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Dog bite anxiety going in for 3 weeks now

So I got bit by a chihuahua 3 weeks ago it was a small bite through my sock on my ankle. The bite does not hurt and there is no pain around the bite, but I keep getting the worst anxiety about this bite like I'm going to die of rabies or something. I have googled so much information on this subject and found that its highly unlikely to contract rabies from a domesticated pet but I still can't think what if. The dog was a family pet around children and the lady picked him up and held it after it happened so the dog was probably not rabid. I basically have this anxiety because I have been unable to reach these people after this incident because I didn't realize I was bleeding until I got home. I called the people but they never returned my calls. Now here it is 3 weeks later I can't help bit think something is wrong and my anxiety comes and goes, sometimes I'm perfectly fine and the next second I'm freaking out about it.

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I think but I am not a Doctor but if you were bitten 3 weeks ago and something was wrong you would have known by now

Are you up to date with your tetanus injections , if so that usually covers us for dog bites

Have a word with your Doctor , I am sure they will put your mind at ease :-) x


Thank you, any reassuring words help me right now. I have always have major health anxiety and something such as a dog bite puts it into high gear. I was doing alright and then last night I got an email from the apartment complex where this happened and they claim they can't get a hold of the people either. I think that email triggered a whole new set of " what if" questions for me.


Yes I understand , I have also had Health Anxiety for years and do ok till something triggers it of , but 2 things I would do in your situation is firstly try & get that sensible part of our brains we all gave to try & think realistic that after 3 weeks we would normally no if something was wrong , in fact within a couple of days if not less I think we would but after that I would just check in with my Doctor to put my mind at ease as once they had clarified they thought everything would be fine I would work on letting the fear go .....until knowing me another one might come along :-/ x


Thank you for your help. Its nice to talk to someone who understands where I'm coming from. My friends and family think I'm crazy and overreacting. ☺


I know , so do mine over the years and I think they still do , they have just got used to me now :-/ x


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