Scared I'm going to have a heart attack 😪

So over the past few weeks I've been having heart attack symptoms! For 2 days now had jaw pain, back pain, chest pain, stomach pain, dizziness, sweaty palms, heart pounding, headache, stiff neck! And every morning I wake up with pins and needles in my feet. My family keep telling me that I'm ok but I don't think I am, I definitely think I'm going to have a heart attack and I can't stop myself from thinking about it 😭 I've got a blood test on Tuesday but then that's gunna take a few days To come back and my partner gets annoyed when I go to hospital cause I never get any answers either 😔 I'm so fed up feeling like this everyday

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  • I have had these feelings too it is anxiety, you will be OK cassie.

  • I just can't stop worrying though :( all these aches and pains are scary!

  • Yes I know what you mean, try to do things to stop you thinking about it and the aches will disappear. It's hard but you can do it.


    Have a look. I hope it helps some.

  • Thank you

  • You are welcome.

  • I was the exact same! Worrying about it makes it so much worse, I went to a&e because i thought I was having one, but it was actually just my anxiety building up over stressing out about it. Stay off google!! Worst thing I ever done was googling symptoms

  • Yeah I just hate having the symptoms and feeling like this all the time 😩Hopefully my therapy session on the 8th will help a bit xx

  • I know how you feel I get a lot of the symptoms you have to. I also have a a daughter who is 4 . I feel like my stomach is always upset.

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