Can anyone please help me so anxious am scared

Hi am new just joined few days ago. I'm 20 yrs old and I am suffering with severe anxiety. The thoughts that's running through my head are scaring me I can't seem to control them. Along with the physical symptoms I've been in my bed from oct till now I'm on med for it but I actully think I'm getting worse. I cry every day can someone tell me this will get better cos I am at rock bottom just now. I would appreciate any advice.


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  • Hi Floyd2

    When you get thoughts running through your head , remember that is what they are thoughts they will not harm you , this is what comes with anxiety , the more you focus & worry about them , the worse they seem to get , so even though its not easy try to be reassured nothing bad will happen , little by little things will improve

    You say you are on meds , is this for the anxiety , just was wondering how long you have been on them as some take a while to work , or maybe you might need to have a word with GP again if you feel they are not helping

    Have you been in bed since October because of your physical problems or anxiety ?

    And yes this will get better , if you read the blogs on the site I am sure you will relate to people , which should give you some comfort

    Lots of people will support you on here with this , you are not alone


  • Thank you for replying to me feel very isolated and have never been so lonely in my life. I've been in u don't knw if your aloud to mention what am taking . Anyway I've been on them from middle of oct they worked at first. I've been in bed since then with anxiety it's so bad cant get out if bed. I get terrible dizziness which makes it worse. Because of all this I am feeling very depressed. I'm not lying I don't get out of bed don't know what to do. I've been to docs so many times lost count. I've even had the ambulance out to me twice. Been to acc and emerge twice and this has all happend within 2 month.x

  • Dear Floyd, hun - of course you're allowed to mention what meds you're on, if that's what you mean! It may be that the ones you're on don't suit you - sometimes you have to try a few to find one that "works". You say you've seen the doctors many times - have you told him/her just how bad you feel? If you have, and they haven't organised more support for you, or changed your meds, then I think you need to see a different doctor - in the same practice, you don't have to go through the hassle of changing. Just tell them like you said it on here, and tell them it's making you so lonely and depressed. They should arrange some counselling/a Community Psychiatric Nurse for you, hun, just someone to talk to to break the cycle of isolation - anxiety - depression - isolation.

    The dizziness might be the anxiety - it happens - or it might be the meds - do post about what you're on, and I'll look them up for you, hun.

    BUT - and I know it's a big but - staying in bed all the time is not going to help. I know this isn't probably what you want to hear, but you DO need to get up - even if it's only for 15 minutes to start with. Just go to the bathroom, wash your face, make a cup of tea (you can take the cuppa back to bed lol!) - but DO get up, hun, lying in bed is really not going to help.

    Most of all, go back to your doctors. You need and deserve more help than you're getting, and if your current GP won't/can't offer it, see someone who will.

    And remember, the Samaritans are available 24/7 - go to:

    Good luck, my love, you've come to the right place, there are some wonderful people here who will love and support you through this - and you WILL come through it! Keep posting, let us know how you get on!

    Lots of love



  • Hi thanks its mirtazapine 15 mg I was taking 2 a day one in the morn and one at night. But couldn't handle the tiredness during the day so just taking 1 at night. I have seen 4 different docs at my surgery all keep telling me same old thing. I know what they are telling me I just don't think they realise how bad I am. I should also mention I don't like taking anything but I've got to let my mind and body rest so got to take them. I do try get up just have no energy which makes me more anxious viscous circle x

  • Hi hun - I've just checked mirtazapine - it can cause dizziness, but you are taking the lowest dose,if you're only taking 15mg per day, which may be why you're not getting any better. You say the doctors "keep telling me the same old thing". Do you want to share what they're saying, hun, because you're right, I don't think they appreciate how bad you are.

    The other thing - you're only 20, is there anyone - parent, friend or such like - who could/would come to the doctors with you, and back you up? sometimes, when we're at our lowest, we can't communicate very well, and having someone else there can help. Just a thought, hun. Also, are you working or at college, or signed off sick? If you're at college, your college should have a student counselling service you could access - again, just a thought!

