Urgent help, unexplained symptoms

Hey all,

I decided to write this post today to see if anyone can recognise some of the symptoms I am having. I am struggling and no doctor could explain my symptoms, so I think it is some sort of a burn out/stress or anxiety.

6 months ago I started having some mild pain in my left shoulder blade, left arm and left side of my chest. The GP gave me magnesium and told me that i'll be fine in few days. Unfortunately this did not happen, but things got a bit worse.

Few days later while walking home the pain got worse and I started seeing blurry and felt weak in my arms and legs. I felt like my brain and heart went off and on again. I was so scared and I thought that it is a heart attack, I went to the emergencies in the hospital and they did some blood, urin and heart tests, all tests were fine. Few days after, I started feeling dizzy.

Now I feel better, the pain in my shoulder/arm/chest is gone. But I still have the dizziness, it comes at every moment of the day, some days are worse than others but I feel constantly dizzy, or feel like I am high.

In addition to this, lately I started feeling weakness and numbness especially my legs and left arm.

Please let me know if you had any similar symptoms in the past or you are having them now, I went to so many doctors (GP, Cardiologist, neurologist, orthopaedist and ear doctor) none of them could tell me what I have or what I should do to get over this.

I went through few years of difficult times and I worked so much, I don't know if what I have is an accumulation of stress or it is something else. Please help :(

Thank you,


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11 Replies

  • I always have left arm pain whenever in stressful condtions or in any fightwith family members and at that time i feel stabbing pain inmy throat as well and ofcourse all shaky. I think that this is of the anxiety and stress.

  • Thanks a lot for your response. Mine is almost all the time for few months now and it is getting me frustrated...

  • I've had all of those symptoms plus left side jaw pain for 5 months! I had the blood work, I can't even remember how many EKGs, stress echo and everything was normal. I still worry every day that it's my heart. I understand how upsetting and frustrating this is. It has taken over my life!

  • Your not alone I felt like no control of my body at 1st then I started feeling pressure on my chest and then sharp needle pain on my chest numbness in my left arm went to the ER said I was fine anxiety related so after I cumple months defeated most of my symptoms but I get some know and then what I recommend is to get checked out get your physical and know it's anxiety once you know it's anxiety you'll have a higher chance of defeating it

  • Thanks a lot for all your answers, it really provides a bit of relief. I did a lot of tests and still nothing wrong, so It should be anxiety...I wish you luck with your symptoms and hope to feel better soon :(.

  • I would suggest talking to someone who treats anxiety to see if your symptoms line up with anxiety. Especially after normal results for other tests. I have dealt with random pains and feelings like my heart was restarting and numbness on occasion. They are all very scary but nothing has been found health wise for me either. Dizziness is a symptom that is much newer and it is really disconcerting to feel that way. And of course if something could be found and it could be treated, that would be amazing. But I think that's what can make the anxiety and symptoms worse -- the feeling of "there has to be something wrong with me because this isn't how I should feel if I'm normal". I know that is certainly how I feel. I am going to talk to a therapist this upcoming week and I am looking forward to learning more about anxiety and ways to combat it. Good luck to you. I hope someone can help you get to the bottom of your symptoms!

  • Hi, i get all this and mine is muscle tension from anxiety.

  • Hi Lolly75,

    Thanks a lot for response, could you please tell me how you were diagnosed for muscle tension from anxiety ? I just want to know what type of tests you did and what doctor did it ? I am asking because my GP seems to be confused and keeps referring me to the wrong specialists. Thanks a lot

  • Hi, ive had blood tests, ecg's, scans, mri's, cameras up and down , ct scan and bodily samples. Doctor said my body takes anxiety physically and because its been going on over 2 years it will take a long time to settle. Ive since had physio & seen a chiropractor but not really helped. I dont take meds due to allergies. I have lots of other symptoms as well as acid reflux and ibs, which is a circle as they all start each other off.

  • I have pretty much the same symptoms except I have indigestion, B shoulder pain that is pretty constant adding to my anxiety. Are you on any medications for anxiety? I am hoping to go on some longer acting meds ( now on Busphar but not working) to at least make me feel a little better especially with this constant dizziness and feeling of being high. Let me know if anything is helping you with your symptoms ( good luck, we will both defeat this).

  • Hi neomikhle,

    Thanks for you response and good luck with your symptoms. I am not taking anything right now, I tried Lyrica for few days but I started feeling bad after so I stopped it.

    For my shoulder the GP gave me piroxicam, I took it for 5 days and my pain disappeared after that.

    I hope this help, because we are in similar situation I would suggest to continue discussing as move forward.


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