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Am i slowly dying?

Not sure how many persons can relate. But i always feel like i'm dying literally,Sometimes i'm not sure if its a panic attack or Death. I was only diagnosed with panic disorder .I'm scared to make plans cause my mind telling me i'll not live to fullfil it.

Will it happen? And how can i convince myself i'm perfectly safe?

Anyone can relate? When i do get the feelings,how do i fully accept?

please help, thanks

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There is only one thing in life that is certain, we die.

If we did nothing because of a fear of the Grim Reaper we would end up doing nothing.

When I was younger I was always frightened of the long sleep. I used to feel I will not reach twenty one, then it was I will die before I get married, still here.

Then I started worrying that my marriage would break down, or I would die before having kids.

When I found my marriage was stable I had had a nightmare when in my teens that I would never reach pension age not forgetting reaching the age of fifty five.

Now I am sixty four in four weeks time, I thought I would never reach these heady numbers of years. So all these past worries have failed too happen, what am I to do now worry that I am not going to reach sixty five!!!.

All that pointless anxiety

I used to travel through the Middle East. When I was in the Yemen a party of tourists where executed by a group of militants, we were repatriated toot sweet back home. My travels were generally risky, Where would I get to if I was to worry that my life was to be taken by those who would cause harm.

We may all suffer from anxiety and depression, we could get run over by a bus or something less violent.

What can we do about it the only things that will happen in life is death and taxes, we pay the latter even after death.

Ask yourself can you prevent your death ??

This evening I fell and thought I had broke a hip or leg, I could not have prevented it, I could have knocked my head and then, good night Vienna, we are at the gates of our Lord.

We cannot tell what will happen I have seen many people who have died, many I have loved, We all have to accept that we will end up the same way, dead. One day we are here, next day ???.

Everyone I know, even pets seem to know when the end comes please do not worry, all is very depressing.



you prolly missed the point. I was really talking about panic attack and these bodily sensations that come along with it.


Hi :-) the sensations are scary and make you feel like you are dying but it's all part of the anxiety. The sensations are real but I don't think anxiety has actually killed anyone. That's what most of us feel like. :-( it's not a nice feeling at all. But if dr says it's anxiety just take deep breaths and try and tell yourself it will pass and try to focus on something else :-)


thanks much :) yes did alot of test. doc says i'm fine and its just anxiety panic disorder.


I spent around 30 years convinced I was on the verge of death owing to the terrifying physical sensations of panic attacks. Then I looked back and realised that all that fear had robbed me of a massive chunk of my life, and I was still very much alive. Then I developed breast cancer, followed by a brain haemorrhage, and having survived these potentially life-threatening events, I feel it's time to stop worrying about my mortality and, instead, celebrate my survival by living for the moment and without fear.

What will be will be, and worrying about death which could be 20-30-50 years away is wasting precious life in the meantime. Living your life freely, without fear is more likely to prolong it.

There are very effective antidepressants which target areas of the brain responsible for panic attacks/paranoia etc. Mine is Paroxetine, but you should ask your GP for advice on which medication is suitable for you.


thank you :)


Standing is a battle for me and I'm 18


Hello rushaine

I know exactly how you feel and what you mean by you don't like to make plans because your afraid you won't be here. It's a terrible feeling isn't it.

I'm so sorry your suffering from this terrible anxiety and I wish we could just feel normal.

May I ask what your symptoms are?

You sound just like me


yes i wish too :)

i'm about 70% better...slowly recoverying..dont get many symptoms as before.

i still get dying feelings (bodilysensations), short of breath,dizzyness,weird feelings all over my body...i use to get DP but it left since i i stop fearing it..

intrusive thoughts also.


Well that's good to hear your getting better :)

How did u do it???

All I wish for is to feel normal and safe once again


Have to stay away from meds a nd face the anxiety head on. firstly what triggered your first attack etc..stop fearing it...its hard but worth it.


Hi Rushaine--

I'm pretty sure I know what you're talking about--it's a terrifying feeling and it can make you wonder--is this it? Am I slipping away?

Are you being treated for panic disorder? I mean with meds. and or some kind of talk therapy.

And thank you for posting. I think what you're talking about happens to more people than one would think. It's really good to be able to talk about it. You are not alone.

pen xxxx


thank you and i do meds. :)


I think I can relate for me waking up is a battle I wake up i feel really weak and my organs feel like they are not working my chest all aroun hurts my heart feels soar somtimes I can't even go hiking no more and I'm 18


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