    You might find this site helpful - it's specifically aimed at young people, and has lots of stuff on Mental Health - got to:

    Good luck, hun

    Lots of love



  • Thank you that's kind of you to check for me. I've took my mum with me one day I did find the doctor acted different with me then she was very sympathetic towards me. Well all four of them all say its all in my head and its up to me to change which I know I just feel scared to do anything and don't know where to start. No I don't work never had a job not a lot to do where I live I mean its out the way of everything. My mum suggested to me I contact Jeremy Kyle for some help but there's no way I could go on telly.xx

  • Hi hun, no problem. Telling someone suffering your level of anxiety that "its all in your head and its up to you to change" is - if you'll pardon the expression! - bonkers - think your doctors are being totally ridiculous and ineffective. Of course mental health problems are "in our head" - where else can they be - but you need HELP to change, as anyone on here can tell you!

    First, you don't need to go on telly! There is a service in the NHS (I used to work in the NHS) called the Patient Advice and Liaison Service - they're there to help people access services/deal with problems. If you don't mind telling me where you live (you can PM me) I can find the one that covers your area - they might be able to help. Might be a good idea to go back to one of your doctors - take your mum with you, if poss - and say you WANT TO SEE A COUNSELLOR!!! There's been a huge increase in counselling services in the NHS recently, so that should not be a problem. If the doctor refuses, then you can contact the PALS and ask them for help.

    The other place you could contact for advice is Mind - they do run advocacy services, though it does depend on where you live, unfortunately - but they could probably still give you some good advice, hun!

    good luck, hun, and keep posting, lots of lovely people on here - all a bit hungover today from the "virtual" New Year's Eve party we had lol! ;)

    Lotsa love



  • Hi! I know its so awful to feel anxious all the time, i have been suffering with anxiety, ocd and depression for years and im 21 now. Im actually in the middle of an attack right now amd i feel quite bad,

    These are my technoques to fight my awful thoughts and worrying:

    Do something u like, even if u dont feel up to it, no matter how small it is it will make u feel a little better. I had a really bad attack a while.back and it lasted a couple of months, but weirdly, watching gavin and stacey and going for walks seemed to help.

    Be positive! Their only thoughts, they wont harm you and they will go away!

    Laugh at your anxiety, thats what i do, i call it stupid and laugh at it.. that seems to help.

    Talk talk talk. Talk about how ur feeling to your family and friends, tALK on this forum, keep a diary, just let it all out!

    These are what im trying right now to combat my negative thoughts and feelings, I rEally hope it helps :-)

  • The rock bottom is a good place to start, as many people (incl me) will tell you...

    And welcome, there are all ages on here, some younger than you, and that will help to know you are not alone....

    As the above post said, if you are on meds that you feel are not helping, you have to say to your doctor, do not be afraid he,s there to help, and sometimes we have to help them by telling them how we feel....

    You should also be getting visits from CPN,S (community physciatric nurse) this should get done thro your doctor if you tell him about your scary thoughts...this helps him him to assess you...he will not think you mad.and he has probably heard it all before....

    There is help out there (here for instance) but unfortunately we have to look for it as it seldom finds us......................I wish you well....speak soon....keep on posting

  • Thank you guys. I'm sorry to those who are suffering to. It's horrible I get attacks all the time. Some days I wake up feeling ok like I will go a walk and I think I'm finally getting better then bang it comes back and every day I just feel I'm getting worse . It started last year I didn't have a attack. I came over all dizzy and from then in I've got it in to my mind I'm dying. But it didn't effect my day to day life I was able to live quite normally up until oct when I took another dizzy turn and since then I have been in bed don't see anyone feel sick everyday I'm sure you all know the feeling. I've to wait 5 month before I am to see a phycolgist so just have to live with it I guess. :/

  • Five months to see a psychologist is unacceptable - there are quicker routes to some sort of support, even if it's only while you're waiting. See my post above, hun xxxxxxx

