Why does anxiety make me feel like I'm dying ??? :(

I have had anxiety since February of this year but in the past month it has gotten extremely worse. I have constant chest pains I can't eat I'm dizzy and I think I'm having heart palpitations ... It seems like all my anxiety is centered around my health everytime I get a new symptom I'm googling it and I always feel I have some medical condition that the doctors are not seeing I've lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks just from not eating and I don't even have an appetite I ate 3 ritz crackers today and that's it! I feel like I'm having a heart attack every day I had 3 normal ekgs and all normal blood tests I'm waiting on the results of my treadmill stress test .... I feel like I have no control over my life I'm constantly in fear and I can't even drive myself anymore because I start having panic attacks :( will this ever end??? Help!!!!


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  • Hi bigleg

    I have noticed you are a big believer in anxiety issues been down to a lack of Magnesium Deficiency & there could be for some a result by taking Magnesium , obviously it has worked for you & your anxiety which is great & as always for others it may not make a difference at all

    Could I just ask though that when you are advising members that this may be something they could be lacking that you point out that if they are thinking of trying it that they should always check with their GP or chemist that this will be safe for them to use before they do as I know some of the other medication I take is not suitable to take with a Magnesium supplement & this could be the same for others so it is always best that people check before they try these things out & worth reminding them when suggesting they try it




  • Hi & Welcome

    It sounds like you could have some health anxiety as you say all your fears which creates anxiety are centered around your health , I suffer with HA to & so many more members on here do but it does get better , little steps but things do improve

    The more we are focused in on our health the more symptoms we feel , causing the dizziness & other symptoms you have mentioned & then the anxiety gets worse because we believe there must be something wrong with us !

    It is not easy but if you can tell yourself that you have been checked over & everything health wise is coming back fine , it is the anxiety creating this

    Have you asked about any kind of counselling or support with your anxiety , it would be good to ask your GP what they could offer you , so many benefit from this kind of support

    Oh the dreaded Google , I was never of it & always came of feeling so much worse as no matter what you put in Google you will relate to at least one symptom it mentions & that is all we have to read & then we run with it & convince ourselves we have it !

    Since joining this site as a few of us are like this we suggested we ban ourselves from using Google & come on here & talk or support instead & it works a lot better :-)

    So if you feel the temptation come & talk to us & leave Dr Google alone , it is not very nice & for people with HA it is certainly not a very good friend to have :-/




  • hi whywhy, im so glad ive found someone suffering with the same kind of anxiety that i suffer from.. its getting worse since ive been on the meds.. i automatically convice myself i have somet and then it just all builds up such as the other week i conviced my self i was having a heart attack, i started getting tight chest pains and pains going down my arm.. ive been up A&E twice now and doctors 3 times for them to basically say, its in my head.. i suppose i just need someone to talk to about these issues.. Beth:) xx

  • Hi Beth

    There are so many of us on here that suffer with HA , I am sure over time you will soon start to notice & relate to members that do as they post or reply & even though we don't wish this on anyone it can be some kind of comfort to know we are not alone with it

    Talking about it really does help as if you hold it in you can feel you are going mad at times , but also have you had any counselling as we need to learn how to reverse this thought pattern we have adapted & it usually stems maybe from some event that affected us , not always but a lot of the time it does

    I remember mine started as a child when an Uncle died & I heard my Mum crying so bad , it was the first experience I had with anyone close dying & it frightened me so much hearing my Mum upset that even though I was a child at the time that little seed got planted & started to grow in my mind which was always saying something bad was going to happen to me & then it resulted in me focusing in on my health & before I knew it I had HA even though I was & can be anxious in other ways to , but slowly learning how to change these thoughts it does get better & the more help like counselling you can get does help you with this

    I have had over the years every illness , like you said in my head that you can think of & a few more that even my GP had never heard of but I have come up with , so I do understand but little steps & things do improve :-)

    Take Care




  • Thankyou, talking does make me feel a lot better.. At first I thort I was going crazy.. One minute I thort I had breast cancer the next lung cancer and all the symptoms with it,, the doctors checked me over. The last time I went which was this morning the doctors said it's extreme anxiety and referred me to a councillor. I don't really no what triggered it off, I just remember one day I was extremely tiered so had a nap on the sofa as I have a 2 year old son and woke up with a sharpe pain in my chest and the worrying has been ever since then :( I have had my heart monitored and everything it's just the slightest pain I think im going to die xx

