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Anxiety heart issues and other symptoms any help thanks


Hi all new here

I’m here due to anxiety witch is so bad lately it’s unbelievable what’s it’s doing to me

Think a lot is due to constant worrying about my heart things like odd funny beating sensations

I don’t no maybe like flutters that can feel like it’s tickles and feel I need to cough or slow beating extra beats feels like heart maybe having spasms all sorts of odd feelings and I get palpitations too

It’s driving me nuts as I see most people say I think it will stop and I’ll be dead horrible thought that

It seems to be on most the day and at night I think I’m scared to sleep in case it stops in my sleep

I have seen doctors and cardiologist in past cardiologist twice said all was ok

Think they mentioned ectopic beats I had a Doppler years ago when it all started and plenty ecgs xrays all that last time was 6 years ago

Be even then it still won’t let me free from it it’s like my heart as become a part of lifetime of worry checking it pressing my fingers on ribs thinking it’s beating odd again as usuall

I do have other symptoms of course related to the anxiety even been times when those other symptoms have made me think it’s my brain you no the thoughts of serious illness brain tumour ms all those things

I keep haveing niggley pains in arms like shoulders then near elbow then wrist twitches so much stuff it’s hard to believe it’s all going on

Then all this with my heart I no most all feel the same but yea it’s caused me to feel so depressed morning time

I could write so much but maybe I’ll start with this for now thanks

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It’s all horrible isn’t it, it’s unbelievable what anxiety does to the body, and there’s so many physical symptoms. We’re a nice lot on here, and it does help to talk and say how you feel, and some days can be better than others, it can change so much from day to day

Cmt4380 in reply to Laniben

It certainly can laniben I’m sure most if not all could write a book on our symptoms and how it stops you living a positive life

Mines been on and of since I was 17 really

You’d think by now I’d be bulletproof from whatever it throws at me but it doesn’t work that way

You can have previous symptoms that are the same but scare you just as it did the

Or lovely new ones that throw you into a whole new ball game and really beak you down leaving you physically drained and mentally also

I can’t seem to get past the whole heart situation it seems to torment me and as it’s your heart your frightened to do anything much

I try to have good days but the funny heart sensations can come on at anytime and last all day or less depending how it wants to punish me and exhaust me basically

I get breathless from coming up

Stairs to sometimes just taking it’s


Or if I get worked up over a situation it feels like my heart Carnt handle the pressure from it or anything that’s stressful like it’s just so weak

It’s definitely preventing me having any sort of life

Laniben in reply to Cmt4380

I can relate to the breathlessness, sometimes Ive walked to the corner shop and Im puffing as if Ive just walked up a mountain. I had anxiety 6 years ago for first time and I didnt know what the hell was happening to me, and although i had a few physical symptoms I managed eventually to get over it, it left a bit of anxiety there but nothing i couldnt handle, then in March it came back big time with symptoms id never experienced before, in fact some of them i actually thought i had something wrong with me, but there wasnt.

Life can definitely seem to dish things out to you at times. Then I have to think how many people are out there with something a lot worse, sometimes that helps sometimes it doesnt, and having to fit life in around it all is the pits, ive never done that before. Well on here we’re all friends from all over the place, some in the UK some not

Geezer46 in reply to Cmt4380

Hi Cmt,

sounds like you have health anxiety,just like me since 1993.I am from England and i am fed up of h/a i bet you are too?i will write to you about it if you want?



Google dr claire weekes and get her book depending where abouts in the world you are it has different titles but something along the lines of help for your nerves. She is quite old fashioned but her words are read by many on here. For a more modern take there is a book called dare by Barry McDonough.

Both good . You can also go on you tube and look at claire weekes or a favourite of mine is the anxiety guy he has lots of posts on you tube and used to be on here.

Take care

Rabido in reply to es27

Yep I'd recommend her too. Self help for the nerves in the UK. It was like reading an autobiography. It's so helpful for explaining why symptoms happen. I had a really strong heartbeat which made my stomach pulse in and out. Terrified me - thought there was something badly wrong. Turns out it was because my heart was working hard pumping more blood to my legs so I could run from whatever I was scared of. The body is almost too clever.

What I have learned from having anxiety and panic attacks and also reading the anxiety work book. I have what I call body anxiety, as we get older are body's do different things only people that have anxiety notice more because our brain has more adrenaline being produced it dont know were to go , So we are more intuned to aches ,pains , twitches , heart beats. And what happens when this all takes place is we start tell our minds something is wrong like my heart dont seem right so then you get your mind going it goes into fight mode witch triggers your brain with the adrenaline running threw it that sends signals to the part of body to protect it so those signals go to your heart your saying its palvating or skipping but your worrying is actually fighting your own body . I had a therapist say something to me that basically let me stop with anxiety she told me you cant die from anxiety . She also said a heart wont speed up if your dieing it will slow down. After that info I learned to think about things like what those things that felt funny in my body was coming from in a healthier way . Like my flutters and my palvations were only oesophagus spasms not my heart at all . And I started to be ok with it . My pains in my elbows and arm were over worked muscles . . Retrain your mind to know your ok and your body will stop thinking it's got to protect itself because when it does that it makes everything tence up speed up and then before you know it your feeling weirder then you did with just the aches and pains .. take care .hope this makes some sense.