  • Hi Floyd

    I think you are fearful of the dizzy spells which I understand , the more you fear them the more they will control you , no doubt they are anxiety , but they wont kill you

    like suggested , go back to GP or see a different one if you feel the one you are seeing is not listening

    Staying in bed , indoors will make you feel dizzy & sick , you are getting no fresh air

    Again like has been said try & get out your room , just do a small thing to get you motivated again & keep posting on here

    Every step you take we will all be here for you


  • You're totally right I try to then I just freak out and go back to my room which is seriously depressing me. I don't have much energy which I know lying about wont help my mind and body is just taken over with fear. If you don't mind me asking how long have u suffered for and do u get dizziness to . X

  • Sorry didn't realise I've sent that message out 3 times x

  • You're totally right I try to then I just freak out and go back to my room which is seriously depressing me. I don't have much energy which I know lying about wont help my mind and body is just taken over with fear. If you don't mind me asking how long have u suffered for and do u get dizziness to . X

  • You're totally right I try to then I just freak out and go back to my room which is seriously depressing me. I don't have much energy which I know lying about wont help my mind and body is just taken over with fear. If you don't mind me asking how long have u suffered for and do u get dizziness to . X

  • Hi floyd I have been suffering for about 37 years ! that might not help lol

    but when I was young it wasnt talked about & so open as it is now & there wasnt as much help if any like there is now as well , so dont let that worry you

    I have learnt to live with mine , it has improved & I am willing & trying to keep going as I would like more improvement

    I did have years where I was alot better , then certain things that happened triggered it of again

    Yes I get dizziness , it is anxiety , I have every test done out there , so I have to accept that there is nothing wrong , even though I no that can be hard , but you have to work on it & it does get easier , I promise

    Take those little steps , nothing bad will happen , those steps will get bigger & bigger , each day st yourself a target how ever small & do it , then post it on here if you like as we will all be over the moon to see your progress

    You can & will do this , we are all here for you & willing you on x


  • Just another thought , have you some one else living with you that can give you support to come out of your room ? if you could get downstairs & just stand out side or open the window & breath in some fresh air , you may go dizzy as your body wont me used to it , but you have the security that you are in your home so you can sit down & each time it will get better


  • Hi was trying to eat something there appetite a poor last couple of days. No I don't have anyone with me I mean my mum only stays 2 mins away but don't want to stay there I don't want her to see me like this she knows I have anxiety but doesn't know how severe it is. So I'm in a difficult position. I do stand at the door for about 5 to 10 mins hate this so much. Anyway thank you to u all for ur expiercies and advice I will let u all know how I get on x

  • Hi hun it to sounds to me that ur meds arent suitin u, i to hav had tried tons of different meds wiv som serios side effects. One of the side effects can be anxiety, they hav given me meds 4 anxiety in which causes me 2 hav anxiety its mental, cant get my head round it. but like other people hav said sweetie u hav 2 fight depression + go wiv anxiety its terifyin especialy whe n ur only young + its maybe ur 1st time feelin like this but u need 2 take small steps 2 begin wiv + work ur way up 2 livin normal life again. Six weeks ago i was 2 debilitated 2 move or step foot outside the house it was my 1st time also in feelin like this + at 33yrs old im petrified out of my mind, but i realised i couldnt carry on like that so i had to fight my self 2 try + carry on the bst i could. Hope this helps u 2 find the courage u need hun.

  • I have had anxiety and depression for 40 plus years. I find principles of CBT a help. Know now it is GAD as worries are different and continual. Have tried loads of therapy but always give it up as it makes the depression part of it much worse.

  • I just want to say thank you to u all it's nice to know that there are nice genuine people out there don't know if its just me I don't come across a lot of people willing to listen and offer some helpful advice.

