Is anyone there ?

I'm really needing you guys so much right now . I woke up last night with my stomach hurting I went to the restroom a few times and finally threw up . I'm worried about my symptoms because in June I had swollen lymph nodes in my small intestines . Then at the beginning of December I had A lot of pressure itching and burning on my behind. Went to my primary and my G.I. doctor they said it was classic symptoms of hemorrhoids a few days later I had bleeding so I went to the ER they said that The hemorrhoid probably popped . You see now that I've started to throw up I'm afraid I have something going on I'm afraid that I'm dying. I am 29 years old with no family history of cancer but that's what my anxiety tells me that it is . I'm thinking to myself i'm never going to be able to eat again and I'm going to just get sicker . Sorry for sounding crazy. My family doesn't understand. Then I was on Facebook and liked this herbal page and they had symptoms that I'm having as cancer. Why can't I get over this .


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  • hello & maybe we're all going crazy? I have had "anxiety/panic" since last Easter, it isn't getting better, Now I either wake-up Extremely Scared or total'ly Nauseous, this is Insane, I am a 2/time widow, now 69 and Out Of The Blue, I have this Land On Me!

    I hate ALONE, I just can't figure-this out? I tried Med's "Alprazolam" which didn't work for me..... tried a therapist, gave-up & now have a Bill$ I am paying off, wasn't cover'd by my BlueCross/Blue Shield Advantage.....

    I wish there was a Place to Run To, meet-up with others experience-ing this Anxiety/Panic

    so we could manage 2/gether! ! ! ! !

  • I know the feeling. I'm open to Skype.

  • Hi Nana, I no just what your talking about !!! I was just thinking pretty much the same thing yesterday, I wish there was a book that would really help this terrible FEAR AND PANIC, And ANXIETY. FEAR Is soooo paralizing. Every morning, I wake up in a panic, afraid to get up and start moving around cuz I will have pain in my back and hips and go into an instant panic !!! So Much FEAR that I won't be able to get out on the Patio and feed the poor Feral cats that are waiting in the Freezing cold and ice and snow. I'm 68 and a Widow too. So there is no one here that can help me do the things I have to do ??? Then it goes to my stomach, and I get so sick I have to run back and forth to the bathroom. plus deal with the pain !! I pray , and try to figure out how to deal with everything, Its so hard when your alone and can't say ... honey can you help me with this :( If I could just figure out HOW to get past all the fear !! Been like this most of my life, My mom was too. My Brother is also like this :( I've tried several Books on Anxiety, Fear, Panic, Pain, The way they talk is either to confusing , or it just does nothing for me ??? I'm an Agoraphobic, so its hard for me to get out around people much. I go over and take care of My Sons house and laundry and cooking and his dog, and my Grandkids when they are there. My Son has alot of health Problems and he has RA , so he is in alot of pain. So I have to be able to get around, and pain or not, I have to bend down and pick up clothes to do laundry almost everyday, take care of two homes, go out in the freezing cold and bend down or squat down in several places on ice, to feed these poor cats that people throw away, and they turn wild ??? And have a terrible time getting up and down :'( :'( !!! I have to do this stuff, and we all no when we have to do things, that puts more pressure on us, and the FEAR, PANIC, And ANXIETY take over !!! There has to be help for us ?? Wish I had some thing positive to say to help us all :( ??

  • thank~you Judy for replying..... I would just love to "LET GO" I want this OVER, I want to be NORMAL again, but what is Normal?

    I don't feel Normal, I went to "grief/group" for over 2 & 1/2 years, never met another 2/time Widow. Met some nice folks, became friends with some even, One man died this summer, his heart, he was alittle old'R.....but it was & is better when I have "Someone Special" in my life to Share things with, BlackHawk Games, the Cubs world series, Packers games.... I can't just be

    a "hook up" (for lack of a better word) I need to again find that Special Person, then I HOPE this FEAR & PANIC & ANXIETY will disappear? Lesson?