  • trust me, I am equally glad that i found this post. I have been doing this myself from a very long time. Chest pains are regular whenever I need'em. Its like my body is acting upon my fear. It fuels my fear. I am not sure if my mind can make my body do that. I am not sure if anyone ever is going to read this. But having to read you post has made a bit positive towards my condition. I have a similar condition. I have been suffering from anxiety from a very long time, and every time I feel like something's wrong with me, and I keep bothering Dr.GOOGLE for it. And end up believing that I have some kind of terminal disease.

    I just wanted to talk about these issues with someone, and I am glad to see there are people like me

  • Just to add to whywhy's post. You're far from alone. I too suffer from severe health anxiety as do so many of us on here, and I used to consult Dr Google on a very regular basis resulting in scaring myself silly almost every day. It's a very hard side of anxiety to suffer from (not that any anxiety side is easy).

  • Your lack of using periods heightens my already intense anxiety.

  • My name is Larry I'm 24 I have convinced myself already I had a brain aneurysm which I've had a cat scan it's clear I've convicted myself I had an abdominal aortic aneurysm today along with two heart attacks my health anxiety is getting so far out of hand I don't know what to do and in the back of my mind I think I've got colon cancer kinda runs in the family but docs won't test me for it they say I'm to younge I've got a wife a three year old and one due in two days I need to get this under control can anyone offer me any kind if advice I would be surly greatful thanks and God bless

  • Wow! This is me! Ive been going through the same thing , for about 4 months now i have convinced myself of having an aortic anyrusm as well and i cannot shake it , ive been to 3 drs have 2 CT scans EKG everythings come back normal but with symptoms i can never ever shake it you are not alone! Im 25 my dr diagnosed me with anxiety shortly after this ive wrecked my life over my HA

  • I have Scott really bad and it haunts me pretty much everyday. I get scared having good days because I am scared my anxiety is gonna BUT me at any second

  • HI xx Firstly to Terences I do believe that it is anxiety you are suffering from and you are indeed doing the right thing by trusting in your gp x It can be hard to accept at times that it is anxiety as the feelings are so intense but If you go to the pinned post at the side you will see a list of symptoms anxiety can indeed cause x Maybe you could ask your gp for a referral to therapy as this can make you see the who;e picture rather than the bits you seem to be focusing on x You are not alone and hopefully you can find the right help for you soon x Donver x

  • HI Big leg x I can understand that yourself and husband are believers in this issue and i am sure that it works wonders for you. But its good to remember what is good for one is not for all. It is hu policy that if you need advice on any medication you must first check with your gp, if you choose to ignore there advice then it is on your head be it, there are many dieticians within the hospitals who could also give you advice if you asked for referrals to them. We should not simply disguard the doctors and go with something that makes one person feel better as it could affect any other medication we take and make us ill. Can I ask if you actually have anxiety and to what degree? If so how has it helped you? And if you do not have anxiety then what makes you qualified to tell those with mental health to go against the doctors advice and start taking this ? Also have you taken into consideration when you put up links to trials to show drug fails that people with health anxiety may now feel a lot worse for your informing them of failure? If you choose to take this then that is entirely up to you but please dont push it on others x Donver

