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suffering now from anxiety for 4 weeks.. constantly

hello peps, been constantly anxious now for 4 weeks panicking, thinking I have a brian tumour and cancer riddled through out my body.. been a bit light headed now for 4 weeks, but I keep getting pains in my stomach, chest, lower stomache, do u think the anxiety is making it worse, my tinnitus is very loudand has been since my first panic attack 4 weeks ago, but that's prob due to stress and high blood pressure. . anyone else been a bit dizzy.. not bad dizzyness just feel a tad uneasy on my feet, been taking beta blockers to lower pressure but rining is still bad amd still dizzyish vision been messing me about too since my first panic attack. . I did think I had an leaking vein in my brain but id be dead by now if I did and doc said I didnt.. juat thinking im riddled with cancer every time I google it and find a new symptom I develop it like little muscle twitches are my new one.. im worried about having scanns done incase i have somthing dont wanna know.. anyone as crazy ad me out there?

rgds jamie x

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Hi there:)

First of all have you had a check up lately ?

It does sound like anxiety. It does come in many different forms.

If you take a look at the pinned post, you'll see a post from Donver explaining about th symptoms.

Check out the websites Headspace and

These sites are good and keep things calm:)

Have you looked into cbt?

Have a chat with your doctor.

Hope that helps:) xx


hi Yummie, had my bloody taken 2 weeks ago, some co ordernation tests done, nothing more tho, oh il check that out im sure u told me to check these before and I dis thanks :-) x


Check your vitamin levels, sounds crazy but my Vitamin D is way to low and I found a forum where people talk about it makes them feel they way you feel. You could also have your inner ears checked out. Try to relax and put this feeling out of your mind. I have been like this for 3 yrs and just started a high does of vD do I hope it helps.


hi rock, thanks for your reply, what have u been suffering from dizzyness m

rgds j


I have had brain fog mostly. I feel like I drank a few beers but all the time. It's no fun.


yeah thats it mate thats how I would explain it; like I had a few pints..I can still drive ok tho I passed the co ordantion test at the docs touch my nose with an eye covered and touch his finger tip.. blime 3 years you say, dont they know whats up then.. im taking multivitamins and iron tabs at the moment see if that helps, what about headaches do yoy get them.

rgds j


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