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Losing weight, hair, and so many other symptoms. Help!

I've been obsessing over symptoms for 3 months now....all since one ER resident doc said he thought he saw a couple pappiloma in my throat the first week of June. (I went in for a sore tooth I thought might be infected ).

I was scared to death thinking I had oral cancer for two weeks until I got home and had my dentist and family doctor say it was nothing.

I was working away from home from the end of May until the end of July. My stepfather passed away at the end of April, this summer job is high profile and very stressful at times and I had nobody to talk to. I ate much healthier on the road and not as many calories. I was about 174 lbs when I left and have since dropped to 156 lbs and noticed I've been losing more hair than normal. I bought a scale, only to watch my weight loss...think that was a big mistake.

My anxiety seemed to get worse as I developed a new symptom. It would last for a while, go away, then another new one, and so on. I've had 2 chest xrays and my blood work was done in April. All clear. I had symptoms of GERD that were exasperated so I'm taking Zantac, which has helped (reflux, cough, need to clear throat). Now my eustachian tubes seem to be messed up and tension in my shoulders and back is pretty constant. I've been seeing my chiropractor and massage therapist regularly.

The weight and hair loss scare me the most. Has anybody experienced this with anxiety or a very stressful event like the death of a loved one? I seem to be obsessing over these symptoms the most and of course Google tells me it's the big "c" or thyroid or Lyme disease. Doctors tell me it's anxiety/stress. Please help. I'm worried I'm wasting away.

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