  • I can understand that you are pointing people in a certain direction but it is at the end of the day the rules of hu that all advice given should not replace the advice of doctors, and you mentioned they are not knowledgeable in this area, so I pointed out others that are in the nhs also are trained like dieticians . As for shooting the messenger I am not dismissing you theory but it is yours and your opinion, and not everyone will benefit in the same ways. We are all fully aware that we can help ourselves in many ways and not everyone goes through an anxiety battle reliant on meds etc some get better with talking therapy. People can be ill and they can suffer and if they can get better by this magnesium then fair do, but I am saying some mediations are coated with substances that react badly with this and therefore you would need advice from a gp. As for a diabetic who knows its many a thing that causes the pancreas to react the way it does x NO one in my husbands or my own family has diabetes yet my 5 year old is type one and this is in no way shape or form to do with anything he has eaten or what he may or may not of taken, its genetic or just fate the way things worked out for him. Some people get better from depression by talking alone and some meds and sometimes we take vitamins and such and they give us the placebo effect. It maybe worth exploring your theory but you must let individuals decide and not keep posting it as the hu community regard constant posting of this type as spamming and it could lead to you been asked to tone it down. I can see you are trying to help but they want to be reassured within anxiety as to symptoms and personal experience. . Anxiety can be a hard one to suffer and a hard one to convince some members to take anything in vitamins and meds etc, as such as their anxiety can be so bad. They may also take this in high dose as they assume it will cure them and without talking to a gp it could make them ill so its always best to let them talk to the health profs x Hope you understand this x Fell free to keep posting and answering in other ways x Donver

  • Hi bigleg

    This is a lovely community where everyone supports each other

    We have now seen your links for those that are interested in your message I think they can see it loud & clear , give it a rest now can you & lets all show some respect for the person that this post belongs to I think we have heard enough about Magnesium & in your comments you are breaking the HU guidelines which you are blatantly for some reason ignoring !

    There are so many sites on HU maybe you could share your theory around them all now we have heard it , I am sure they will be most grateful

    Have a lovely evening :-)

  • By all means point away if it helps, but you are repeating hence spamming. Now this is someone else's posts and they are requiring help not arguments over medication. let's focus on th person and topic of her post. Donver x

  • provided bigleg is not giving advice for people to give up meds or ignore their doc I see no reason she should not tell someone to try a natural remedy. The idea is to try to help people. fair enough. what works for her may not work for others but it's worth a try.

  • Just before I go. I was not aiming at you I was saying whats wrong with giving advice. I do agree with you fully however that telling someone to reduce meds as bigleg did is dangerous practice.

  • Hi bigleg

    I was going to reply but after reading Donvers comments I dont think I can add any more than what she has already said

    Hope you have a good day :-)


  • You are right in one thing unless a medicine is making big bucks the drug companies don't want to know but I like donver I feel you are wrong to go against a qualified GPs advice in telling a person to reduce their meds this is dangerous practice. .

  • Hi OP.

    First off let me tell you that you are certainly not alone in what you are experiencing. I have been suffering from health-related anxiety for almost a decade (I am currently 28, almost 29), and I have experienced many fluctuations in how my body responds to my mental state. I have spent thousands, probably 10's of thousands of dollars on medical tests including imaging studies and several repeat batteries of blood work, sometimes skipping from hospital to hospital so as to not been seen as a hypochondriac. Every time I go, they tell me the same thing.

    My issues began about a year after my older brother died, when I was 22. Since then, I have only attempted relief from one medication, Paxil. My experience with SSRI's was a mixed bag: on the one hand it allowed me to graduate from college because it kept my panic attacks down to a manageable level, but on the other hand I felt like an emotion-less zombie all day and every day. It basically changed the way my body was able to produce emotions and responses; I couldn't get super happy but also couldn't get very sad. Any time a person can deal with their issues WITHOUT chemicals, I think that is the way to go.

    Fast forward to now, and I am in a worse stage than ever. I suffer from constant tiredness and fatigue, heart palpitations, terrible acid reflux, daily nausea, joint and muscle pains and twitches, pretty much everything you can think of. I have done the whole WebMD and Google thing but at this point I don't even try -- I just have too much experience knowing that they don't lead anywhere. I have been to basically every specialty I can think of with the same result, but STILL my body feels like it's dying. I feel like there is a poison in my bloodstream, some undetectable illness and soon will launch me into cardiac arrest and no one in my life will know why I died. It is owning my existence, still to this day.

    Yesterday, in fact, I went to the ER for the second time this month. I had began to feel light-headed and sweaty at work during a meeting, and I felt my heart race and skip beats. I immediately began to panic and fear for my life... so I left the meeting and went to the ER. On the way there, my world was spinning out of control. Not pain, nothing measurable, I just felt like my brain was dying. I couldn't perceive the world around me (we call this depersonalization or derealization, I was going crazy, insane, my body was done for, and I thought for sure it was the end of my life. This time (unlike the first), they didn't do any tests beyond the basic vitals, and I felt like a complete fool; another $200 ER copay down the drain, thank god I have a well-paying job right now. But when I left I felt no comfort... I was still, in my mind, a timebomb.

