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Feels like I'm dying, anxiety/panic?

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I'm a 24yr old female and up until a few months ago was a very active, social and outgoing person. I was at work one day when all of a sudden I had this weird feeling, it felt like a wave starting from the top of my head and it rushed down into my chest, I felt a palpitation and then it felt as though all the air was gone. My heart started racing and I collapsed in the middle of my work place. Since then I have been diagnosed with a minor tachycardic heart condition (my cardiologist assures me my condition is not causing the other symptoms I'm experiencing) and anxiety/panic disorder. Since this initial attack over 2 months ago, I feel CONSTANTLY dizzy, lightheaded, faint, have chest pains, headaches and have not been back to work (over 64 days now) I am always weak, feel short of breath and always feel like I am about to stop breathing and die. I can barely walk without feeling like I am about to collapse. I have been through many recent stressful situations before all this started. I basically lie on the couch or in bed all day because I can barely move and have so much trouble breathing. I have been checked from head to toe with some very expensive and reliable tests and nothing has been found, all tests come back negative (despite the fact that in my head I still feel as though I have something wrong with me). I'm just wondering if anyone has felt this incapacitated and debilitated from their anxiety/panic disorder? because I have basically been bed ridden since the initial attack and I have no idea how to move forward and get past this! It is effecting my entire life! Even my sleep is disturbed now, my partner just holds be while I cry myself to sleep out of frustration. Please someone help!!!

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Hugs to you.

Have you thought of therapy if your symptoms are indeed related to your anxiety?

Remember things can get better. I hope you find the help you need.

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Sazbo_90 in reply to McCord

Yes am seeing a psychologist aswel as many phycisians but no answers and no official diagnosis. Just wondering if anyone else's anxiety has left them basically bed ridden as it has done to me?

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JackMcG in reply to Sazbo_90

Just wanted to quickly let you know that I have been completely debilitated with anxiety before. I'd say I was pretty much crippled with it. However I've received excellent help, continued support and the right medication. I still have bad days, but my life has improved. Have faith that yours will too. Hold on to hope.


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JackMcG in reply to Sazbo_90

Have you had your liver function tested? Have you been offered any intermediate treatment such clonazepam or diazepam? I think that something like that may help while you are trying to get to the bottom of what may be causing this.

I really hope you find a resolution soon, I do understand the torment that comes with suffering the symptoms you've mentioned.

Wishing you a speedy resolution

Best wishes


just curious have you been to an ear nose and throat doctor yet my anxiety has been greatly tied to my acid reflux disease because when acid gets introduced into the air ways it can cause a lot of or all of the same symptoms you described. I've been feeling a lot better since I've been taking my acid blockers or proton pump inhibitors. just something to consider because that's something they don't look for in the emergency rooms are the hospitals because they don't consider it life threatening at the time.

No I haven't, I do have a history of severe acid reflux, I will look into it, did you feel much the same as I described? The barely able to move and the constant feeling of being unable to breath properly?

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ff78cs in reply to Sazbo_90

I did. Lack of energy and panic attacks from not being able to breath correctly because of the acid causing breathing issues in my air ways. It's amazingly awful the affects it can have on the entire body. You may need to switch your current acid reflux meds. I started taking mine again and within 24 hours the pain and breathing issues subsided. I've also noticed it returns if I drink Any soda or over eat. Get it checked out and I'm sure you'll be fine once you get it under control. God Bless

Also I have been on an oral PPI of omeprazole for around 3 months so I would assume that should help if it is the reflux.

To be blunt i think your cardiologist has done half a job. They should point you towards therapy support as a lot of people suffer anxiety and depression related conditions after a physical health treatment, especially a serious one and shock like you have had. You may be able to self- refer to an NHS psychologist or speak to your GP for a referral.

A holistic approach is called for, and i think your case may be an example of why that it so.

Hope you improve soon, but it's probably not going to happen unless you take the lead with professional help that is out there.


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Sazbo_90 in reply to Dibble

I am seeing a psychologist, but I took that initiative myself! I do agree that my cardiologist is not doing all he can to reassure me, on all my visits all I get is "no change, it won't kill you, your heart just goes too fast - we're still trying to come up with a management plan" and then BAM $275 it's been that way for my last 5 visits and 4 hospital admissions! I am hoping that the counselling will help though!!!

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Dibble in reply to Sazbo_90

So you're in the USA- sorry I had assumed you were in the UK. You are having to pay for your treatment whereas here we have the National Heath Service.

But same principles apply- the links between physical health and mental health are better understood now but plenty of individual physicians do not seem ready or able to keep up with their respective therapy communities! There is no medical/ scientific excuse for not treating the anxiety even if it is health related.

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Sazbo_90 in reply to Dibble

I'm in Australia, just hoping they are able to sort something out and treat me soon as I have been referred to several times now as a "unique medical mystery"...which as you can imagine does not help with the anxiety and panic disorder!

There are two areas of study and treatment in the UK that may have some relevance to your type of experiences - one is in the area of 'medically unexplained symptoms' (MUS) and the other is health anxiety, where worries about health can accentuate the problem and produce psychological symptoms. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is relevant to both, and is being made available in the UK, slowly but surely.

In Australia it's recognised too- helpguide.org/articles/anxi...

You may like to talk to health professionals there about CBT if you haven't already. Not all psychologists go with it and some are better than others!

P.S. MUS described here - iapt.nhs.uk/ltcmus/medicall...

Hi, my name is Miroslava. This is exactly how my panics started. It was 8 years ago. I went for a holiday with my boyfriend and just out of the blue I started to feel heavy a I passed out in the airport shop. I felt ok after that and still boarded the aeroplane. I was flying home for holiday because I live in another country. And since then I felt axactly as you described. Could not sleep, could not eat , just lying in bed , even going to toilet was big afford and sometimes I thought I am not going to survive my way to toilet. I lost lots of weight, I 60 kilo and within 2 weeks I was 42 kilos. So I finished in the hospital where I had all test done, all my body was checked and everything fine. And this way I finished with psychiatrist. She explained what is happening to me and what should I do. But it did not help at all. Then she prescribed me seroxat and it helped me. I was taking it for 4 months and then slowly weaned of it, because I got pregnant. But I felt like myself again. It is not perfect now, I am faighting with it for 8 years now , but it is not as debilitating as it was before. I know exactly how you feel , I will think about you and keep my fingers crossed. I will get better it is just not easy.

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