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I feel like dying!

I have been suffering from anxiety for a while now & I don't feel as thought I have much help & support.

My doctors had diagnosed me with anxiety after I began to have panic attacks on a plane & then after on a bus, also I had palpitations, a rushing heat and sweat through my body & shaking.

my doctor prescribed me with propranolol 80mg but I have been taking them for over 2months & I don't feel as though there working.

As more time passes I feel as though my symptoms are getting worse.

I have been constipated for a while, I will go 5-6 days without emptying my bowels. Also because of this I don't want to eat much as I feel like the inside of me is being stuffed. I also bleed every time I do empty my bowels.

I often feel really sick but never actually come to throwing up.

And the newest thing that has added is a constant stomach ache. The pain runs across my abdomen and on some days can be so bad that I have to lay down and not move or even touch my stomach.

But can this all be anxiety or is there something else?

Some times things get so bad & I feel so alone, like I'm the only one going through this & because this is a constant feeling, I feel like giving up. Please help with some advice! :(

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Hey Zara, please don't give up you are not alone, although we all feel like this, all of us here suffer and you never have to feel alone, I know how horrible it is and frustrating when no one understands I've been there and only just learning to cope with it. However never experienced problems with the bowel but IBS is normally common with anxiety have you had this test? If not speak to a doc about it, can be treated with meds! Stay strong feel free to message me anytime you want xx


Hey Zara I'm just the same as u love and I feel like givin up most days. It I know I need to carry on for my kids, last night I had a bad night last night only had 2_ hours sleep but I've percked up a little tonight, ur not alone love I felt the same till I join this group xcc


We are all diffrent. same here

Theres days where i feel like giving up but i dont im also frustrated


But dont ever give up no matter what

You will be a great example that u beat anxiety


Hi there!

Well with all those tummy issues you will be feeling more anxious then usual. The stomach pains sensitive to touch ive had that it was be cause of the constipation.

And acid reflux stuff. Drink lots of water and high fiber foods.

Please don't give up, we all go through those times coming here talking to others who understand you will help u out okay.

Think of the good times that have happened and focus and happy little things that are happening around you.




It sounds that you do not drink enough water. How many water you drink daily? Can you tell me more about your anxiety and background?


I drink loads of water throughout the day, I cut out fizzy pop & any type of other juices. I go through four 500ml bottles of water plus I drink a few glasses of water. I do this because I've been told that by drinking water it can help cool my body and calm me down & personally I feel as thou that's the only thing that's worked so far


Thank youu for you help & showing your support guys x


I'm chiming in with the rest. Don't give up! I know exactly how you feel because I have had days like that also. After having everything physical ruled out (suffocation feeling, tight chest), I'm seeing a therapist for a second session next week and onto a meds doctor to see about a med. I'm feeling hopeful. Do you think that seeing a therapist as well might help?


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