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Headache for over 3 weeks

3 weeks ago I went to the hospital with a headache. They did a ct scan on me it came out normal. Then they did a lumbar puncture on me that took the dr well over a half hour of jabbing me in the back anyways it had blood in it, so she thought I was having a brain anurisom, took me by ambulance to another hospital. They did a ct scan on my with contrast and came out normal, they sent me home after a bunch of other test and said I was having cluster migraines. I went back a few says later and they did another spinal tap on me came out completely normal again. Said im having migraines. Went to my drs a few days later she said I had a sinus infection. Put me on a bunch of medications. I went to a ent, they said I didnt have a sinus infwction but could have because I was on meds a week before I even went there. Anyways I had a follow up with my dr and she thinks I have anxiety from everything I went through. Now I am anxious all the time. Scared there is something wrong with me when they have done every test possible. Every little pain I have I want to run to the hospital. Im so scared all the time.

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Hi Mindy,

I think there are several things we have to look at here. One is the headaches (which are normal for everyone) and two, the doctors "expert and professional" analysis with added tests.

Headaches come and go and many many many people suffer from migraines. It can be from thinking too much (which us who have anxiety typically do) or staring at a screen for a long time etc.... So understand that these are normal in most cases.

The second is your Doctor. These professionals have gone to school for a very long time to understand what your body is going through. They have done some very extensive tests which have proven (scientifically) that you are OK.

You need to believe in these things because they are telling you that you are OK. Accepting this is you first job. And the second job is moving forward from here. Every time you think other wise just look back at the results and convince yourself. The more you do this the more you will accept it. It takes time and patience but trust that it will happen.

Faith plays a big role in this as well. I am a Christian and believe in God and Jesus. I TRUST them and I know they are there for me. This eases me very much. They are always listening. =)



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Thank you Devin, I am trying hard to get through this. A part of me knows im ok and a part of me is still really scared. There going to do a mri on me I guess to ease my mind. I just don't want to take a bunch of pills.


Hi Mindy,

Sorry you are going through this. Be very careful of meds, in particular, fluoroquinolone antibiotics, which you must not take. And doctors give them out without warning about the dangers. Do not take any antibiotic without looking it up to make sure it is not a fluoroquinolone. That is very important. I had a bad reaction, so my little service is warning people. :) I hope you feel better soon.


Was it mild head aches or severe? And they lasted for three weeks straight or off and on?


Pretty much constant. Still have it. Sometimes its mild other times it hurts worse


Damn , who wouldn't have anxiety after all they out you through! You need a doctor you can go to with out worrying that they will poke and jab and scare the hell out of you. I too have been through tests biopsies , surgeries . It's fine but the emotional crap you go through is insane, I find when I join a health club and get in there and start moving and focusing on something good , I think the "what if "thinking less.good luck to you , peace and God Bless


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