So scared about a brain tumor!

I've posted before but for the past 2 months I've been experiencing head aches mostly pressure and I've been seeing stars, floaters, after images and visual snow 24/7 also have slight ringing in my ears. I've been to a GP and chiropractor and each said its caused by stress and anxiety but it seems so hard to believe. My headaches are slowly getting better but the vision is just so scary. I'm afraid I have a brain tumor or MS. Has anyone had weird vision? Should I be worried?! :(

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  • Yes when I have really bad anxiety L get those symptoms along with Iran, there should be an anxiety help group near you, or if you feel it would be difficult to go to one then sometimes a house visit can be arranged

  • I felt this exact same way about one year ago, and while this may not be too comforting, it took me almost a year to overcome it - and I don't think it will ever 100% go away. This all started when I was 24. At 24, I lived in a big city, had a great job, and partied A LOT. I had a few incidents in my personal life - which I am blaming as the trigger - but my lifestyle is what fed the problem. I was on my way home from a homecoming weekend at the university I attended when I had what I think may have been a panic attack. Following this, I started having head pressure, dizziness, and my memory started getting really fuzzy. I was convinced I had a tumor or that something was REALLY wrong with me. I went to the doctor and saw specialists, and they convinced me that it was classic anxiety. From there, I went to a therapist who helped me dig into my hypochondria and some of the issues I was facing in my personal life.

    While the doctors reassured me I was okay, and the therapist moderately helped, you are the only one who can help yourself. After suffering with the same condition for almost 7 months (I was self medicating with alcohol), I made a lifestyle change and it greatly helped the way I felt. I cut out alcohol on week-days and only allowed myself to drink once or twice a week. I started working out 4 days a week minimum and put myself on a very strict sleep schedule. While this sounds really regimented, it helped my body get back in a normal rhythm. It stopped the panic attacks, and I started feeling back to normal again. After several months of my new lifestyle, I tried allowing myself to have some fun (in moderation, of course). My body finally feels back in control and I feel pretty normal - every once in awhile, I have what I call hangover anxiety (it triggers when I drink too much and don't get enough sleep).

    I don't know if alcohol or high stress is in the mix in your life, but trust me - work out and get good sleep! There were moments when I felt so horrible that exercise was the last thing I wanted to do, however, every time I did, I would feel like a new person. This has been a huge process for me, and I have greatly changed my life (for the better) because of it. I'm more than happy to talk more if you are still concerned!

  • Thank you!

  • Are you on any anti depressants? If so ask the doctor if these could be the cause, might need to change. Also get a blood test for hypoclycemia, this is a MUST. Wishing you well.

  • I have had the same symptoms as you have for six months now, started from a terrible panic attack, its all from anxiety, i had an mri and no tumors or brain damage was observed. Its better than it was but the progress is very slow and non linear

  • Even all the vision issues like stars?

  • What do you mean by stars?, i have the visual snow and floaters that are very visible if i look at the sky, the afterimages i have too i also something see blinking lights sometimes but not too often.

  • Yeah that sounds about right. Just frustrating but I did have a really bad panic attack and obsessed over what happened for about 1 month before I began to see visual problems hoping it's from stress and anxiety. Thank you :)

  • well you can pretty much rest assured it is anxiety related if it originated from a panic attack

  • I bumped my head on something didn't knock myself out but I instantly googled my symptoms thinking it was like a brain bleed and that's when all the pain started. Your probably right

  • Well that's what anxiety can do to you, i am quite sure if you suffered serious brain bleed you would not be on this forum asking about it. If you are really worried you could ask your doctor for a scan, but i am quite sure you dont need to worry about it, even thought it really sucks its not dangerous and will probably fade when you stop obsessing about it, i have obsessed about it for months and the only times i have noticed relief is if i have been completely distracted myself and momentarily forgot about it. It's hard not to worry about it but when you stop it will fade.

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