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I've been experiencing like....tiredness. I don't really know how to explain it. I feel weak but I can still lift heavy trash and make a fist and stuff. It seemed to hit me out of the blue and it's scaring the crap out of me. I can't afford doctor visits everytime something new crops up. I'm seventeen with no history of any medical problems but with a lot of history of anxiety. My diet isn't the best and I have the habit of skipping meals due to forgetting to eat. I mean, I still eat, but I don't eat as much as I used to. I don't exercise much and I used to do that a lot. I'm pretty much agoraphobic because I keep thinking I have a medical problem. I went to the doc's for this same thing last year and they ran everything (blood work, urine analysis, thyroid, blood sugar, iron levels, b12 levels) the whole deal.

And. Found. Nothing.

The doctor couldn't even recommend what I should do (they weren't informed on anxiety) and told me to eat more vegetables. That's it.

Anyway, I'd been really anxious last week because my mom had gone away for a trip so I was super super on edge for awhile. And for the last couple of days, I noticed I wasn't obsessing over my health, but then this hit! Could it be me coming off adrenaline? Like, the crash after?

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I have had this same issue. I'm super fatigued, but I have energy to workout still and do other stuff. My anxiety will go away for a couple days then hits hard like tonight. My anxiety is health related. I always think I have a medical problem.


that really sounds similar to how im feeling lately, im 19 and graduated from highschool, i have kinda let myself go in terms of diet and exercise, i dont eat a lot anymore because i always forget meals because im either netflixing or playing a game, i just recently started experiencing fatigue and deep anxiety that leads to mini panic attacks for me. What i can recommend, that has been helping me is, sleep better, cut caffeine out if its in your diet and start eating and excising more, most of all if you have agoraphobia or are a hypochondriac, DO NOT GOOGLE YOUR SYMPTOMS, it will give you a mini panic attack, its very bad for anxiety

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Hi. Yes. I think it's your anxiety. That leaves me very lazy . Like I'm always curled up on my couch like a cat. I have health anxiety , too & it totally sucks. I've drove my mom nuts , because of all the late nite visits to the clinic. I am in talk with my counselor on ways to overcome this. I will , & you will . I agree , do NOT google any thing you think you might have. You'll be dwelling on that all day & all night until you finally see your physician or whomever. Take it from me, because I have several dr apps on my phone & one won't let me ask anymore questions because they think I want to replace my actual dr with them lol. Try to relax , but on some goooood meditation vids or music & try to chill. I agree on eating veggies. I think you should NOT lol skip meals fact look up (in this case) which diet would be best for you..certain things in food or the food itself could mess with the anxiety . I had to switch my food regimen around too. Don't stress out to a point where wrinkles show lol do some exercises , but not like all strenuous. Maybe exercise in your is relaxing & is great for us ppl with anxiety . Yeah always being fatigued sucks but I'm always down to go out & get food , shop, or do the whole Schl/wrk thing ..other than that .lazyyyy lol.


I notice I get this horrible feeling after a lot of anxiety and when I just start to calm down. Like last night, I accepted it as being adrenaline fatigue and today, I really haven't experienced it to the same degree.


It probably means we're wiped out from being anxious always anxious. Instead of being "relaxed" , to us it feels like the equivalent to someone having a "long day" . It takes a lot for us to get stressed , panicky etc. when that anxiety goes somewhere , & leaves us alone for a bit , we feel pooped we want to take a nap or something..or at least chill in our bed & not be bothered opinion lol. I may ask my counselor /therapist. That's a great topic


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