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Heavy head and dizziness


Been having a sense of a heavy head like something is literally sitting on top of my head along with dizziness. i was told that it could be what they called a tension headache that’s associated with anxiety. This is my first time experiencing this and its scary and me thinking about it is making me have panic attacks. Its scary and don’t know what it could be.

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Have you seen a Doctor? It seems a reasonable place to start. Pam

Amarie37 in reply to sweetiepye

Not yet, but i will soon..

I have felt this symptom before. It’s been a while but I remember when my anxiety first started having that feeling. Definitely go to a doctor though.

Amarie37 in reply to Dana38

Thank you!

hey friend, how are you now??? don't worry you are not alone, just stop overthinking of it now,its not very helpful , i have been feeling the same for couple of days, i too really don't know what actually it is, but i have a plan to go and see Doctor today, let us not waste time on assumptions, lets doctor have a say.Good luck friend. you will be alright, ok

Amarie37 in reply to dipen07

Thank you so much, and what was your outcome at the doctors i pray all went well? 😊

Hi amarie welcome to the world of tension headaches i get them quite a lot so i can sympathize with your headaches ! The best thing for it is paracetamol and rest i used to take cocodamol but you can end up with constipation ! I presume you see your doctor about this not everyone does i hope you get well soon all the best

I have been getting this everyday for the last 4-5 day not fun at all i know the exactly the feeling but i headaches to but as soon as i take a pill for aniexty call oxazepam it goes away within an hour but you have to be careful as its addictive but works great. Been on it for 17 -18 years but i find now I’m asking 30 mgs a day so i need to try and coupe on my own if i can. But the doctor said if i need to take something to keep the edge off go ahead. I have an app at the end of the month for cannabis but the oil with a recommendation from my doctor. I went once but wanna go back with more questions. I can keep in touch with you if you like or add me to Facebook to chat. It’s sherrie dault... but your not alone there are so many of us...take care there are lots of great people on here to help xo..I’m from ontario canada buy the way

Amarie37 in reply to Sherrie44

Thank you so much sherrie for your information and advice😊 and i will look you up on facebook.

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