Anxiety and depression going through the roof lately

Basically around 3 weeks ago I found a lymph node in my neck that was up and completely panicked , been to several doctors all not worried about it , one doctor proscribed some antibiotics for me for a week and during that week I was feeling great because I thought that there was hope but nope , they didn't work , still up. They haven't really changed in size and they are squishy and moveable. Lately Im just super depressed because I've sort of given up because I feel like I can't escape a inevitable death coming my way soon enough , I'm thinking about my funeral and saying goodbye to my family and genuinely just having super distressing thoughts. Yesterday I went to the doctors because my mum had enough and demanded a blood test or something so that I can calm down because everyone is sure I don't have cancer but for some reason I'm convinced.


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  • Hopefully you get the answers you need from the blood test, i'm sure if the doc said that its nothing to worry about it wont be... im the exact same though, convinced i have it or its going to happen to me! Its horrible i have these thoughts constantly

  • It's so horrible , I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy

  • Enlarged lymph nodes can take months to settle and are aggravated by palpating them frequently, so resist the temptation to check them more than weekly.

    The blood test will exclude most of the serious underlying causes.

    We all have lymph glands and they are often palpable, particularly in the neck and groin.

  • I also always have a blocked nose and also a white tongue with swollen tastebuds and constantly swollowing mucus , I was wondering if it could be related ? Not sure

  • Could be a cold?

  • Hold on a minute, Mantusjanu2000, you've been seen by several doctors who have inspected the node and are not worried about it and you're already planning your funeral? Having had the all clear from more than one doctor I suggest you must now accept that there is nothing to worry about and resume your normal life with total reassurance and relief. You have been experiencing anxiety which always exaggerates our worries, all of us on this forum have done the same thing. Your nerves are on edge and you must keep a sense of proportion and count your blessings that not one but several doctors have given you a clean bill of health regarding the lymph nodes. You should be celebrating not saying farewell to your friends, you will no doubt live to be one hundred.

  • Thankyou a lot ,will keep that in mind !

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