so scared!

I'm 19, And the only risk factor I have is really smoking. my birthdays in two days and I should be really excited but I'm terrified I have a PE/DVT. In the past three months I've had four ddimers, three chest X-rays, four ekgs, and a ct scan about two weeks ago. I started having sharp pain in my calf that has traveled to behind my knee to up in my thigh and I have spasms in both of my legs. originally my first fear was a PE then it moved to an aortic aneurysm now it's back to PE and I'm so scared that whatever pain in my leg moved from the past two weeks into my lungs.. I went to the hospital two nights ago and they said I had a negative ddimer but I've read cases that people have had negative ddimers but still have had DVT or a PE and that scares me so badly that I'm going to just die randomly. I need reassurance or advice or anything.


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  • forgot to mention that I keep trying to tell myself that if I were to have blood clots then most likely my mom would've had them already because she has MS and is in bed 99% of the time but nothing works.

  • Firstly stay off google! You're not doing your anxiety ANY favours whatsoever! Half the stuff you read on the internet "I had a dddimer and I still got . . ." is absolute rubbish. It's like the "Margarine is one molecule from plastic" nonsense.

    Let the hospitals diagnose, which, after x-rays, ecgs, and CT scans should have calmed you down a bit as proof that nothing sinister was happening. In fact I am very surprised and slightly annoyed at the doctors agreeing to so many tests that you obviously did not need.

    They should have told you straight - you will NOT die.

    You will most definitely know if you have a DVT or a PE - absolutely guaranteed. The pain is quite different from a "sharp" pain.

    Your fears are magnifying the symptoms and as such are making yourself convinced that you will get a PE. You won't.

    Have fun on your birthday and try to stop self diagnosing with every twinge. You're young - go and have fun.

  • Absolutely AGREE with everything JohnFM said Very good advice. I've been going through all the panic and Fear for about 50 years, and my mother went through it most of her life too, My mom used to say she wouldn't wish this on her worst Enemy. The mind is VERY powerful, if you keep telling it you have something bad wrong with you, it WILL keep on giving you all the symptoms that your looking up. It's very hard to deal with the fear and Panic day after day, BUT millions of People do. There is no easy fix, you have to believe the doctors and the test results, and work with your mind everyday, it does get better. You will learn things to do that will help you control your Panic and Fear. FIRST, stop letting everything run out of control, Just say NO, I am not doing this, over and over, pretty soon it will take less and less to get it under control. And please go to a therapist, or get some self help books, the books have helped me through the years soooo much. Hang in there, I promise you your NOT alone so many of us are out here struggling every day, BUT it does get better and easier, but you have to work on it there is no over nite cure :( The syptoms pop up out of no where, that makes it worse cuz then we think it has to be real I wasn't even thinking about it, no no no, that's just how it works it is the Fear that keeps it going, the more fear the worse it gets. Say NO, and keep saying it !! Find a Happy place in your mind Some ones smile, a favorite time, something that makes you happy and go there, do your stress breathing, relax and KEEP pushing the bad scary thoughts away, soon it will become easier. PLEASE work on this. I understand how terrible this is. Good Luck, no one can do this for you, so be very strong, and work hard, IT WILL GET BETTER :)

  • this has helped me a lot.. I think I was freaking out more just because my thyroid is off and i left my medicine at my friends house and so that was making me panic a lot more than I was when I take it consistently

  • Hi , sorry please can you explain DVT and PE ?? So we can understand ?? Thanks

  • Hello, a DVT is a deep vein thrombosis, which is a blood clot that can develop in a deep vein. A PE is a pulmonary embolism that can develop in your lungs. Most DVTs are developed in your calf. It's painful, swollen and warm to the touch. Most patients that develop a DVT, are at greater risk in developing a PE. What happens is part of the blood clot (DVT) can break off and travel up to your heart which eventually gets pumped into your lungs creating a PE. This can be a dangerous situation. So a little FYI, never ignore calf pain. Hope this helps you understand what a DVT/PE is. :)

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