  • Hi floyd2 i no how your feeling im 23 i've had severe anxiety the past couple of months. Where i had been cutting my self off from friends and family because i did'nt want them to see ne with anxiety i was scared of haveing a panic attack in front off them. I did'nt wanna get up out of bed had feeling of dred as what kind of day i was gunna have and when next panic attack was gunna start. I was finding each day really hard to deal with. I've started to push my self out of bed and to go visit friends and family and for walks and even bike rides help try do things i used to enjoy before my anxiety and panic attacks started. I'm on waiting list for cbt thearpy i hopeing that helps. Its a horrible feeling anxiety. I hope you get out of the dark place your in soon

  • Have you told the doctors you think your getting worse? Maybe your taking the wrong meds for you? I was on med ciltroplam i've stop taking med as for me. I was getting worse and depressed. I had lot's of thoughts going through my head was scared of every think and made my sleeping worse and made me head feel fogged alot of the time. I still have anxiety each day not as severe. im learing to cope with it better try do think i used to enjoy. instead just focusing on my anxiety and symptons. I find it helps reading up on anxiety and reading about what other people experince. And that you can over come this is not how your gunna spend each day feeling how you are at the moment

  • I have suffered silently with depression and anxiety for over 25yrs.

    Afraid of what other people thought of me. So socializing is very hard.

    I cry everyday but when I am in my own quiet space.

    I sometimes I head voices in my head but could never remember what.

    I have seen many counsellors in the past which didn't really help.

    So I deceided to work on myself this took a lot of self-healing and control but made me understand what was going on in my mind.

    So as soon as I feel low sit quietly on my own and put pen to paper.

    I wrote all my thoughts down and what was going on in my head.

    This became a regular habit. So I got a cheaper Notebook and wrote the date and kept a journal. Its a great way of off-loading your problems when there is no-one to talk to.

    This will help you and give an insight to your therapist if you have one of what is really troubling you so that you can move forward with your life.

  • Hi, my heart really goes out to you. I am having a severe problem with anxiety now too. My mom recommended a book to me (I hope it's okay to suggest books on this site) called Hope and Help for Your Nerves by Dr. Claire Weekes. From this book and other things I have read, you have to stop trying to fight the anxiety. You have to let it come on and as I've heard it described, "float through it". I know this is a very basic explanation so I would suggest getting this book where it is explained better. Also, I've heard to take deep breaths. You've probably heard that too. If you can, do some physical activity. I went for a long walk this morning and now just finished cutting the lawn. Also, sometimes it helps me to distract myself. Today I played the piano a little to get my mind off it. I'm no expert. I'm trying to find my own way too with gettting over this. Do you have a therapist you can work with on this?

  • Oh, I just saw this was posted two years ago. Well, if yo are still out thee, let me know how you're doing. Maybe you can help me. :)

  • you know about mindfulness read about that..its a good technique,live in the current moment and not in unreal thoughts... is a chance u are experiencing either ocd or anxiety disorder,meaning the thoughts come from your uneasy nervous feelings,its not your thoughts its the energy inside of you going bad,like expired food..its you getting the nervous feeling(adrenaline rush),this feelings give the thoughts,it can give any irrational thoughts but the real culprit is you getting nervous,its just a are not alone,the mind likes to play games with you,that is true,it play games with you,that is true for everyone,how do you think people feel when they watch horror movies,especially faint hearted people,remember no matter what happens in your body in your head,you learn to cope with it as you go,you'll get immune to this thoughts and then you'll eventually know how to ignore them,immunity,it won't scare you nomore,your focus will be somewhere else important,it is going to whereoff once it does,it doesn't have your attention anymore,the thought can seat their on your mind,you'll just watch it and then it will leave I swear..just watch your ugly thoughts go away...'mindfulness is a very good technique'

  • I am the same it's debilitating I have heart palpitations and shake i won't go to gp cuz I have a phobia so I struggle I may awake then I'm tired it's a vicious circle xx

  • Hi, I get the same dizzy symptoms and I agree it is awful! (hugs). One thing that helps me a bit is to go on YouTube and search binaural beats anxiety. Listening to one of those is easy and I don't know why it seems to help but it does. Claire Weekes has some anxiety books that are old but still very effective, I have to reread them frequently but they work. Hope and Help For Your Nerves is the main one I believe. I also agree that getting out of bed will help even if it's just to walk down the hallway and back.

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