    Somedays I am just Scared to wake-up, somedays the Nausea is over/bearing, first thing! I don't wish to accept this, deal with it daily.....I want to Move/On! be Positive.... even alittle happy? I have three precious grandKids, 6,7 & 9 they live close-enuf BUT they can't be my entire existence, I want to push the clock back, somehow! I want to be mature, NOT this person NanaDiane has become. Thankx sooooo much for listening, answering my E/Mail..........Judy.......... I wish nothing but Relief, for Us both

  • Hi JoMarie5. I'm so sorry that you're going through this. Did you get an upper and lower GI done with your doctor? Have you had any unexplained weight loss? Before you let your mind take over and lead you down a dark road (I know easier said than done), I would get a definite diagnosis by my doctor. Trust me, I've diagnosed myself with EVERY disease imaginable. Then I go to my doctor and he says everything is fine. I've had EKG's, stress test, blood work (don't even know how many times I've asked them to draw blood), upper and lower GI and I've seen an endocrinologist. Everything is normal. Except my blood sugar and blood pressure are a little high. This could all be due to anxiety.

    Ok..I'm going to say this to you and to me...stop googling your symptoms and diagnosing yourself (again, easier said than done).

    Let us know what your doctor says.

    Take care and stay calm.

  • No I haven't had unexplained weight loss however in June I lost 22lbs from me being sick . Both the GI doctor and my primary doctor say that I'm fine . I haven't had a scope done . The hemorrhoid symptoms are gone . My aunt thinks I just caught a bug but in my head everything is connected. I have had blood test and stool tests done . That was all done in June . Last night I had an elevated temp . And I haven't threw up anymore. I keep telling myself people get sick it's gonna happen. I just scared.

  • I understand. It would scare me too. Continue to monitor your symptoms. Drink plenty of liquids and rest (I sound like your mom and a doctor 😄).

    I freak out too when I don't feel well. I've always been in good health. I can count on one hand how many times I've had a cold. So now, if I get sick, I must be dying because I never get sick. I make myself crazy with diagnosing myself so I had to stop.

    Let us know when you start feeling better.

  • Thanks ! I was sweating last night and now I feel hungry. I'm waiting for my daughter to wake up . Hopefully my temp stays down . It's just a bug ! I had cramps, felt nauseous and like I had heartburn. I kept burping and finally threw up . This was all yesterday really early morning hours . People get sick and they get over it . I mean does it sound like it could all be connected? Would you still be thinking about something that happened in June ? That several doctors tell you it's nothing to be worried about? Yet you google and web md says other wise. I only focused on the less likely to be related to this and that . Thank you for your response it means a lot .

  • Yes, it sounds like it's connected. And of course I'd still be thinking about something that happened in June. I'm a chronic worrier 😄. But I faith in God and I know that HE is control. Not me. It doesn't help that I'm a worrier and a control freak. Double Trouble. I'm learning everyday to let go and let God.

    Stay off google and wedMd. I'm telling you I've diagnosed myself with EVERY disease in the world. But by Gods grace and mercy, I'm still here!

    Relax ladybug. You're going to be ok.

  • I was meaning what's happening to me now with the (bug) I'm worried that it could be connected to my issues in June . I'm hoping that's not the case . As I don't feel the same way I did before.

  • Oh. I think the bug could be separate. There's so much going around. And people are gross. Wiping their noses and washing their hands. Coughing and not putting their hand over their mouth. Just think of how dirty public door knobs and shopping carts are. Oh did I mention that I'm a bit of a germaphobe too 😁?

  • Lol ! So am I ! Life 😩 You might be my anxiety soul mate 😆

  • Ha. We just might be.

  • I'm so sorry your going through all this , but ... It absolutely can be YOUR MIND, the Fear, Anxiety and Panic that is doing all of this to you, I have been sick and had stomach problems all my life, well from say maybe 10 yrs, old. and its all been from the anxiety and Fear of the what if's . What if its something bad. I finally had to except that it is my mind doing all of if we could just figure out a cure for what our mind can do to us. For a big part of my 20's I weighed 98 pounds (5 foot 4) because everything I ate I lost. I was afraid to eat anything. It was my Mind and the fear and anxiety, still is. so .... if you could find away to work on your mind, maybe get some nerve pills to help you, that might help you get better ?? Try , it can't hurt :( and it has to be better than having to have all them terrible tests, all the time. Most all of the people on here go and have all the tests to be safe and to be told it is nothing bad. That must help some to ease your mind, but than after they tell you its not Physical you have to try to work on your mind , Right, try to figure out how to make it stop giving you all these symptoms, Then if you do figure out a way , PLEASE let the rest of us no, we ALL need some help. :( Crazy in Michigan :(

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