Is it normal to lose weight with anxiety?

Okay, so my anxiety began (I should say health anxiety) after I crashed my body from working out a lot and being over caffeinated. And that weekend, I had so many things going on, a dance, my sister's birthday, my birthday, went to the gym a lot after, etc. So I can see the problem there. My goal was never to drop weight, just to get toned. Anyway, I was still that person who ate just to have something to do. I didn't eat a handful of gluten free chips, I ate the bag. But now, what with my fear of getting sick, I eat a small breakfast, something quick for lunch, and something small for dinner. If I eat too much, my stomach feels full (or maybe it even doesn't and I just think it does) and if I eat too much, I feel uncomfortable and can't stop worrying. Still, I am not at an unhealthy weight. The ideal body weight of someone with a height of 5, 8 is 130-150 pounds and I'm 136. But my scale messes up so I don't know how accurate that is. I repeat, I was usually the person who loved food, even when having a fear of being sick, I still ate what I wanted. And my brother, who is a nurse, does not believe I have a medical issue. I also cut out bread which is a big calorie addition, but not because of weight, but because I have a slight intolerance to gluten. So is this out of the realm of normal? This all started in June, so it isn't as if I've dropped 28 pounds in a single month.


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  • You are fine cutting out portions and carbs will drop your weight.

    When you loose 10 lbs in a week or two at a healthy weight then it's a problem. But that's not your case.

  • I mean I think I dropped three pounds in the last twoish weeks but then again, I was just before my period when I weighed myself and that adds 5 pounds during your cycle.

    I'm just so worried that something is wrong and I will just be forced to "wait until it hits" for everyone else to realize it, too.

  • 2-3 lbs is nothing you should be okay.

    What is it that you fear you have??

  • No idea- just something. I feel so physically wrong, but everyone's like, it's anxiety. And I'm like, how on earth can feeling this and this be anxiety? I really don't know how to start believing that.

  • That is anxiety though it makes you feel like something is not right and if you get a good doctor who well try their best to debunk all your fears you will still feel something is wrong

  • If you are controling food because of fear that is not a healthy mind set. I have had this problem off and on.

  • Oh I know it's not healthy. But it doesn't keep me from eating like, turkey and good foods. I just have a lack of my usual appetite as I'm overly aware of my stomach.

  • But I eat healthy foods, I cut out 98% of my caffeine intake and the only chocolate I consume is usually just cocoa. I just don't know what's in my head and is actually present in my body because the mind can manifest so many things.

  • I understand I have what I call safe foods. I am just saying fear about this can become a problem.

  • It's already a problem. It isn't a fear of food, just of being sick, which I've had for years. But I'm trying to eat more and tell myself it's anxiety related. I hear some people who only eat bread and burn their food to a crisp and I am so not that way. The full stomach only began after I started worrying about my stomach so I am working on just telling myself that.

  • I understand I freak out over every odd feeling in my belly and fear sickness. For me it is about control. I focus on it when I am stressed. I have lost weight from not eating enough at times.

  • Yeah, i think for everyone it is about control. And we have mentally built this ulterior scenario for being out of control which is sickness.

  • Sounds like you are trying to sort it out with good thinking. That is great.

  • I could really lose 20 pounds. Have been trying for 2 months with a dietician and have lost 6 pounds!! So I hate you lol. Seriously though yes anxiety can make you lose weight easily!! Just be careful you won't end up with an eating disorder gun!! Take care

  • I love food. I have no eating disorder because I looooove food. Not even fear of getting sick could keep me away from my food. Now though it's like, since I have stopped eating just to eat (a habit I always tried in vain to break), boom, it's all coming off. And I mean yeah, I feel like I look good but if I could only FEEL good. Today I ate well, but I'm tired of feeling like im just waiting for my body to just stop working.

  • My anxiety started just like yours- from being overwhelmed . I lost 15lbs in 3 weeks. I really thought i was dying. Everyday felt like it would be my last. Now, a year later, I'm still here and apparently healthy although i still feel off some days. Recovery has taken me a year, and things started to get better when I let go of trying to find out what was wrong and literally started acting like there was nothing wrong. The feeling diminish slowly and you eventually prove to yourself that you're okay. God is right beside you through it all and wants to help- just ask Him!

  • I lost a lot of weight at different times - and always when I was going thru the worst anxiety periods. So my answer to you is YES. Each time I went to the doctor expecting some terrible death sentence. Only to be told - you are fine - I wish all my patients were as healthy as you. I can really relate to what you have posted. Try to let the negative things that are in your head go ... if you think going to the doctor would help reassure you, then do it. The feedback you have gotten from your brother is invaluable, I sure wish I had someone like him in my life.

  • The thing is that I cannot afford another trip to the doctor's. I had a full blood count six months ago, which is when anxiwty started. My mom has anxiety but tells me she hobest to goodness doesnt believe theres a problem

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