Boober180 in reply to Leah8414



I do the cough thing when I get palpitations. I hadn’t had any for a few weeks but today flutter flutter flutter in my throat area like a butterfly is in there. Only had the one so far today. I’m waiting on a cardiologist appointment but I’m thinking all will be fine as with most other tests I’ve had. Hard one to figure out this anxiety thing. Welcome to the support group hope find a bit of reassurance here. 😃

I have had anxiety since I was a little kid. I have had tingles, twitches, thumps and all kind of weird stuff. Went through the disease scare, ms, als all of that stuff. found an incidental thyroid nodule and thought I had cancer. it's very scary and exhausting being like this. I avoid certain things, and force myself to do things. Recently I just decided to get a blood test for catecholamines, epinephrine/adrenaline. I was just curious if this was elevated and causing all these sensatiions. So the test showed that I was 3 times the upper limit. I really didn't feel stressed when I had the blood test. So, it is not a wonder that I have all these sensations. I don't know how to bring it down unless I use meds. that comes with other side effects. Exercise might burn some of it off, but of course im a little scared to exercise. ugggh

Hi and thanks all for comments it’s nice to hear various situations

Today again tho out and about ok one minute then odd heart flutters hear and there then odd sensations in my head like possibly a zap or vibration head or brain you go all weird like your legs will give way and all your concentration goes all odd then leave you pig sick and then heart flutters again

When that feeling comes on in my head it’s like so odd you may just collapse throws you whole body out kinda thing very scary

And yes all sorts race into my head one had brain zaps before but this was like a kinda power judder or vibration so odd to explain left me feeling terrible and obviously panicky and mind all over the place

Any one have things like that thanks

Nobster in reply to Cmt4380

Hey CMT4380 , I feel for you.

I get most of what your describing and it’s a pain !!

However , You need to reduce the worry about your heart as if it wasn’t doing its job then you’d know about it. Your heart although a very important organ is actually a very simple construction and it’s your bodies first defence against anxiety.

They can skip , race , flutter and even beat low but if a cardiologist has said it’s fine then believe him. Your heart is the strongest organ in your body and will for sure make its presence clear if it’s not well but anxiety can fool you into thinking it’s dodgy.

The human body is a great thing and it takes care of it’s self until mr know it all anxiety shows up and sticks it’s beak in lol.

Meredyn in reply to Cmt4380

Hi! As you can probably see - I've just posted about this. I think you and I are pretty much in the same boat symptom wise, my friend. Happy to chat, any time. We will beat this, one day! Hard to believe it's all due to an over sensitised nervous system, but it's absolutely true.

I get this to like i feel my heart skip a beat it makes me feel like i have to move its so freightning but ready ur posts u had it many years and your still alive even had a clean bill of health twice by 2 different heart doctors im sure they both cant be wrong. I know its so scary though but i think if you were gonna die from it it would of happened by now but the anxiety creeps in and keeps feeding the fear x

Its awful how anxiety can mimic so many illiness that we think we may have and actually dont. I head the heart flutters but my problem was rapid heart beat (which my mother also has) and I'm on a beta blocker for it. I still occasionally get them more when I have high levels of stress, but not as afraid as I used to be because cardiologists says its ticking fine. :) Hang in there my friend, it does get better. Just take it one day at a time.


I feel your pain almost same exact symptoms! All anxiety related.EKGs all normal, trying low dose Beta blockers, (slows heart rate and bp) Anxiety is a symptom the root of the trouble is somewhere. Also prescribed hydroxyzine also have trouble taking pills from fear of side effects..ect. Just know that you are not alone and if you need a ear.....

Hello so sorry your feeling this way i wish there was a magic word that i can say to you to help you feel better but i dont know what to say either because ive been going through health anxiety since my dad died in 2010 with lung cancer i watched him suffer so much to just to breath and trying hard to live but cancer beat him . he passed away in front of me i will never get that image of his last breath. Then other family friends ending up dying after my dad with asthma complications and one family friend had a stroke at age 30 yrs old just like that she was a happy active person now shes like a vegetable cant talk cant walk cant eat normal has to be feed through a tube. Its so sad and scary to see her like that we were the same age when it happened so that just scared to death with all this happing to people in my life i panic and started dieting drinking only juices and eat a raw diet nothing cooked just fresh fruit or veggies and excersize every day i lost alot of weight i hurt my self from doing lefting weights wrong i tore my rotater cuf and a muscle in my forearm. Then i had to get surgery on my back cause i was in a big tour bus accident and injured my lower back and neck and knees so i got darn ptsd now badly to scared to go in cars or buses afraid im gonna crash and die. And now health anxiety too thinking ever little pain i get something major is wrong with me i was getting pain my chest and down my left arm my blood pressure was really high i felt like i couldn't breath so i rush to the hospital got all the test you can think of nothing was wrong with me just bad heart burns . i have acid reflux real bad which i think is from all my anxiety and stress im having. Which im still dealing with today. I just try to take deep breaths when i start having a panic attack and do stuff to distract me like clean my whole house or go for a little walk cause i get out breath too when i just walk down the street so just small walks. Or i play my favorite game on my computer.or phone. Thats the only thing thats getting me through it i also take xanax if i get real bad . only then because it makes me to sleepy .

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