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Shitty anxiety attack right now :/

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I know I probably brought it on myself by smoking again which I knew I shouldn't have done in the first place,

I'm trying to relax but I'm having like one of the typical symptoms of anxiety which is me believing I'm having trouble with relaxed breathing. I'm trying to just relax and keep my composure but I randomly started freaking because I thought I got bit by something ehh Idk but I hate this feeling :///

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Can't really have any advice or sympathy for you when you have decided to smoke again. 😣 that's like the worse thing you can do especially if you were really that concerned about your Anxiety..

Well thank you for the help


None of us are perfect, right? Have you tried Grounding Exercises, such as sitting in a chair, feeling the armrests, feeling the floor beneath your feet, repeating silently to yourself, I am not in danger. Do all of this very consciously and your anxiety should decrease. By the way, I too, do not like seeing anyone getting a public telling-off. I am guessing that you know what you should and shouldn't be doing. It's very uncomfortable to see you or anyone else being reprimanded publicly. That's not what this forum is about, surely? Wishing you well, Wendy x

Thank you so much ❀️

I found that taking some time to myself stretching and relaxed breathing and positive thinking combined helps me feel a hell of a lot better. I really appreciate the positive that you bring with this advice thank you so much and of course ! I knew I shouldn't have but that wasn't the time to make myself feel even worse about it lol.

At least I know now to try and avoid any triggering situations.

You're welcome! <3 A serious anxiety attack can be terrifying. Glad you're through it and out on the other side :-)

Get something relaxing or inspirational to listen too on youtube, David Daish videos are very helpful, look him up on there xx

Thank you !!

Cigs or pot? Anyway, I know how crutches can pull us back in. Totally sympathy for you as smoking or any other crtuch (eating, drinking, medicating) is hard to give up, really hard, and anxiety makes us want that crutch even more. Ick! So, hang in there and don't beat yourself up. Baby steps. Tell yourself how silly you are being, tell your anxiety to STOP playing with you, laugh at what you're thinking. Take a long walk to prove to yourself you can breath fine. STRETCH you body to relieve tension. Read as much as you can on how to overcome this and try the methods until you find one that works for you!

Wow this is so ironic because stretching is exactly what I did !! I felt so much better and was able to relax and lay down without invasive negative thoughts

Thank you so much !

I quit smoking and drinking because it made my anxiety and body feel much worse.

I'll probably have to cut back on smoking for sure

Too much panic

If you quit it would help a bunch. πŸ™„But trust me I understand how hard it is to quit. You can do it, when you are ready.

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