    I fear for my life, not just my mortality but the strength of my relationships. How can I keep my girlfriend, my friends, my family, in my life when I can barely get out of bed in the morning. When I woke today, I thought I was going crazy, the room was spinning, I wanted to puke, I felt like I got hit by a truck. I felt my hands and feet get wet with sweat, and my heart started to race. This is within MINUTES of awakening. But what else can I do? Spend more money? Take time off work? I am at a loss.

    About a month ago I started CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to help with my problems. So far, I have not seen relief.. but it's a process. I can only hope I'm not forced to start meds again just to get by, but at this point I am desperate. I need relief or my life is going to fall apart.

    To Bigleg, while I respect your opinion and pointing people in a direction, I am one of those who has tried EVERYTHING under the sun and nothing has helped: Magnesium, B-12, Natural Sleep Aids, Meditation, Acupuncture, Therapy, Exercise, Dietary Changes... and I am still here where I am now. For this reason, I want you to seriously consider the next time you write advice to post it as such: advice. Can supplements help some people? Sure, if they have a deficiency, but the % of people with panic attacks and anxiety that can be tied straight back to a single nutrient deficiency is going to be a small minority. I am not saying you are wrong, but you should mention the caveats to your theories, too.

    I wish you luck, OP. You are not alone, and I know i'm not the only other person with these problems. Right now I sit here at my coffee table preparing another excuse to miss work today because I feel like I'm going to die if I go outside. My stomach is sick, I am off-balance, nauseous, my heart is racing... we can only hope for a better tomorrow.

  • Adamantium618, I'm curious to know how you're doing now. You described my experience perfectly!! You have so eloquently put into words what my life is all about!! I'm amazed because I have not been able to describe the type of hell I've been living in! Thank you so much!! You posted your comment 3 years ago. Have you found a solution to this problem??

  • You got it 'panic attacks' caused by anxiety centered around your health. like me you got he symptoms. the worst thing you can do is look up every symptom you get, your panic over your health is making you ill and checking every symptom causes a vicious circle you start to say to yourself, I have that and your mind makes your body believe it,. You most likely are not having a heart attack I brought out the emergency service twice and ended up in the emergency room last year and all test proved negative it was a panic attack. It will end if you learn to control it.

  • That happened to me also . You know how I started gaining some appetie I would massage my feet and body it really helped me so much..Meditation and prayers works also . Its hard living with anxiety,but we got to use to it and accept it ,but were not alone .

  • I know how you feel it's absolutely awful the symptoms but let me reassure you that your symptoms is due to severe anxiety as I get the exact same ones and have on and off for many years. I hope your feeling better now or some what better. Mine has got very bad again and it's cripples my daily way of life. Stay strong and try fight it. Take each day a step at a time little things like sitting in your garden if going put starts it then gradually start to gp further from home. Don't Google symptoms it makes you worse I use to do it and drove my anxiety through the roof. I'm here if you still need someone to talk to

  • I know how this feels, I went to the movies to see Ted 2 And the entire time I was shivering because it was cold, and the intense shivering caused me to think I was going to have muscle problems or start twitching so throughout most of the movie I couldn't even focus on watching it, I just kept freaking out thinking I was about to have a heart attack or some shit.

    Anxiety can be a killer sometimes in the mind.

  • Moshatedtabuu, I've had the exact same experience while at the movies! I was so embarrassed, but I just couldn't control what my body was doing! So scary!!

