even the MRI, and yet all the symptoms were there. Gabapentin makes things worse, if its a fluoroquinonlone antibiotic damage that you have. The head pressure was always worse. Please do check, even if it was a year before you had this. And if it is, there are good things to do for it but you must never take one of those antibiotics again, if so. If you think this might be it (even if you find the notion far-fetched, it really isn't) look at the site called Meanwhile, whatever it turns out to be, I do hope it lifts for you soon.

  • Thanks soo much for the reply. I waiting to see the best Nuerologist. I know the gabipentin isn't working. I'm looking into it anything work for you? This is all new and has derailed my life

  • I also saw a neurologist and had an MRI which showed nothing. Did you check to see if you've taken any of the fluoroquinolone antibiotics in the past? That is essential to know. One thing you might try which absolutely can't hurt you is to eliminate all sugar, which includes white flour pasta, bread etc, (whole grain stuff doesn't convert to sugar in your body), no sweets whatsoever. Try taking a magnesium supplement, which also might help and can't hurt (although some people get the poops a little from it, sorry to say 'poops' here) and try putting an ice bag on your head when you get the pressure. Those things might help the pressure some regardless of what the cause is.

  • Yeah I have been taking magnesium. Sugar would be tough but if it meant end of this I would do it. I haven't taken cipro but it's possible I have some other way I'm trying anything. To get rid of this

  • Don't take cipro, levaquin, avelox or floxin, or ANY other quinolone antibiotic, whether you have or haven't already, it will make things worse. Force yourself to stop all sugar and see what it does. I find that when I have sugar, even in a soda or a cookie, my head pressure is worse. So please give it a try. At least you know that not having sugar is not going to do you any harm. :)

  • Your right. However your making me think. I have had urology issue during this time I took. Some urine pain relief pills. Thanks for hanging here with me it seems my relationships are going away nice you have some sense of home

  • Hi,

    I had exactly the same kind of symptoms 2 years ago and saw every doctor possible, had all sorts of tests and still no answers then I went to a chiropractor and found that the left side of my neck was in spasm and it was causing all these symptoms. They massaged my neck till the spasm stopped and it was almost instant relief. I did keep going for a few months and also went for regular massage on my neck but it hasn't come back since. I wouldn't recommend having any kind of neck manipulation with a chiropractor because I have heard it can be dangerous but gentle massage was good also had acupuncture which helped.

  • Thank for the reply. Yeah I did massage but they never told them to concentrate on neck. Thanks for advice

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