stomach cancer, scared

so for the past week or so ive been burping a lot but i didn't think much of it until after i ate last week and i got really bad stomach pains and i was burping too. the pain happens at least one a day and it feels like someone is stabbing me in my stomach. i also keep getting period cramps when my period is in 2 and a half weeks! yesterday the pain was really really bad. now i'm on holiday in france and all i am thinking of is ive got stomach cancer or abdominal sarcoma or some other type of cancer associated with the stomach. my other symtoms are feeling sick, nausea, dizziness and pain under the breast and tiredness (maybe the tiredness is due to the 18 hour journey we did yesterday) but will someone help me i'm really scared. also, i know stomach cancer is rare for teenagers (i'm a teenager) but ive still heard people die from it and there is a possibility that is could be abdominal sarcoma which is in the teenage range! please help me i'm so scared.


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  • Hello

    Digestive & stomach problems are very common in people with anxiety we tend to gulp more air in leaving pockets of air which cause a lot of burping , you could have also eaten something that does not agree with you as sometimes it can be good if this becomes a problem to keep a diary & look back & see if there is a pattern to the kind of foods we have eaten when this triggers

    I am not a Doctor and would take a Doctor to examine you to be a 100% sure but the chances are so small that I would try & enjoy your Holiday

    If you keep having these problems when you get back then you could see your Doctor for reassurance but we can & do bring these symptoms on with our anxiety x

  • thank you x

  • Its a pleasure :-)

    Please try & relax and enjoy your Holiday , I am sure everything will be fine :-) x

  • I have calmed down a lot now, thank you x

  • Oh Good :-)

    Take in all the lovely things around you & enjoy :-)

    Send any Anxiety on the first flight home , tell it there is no room on this Holiday for the both of you :-/ x

  • :) :) :) x

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