Dizziness ,fatigue, Anxiety or b12 deficiency?

I am suffering from dizziness, light headed brain fog, tingling sensation acid reflux , fullness inside ears and I am stuck in my room. I have 2 kids and I am trying hard to fight this horrible sickness. I already had blood test and all came back normal. This has been going on for 2 years now ever since I gave birth to my daughter . I feel like my health just collapsed . MY doctor think its a sign of anxiety but I really don't think it is.. I am a happy person I just really don't like what I am feeling right now. I have been going to my Doctor almost every 2 months and the last Doctor told me they done everything they can, blood test all came normal. I am on physio due to my neck pain and back pain and done acupuncture 2 weeks ago and after acupuncture my dizziness went from 100% to just 20% I felt really good except for my fatigue started which I don't have before that . I really don't know what to do, I wish there's a cure out there but then again I don't even know what I have. I was planning maybe pay private ENT or Neuro? I really don't know what to do.


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  • Also my Diziness is back 100% :(

  • It does sound like anxiety , you literally described me. I've had it about 6yrs now, today isn't a good day hense why I'm on here.

    The anxiety aside I would be very happy. I've 2 kids also never had pnd or anything. Even when I get anxiety attack i may not be worrying about anything inparticluar . I hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks Emerald, I hope you feel better too, this sickness is horrible.

  • I think it sounds like anxiety.ive also had it really bad after having my second child,i think then it was post partum anxiety/depression.then after a couple of months i started an antidepressant and klonopin and it all went away.now im pregnant again and my horemones are going crazy and im back to were i started but i cant take the meds while im pregnant so i have to suffer through untill i have this baby.so sounds to me like you had the post partum anxiety you just might not of realized it.

  • HI Thank you for your answer, I have never had any depression specially when I had my daughter , she meant the whole world to me ..its my body that is going crazy specially the dizziness that wont go away. I am really happy with my life and very satisfied, this why I really don't know what is wrong with me...but yeah maybe anxiety or vitamins deficiency ..I really don't know... I am really thankful I found people in here who knows what I am going thru..Thank You and I Hope you feel better soon and Congrats on your pregnancy...I know its hard being pregnant and not be able to use medicine that you want but we Ladies are tough. :)

  • Hi,

    I began to suffer during my 3rd pregnancy. I wasn't stressed my life is good no hidden past getting me down just my body started to act up. Out of the blue the symptoms went from one thing to another and I became bed ridden nobody knows what caused it and every test was clear it is so frustrating I want my old life back it's been 2 years now and still no better x

  • I feel your pain :( Pregnancy and childbirth do a lot of weirdness in our bodies. suffering like you, I am also researching on this. Anxiety or vitamin deficiency and hoping to find the cure.

  • I do take a multi vitamin every day now and some of my symptoms are better but I have had vitamin tests and am not deficient except for my vitamin d levels which I struggle to take the dose the doctor gave me due to the side effects.

    Good luck with your research and please keep us posted x

  • That's what I don't like about medicines, vitamins etc..I get bad side effects with some too. Today I started using organic blackstrap molasses I am hoping it will help me a little bit. If I find something I'll let everyone know I am desperate and still experimenting on things. x

  • Can I ask you, before this started, after you had your baby, did they give you an antibiotics? Because some of them can cause your symptoms which can last for a long time. For me it was that, and even the private ENT and the Neuro came up empty--it doesn't show in the usual ways. If you didn't take any antibiotics in the last couple of years it might not be, but one thing I have learned through my own journey is that magnesium supplements are very helpful for many things. Many people are magnesium deficient, and it doesn't show up in blood tests. I take a magnesium supplement which helps, and so does accupuncture, like you do. A vitamin C of 1000 mgs per day or even two, is good also, and a D3 vitamin. None of these things can hurt you at all, so I would suggest trying them. And I"m sure you know to try to not eat too close to going to bed for the reflux. It's not always easy to manage, but try to not eat 3 hours prior to bed.

  • Hi, yes I had antibiotics 2months after I had my baby but I don't think it was that because I haven't had any after that. I'm going to try your suggestion about vitamins and to not eat before I go to bed and see if it will help.. Thanks for your advise.

  • Do you remember what kind of antibiotics? They can cause those things, delayed---that's what happened to me, so you don't put it together. It's important to not take them again, if so.

  • This is a link to the symptoms of B12 deficiency


    you may have been tested for it and being told that the results were normal but the test isn't as accurate as it could be for a number of reasons. Suggest that if you think it might explain what is going on you a) get hold of a printout of blood tests - particularly results for B12 and folate and b) post them on the PAS forum on health unlocked


  • Hi Thank You for the link, this is very helpful. Yes I have been tested and was told it was all normal..I will try to get a copy of my result..Its actually surprising that it came out normal when I don't really like eating meat, I eat meat maybe once In a week or once in two weeks, I really cant remember. I don't really eat properly ..no appetite but I was told that all my blood test came out normal and I am pretty healthy. I feel like my doctor believe that its all in my mind.

  • Do you eat dairy? and.or fish? these are good sources of B12 - not just meat.

    dietary deficiency is actually quite rare unless you are a strict vegan because normally the body is very good at recycling b12 and actually needs very little - but if you have an absorption problem then that breaks down.

    Suggest that you join the PAS forum as there are lots of people there who have been through similar situations. I had 40+ years of anxiety and depression that went once I started to finally get the levels of B12 I needed. There is a huge overlap in the symptoms of B12 and other conditions and it often gets overlooked because GPs aren't aware of it or of the problems using the standard tests to diagnose it.

  • I do eat dairy once in a while, I am lactose intolerance I don't drink milk, don't eat yogurt but I do eat eggs once a week sometimes 2x a week or sometimes nothing at all. I am more of a veggie eater.

  • Totally sounds like anxiety. I wouldn't worry as that only makes it worse. Start with working on yourself and the more you branch away from looking for a wierd mysterious medical diagnosis the better you'll feel. I've been doing the same thing. Hope you feel betteR!

  • I am constantly feeling dizzy and off balance just like you. Know that you're not alone and it is common for anxiety!:)

  • Hello, have you checked your thyroid? Might be a thyroid problem, also, consider your diet - you may be lacking some vital nutrients (vitamins, minerals, iron). You mentioned you have acid reflux - might be a problem with your digestive system.

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