  • DO NOT GO TO WEBMD. you will leave the site thinking you have cancer or some terminal illness. You in your head KNOW that you are fine, but as soon as you start thinking negatively about anything you will get all the symptoms of anxiety. Happens to me on a daily basis. I'll wake up and be normal than I'll start thinking in my head about nonsense and I some how convince my self I'm dying and I need to accept it . I'll start getting heart palpitations, shortness of breath and dizziness almost like tunnel vision and it scares the shit out of me. Whenever I do something I really like doing, such as playing games or watching movies. Something that takes all your brains concentration so you don't think of garbage has really seemed to help me. However , every time I know I have to go to work I get all worked up and the symptoms hit me at work for part of my sshifts. I almost lost it at work today I was going to cry , I couldn't focus at all because my brain was in a scramble, I had to go into a washroom to gain control. I'm seeing a therapist soon so hopefully that helps me. The reason I know this is all in my head is because whenever I go out with friends and have a drink, I feel like normal again because the alcohol has my brain thinking of other stuff. As soon as mlim not drunk I'll get the symptoms back. I hate alcohol tho.

  • I know how you feel. I've been having chest arm and neck pain and shortness of breath. Been to the er 3 times ekgs normal blood wood normal stress echo normal. Feels like it's getting worse. Don't know what to do. No doctor will see me anymore. Hope you got your anxiety under control now.

  • I feel the same. Heart/chest pains, dizziness, mental confusion, and I haven't eaten in a couple days. I have lost 14 lbs.

  • My stomach would go blaaaaah when I had a full on attack... I would go for days feeling ill and guaranteed I would lose a lot weight each time. I was asked by many if I had anoxeria... finally I learnt to control the anxiety and slowly put the weight back on, happy to say it hasnt happened for such a long time now and Im a healthy weight and a lot less anxious about things

  • what were the steps you used to manage your anxiety? I have been to the emergency room twice now and each time they tell me I'm fine. I quit drinking after about four years of heavy partying, seemed to be the only thing to take my mind off it. just trying to figure a way out.

  • I'm going through the same thing ..... i feel chest pains and feel like freaking out. 😤 Im depressed alot so it makes it hard for me to eat. Please help!!!!

  • I know this is old but gladly I found this thread in a weird way , ANIEXTY is taking over my life it all started when I was walking down the street it went away after I had a panic attack, my boyfriend thought I was crazy or did a drug it was hard too explain or bare , I went too the hospital 6 times back to back too have cat scans , heart monitoring , blood work every doctor tells me the same thing I'm fine && I know I'm not I went too 9 different clinics they all gave me negative results I JUST KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG I HAVE BEEN DYING LITERALLY LIKE 3 WEEKS . All the HEADACHES, NUMB BODY , SORE THROAT , WOSSY HANDS IN FEETS , I CHECK MY HEART EVERY 5 MINUTES MY BOYFRIEND IS CARING IN TELL ME ITS ALL IN MY HEAD BUT I JUST CANT THINK THAT CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME 😖😢

  • Tasha1234,  We all start out in thinking that something is seriously wrong, that the doctors missed something.  Unfortunately, it is anxiety at it's worse.  Telling someone it's all in their head or just sit and relax or blah blah blah.  Even if a doctor dismisses it as anxiety doesn't mean you don't need help.  Therapy, meditation and other techniques need to be used and possibly even medication for short term.  Everything you are feeling and more is felt by most people when first experiencing anxiety.  Over time you will learn how to cope with the symptoms.  Eventually they should lessen as you learn to deep breathe which will calm your mind and body.  I wish you well.  You are in a good forum with a lot of support from caring people like yourself who are going through the same thing.  Hang on...help is around the corner.   x

  • Hi everyone my name is Austin it's nice to talk to some other people who have the same problem that I have I fear daily of dyeing and its pretty scary I guess it started when I started feeling numb in my left arm and then when my grandma told me I could be having a heart attack it shot out of complete control I feel like every little thing is wrong with me and I don't know how to control it help

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  • Mine does the same thing I always feel like something is wrong with me and that I'm going to die of a heart attack or stroke but my ekgs and chest x rays come back normal I lift a lot of heavy things at work and it makes my left side hurt when I touch it this really does suck

  • I hate feeling like this it every night before I go to bed I think I'm having a heart attack and I'm only22 years old and in good shape idk if the car wreck would have gave me health anxiety or what but I really need to find out what this is please if anyone has any suggestions please let me know

  • Sounds like hyperthyroidism! You aren't alone,I'm doing this too but I can't get anyone to listen or help me.

    Did you ever get help?

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