I Hope I Get Another Check Up

I am trying to convince my mom to take to me to the doc's again. My mom is great, so I do not want it to sound like I am saying she is anything otherwise. I trust my mom, but the stomach thing has me crying at least once a day and I cannot eat as much as I'd like because I feel so crappy after. I just want a doctor to tell me, "Nothing is wrong with your stomach" and I can breathe a sigh of relief. But I am struggling to accept this as anxiety as I have never had stomach symptoms before and this is just concerning me and I want to take my mind off it but I can't.

I hear people say about stomach problems and how you don't feel well after you eat and I keep thinking that it sounds a lot like me. A lot can happen within five months and though I have no history of any stomach issues (nor anyone in my family. Dad has reflux, but, he eats his food in five minutes at most, but does not need medication and can eat what he wants) so I really have no basis.

I just look at food, recall how I would normally eat as much as I want and feel good after, and compare that to how I feel now and it is such a stark contrast! If I felt this way when I did not have anxiety, I'd be concerned.

It's as disruptive as depersonalization was to me, if not more so, as this feels like I am confronting the root of my fear and I want to do that gradually, after I accept, not be handed the cards and have someone to tell me to just deal.

And I only realize now that that was a pun and am rather proud.

People are probably getting sick (haha, pun #2) of me asking, but my fear cancels out my ability to feel embarrassed. So I am sorry for the badgering but I constantly feel like I need to get it out there.

(If anyone has had stomach problems, can you please tell me your symptoms?)


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  • Just tell her that you'll calm down once you know the truth

    Good luck


  • I can relate to the last part of your message for sure...the feeling of like you're badgering people about it on here but you're not dear. This is what this forum is for--to lay it all out!

    I personally still think it is anxiety and because you're super focused on it but it would help to has a doctor tell you that you're okay! Just believe him and don't second guess after the fact. Tell your Mom that you won't fuss about the stomach stuff again if she would take you. If she doesn't take you, know that she knows you VERY well. And accept it as anxiety because I can tell just by reading your posts that, just like me, you're fixated on it which creates more symptoms to make it more believable.

    To hopefully calm your nerves, I've never been one to have stomach issues. Ever. And I've had anxiety issues for many years. But a few months ago, I began to have stomach issues similar to yours that scaresd the mess out of me! The doctors told me it was just an inflamed stomach due to stress and anxiety. It eventually just went away once I stopped focusing on it. It took a few weeks though.

  • The only reason I believe it is medical is because it is consistent. I feel really bad maybe an hour or two after I eat, but not nauseous, just....really bad and gross and wrong. And I keep thinking ulcer or something.

    Im best in the mornings and before I go to bed. It used to be inconsistent but now it seems more consistent with starting only after I eat. Is that because anxiety messes up digestion and puts pressure?

  • It is most definitely because of anxiety. All that you described pattern wise is anxiety pattern. The more you think about it, the more you will develop that pattern

  • That makes sense. My chances of having anything wrong is so slim, no stomach issues run in my family. And this only atarted when I thought of emetophobia and started worrying about getting sick and focusing on my stomach. But my memory sucks right now, so I cannot recall 100% what occurred first. Ive been worried about my stomach for about a couple of weeks thinking about it. Like all my anxiety of every other symptom redirected and channeled instead into my stomach.

  • There you go! Do you realize that you just pinpointed what is wrong with you? That you KNOW what is wrong with you? You are what you focus on. I'm guilty of the same thing. Start distracting yourself and it will slowly fade away. :)

  • OH, I am praying to God

    that that is the case.

  • I think The Lord had already answered your question dear. :-) Chin up!

  • There you go! Do you realize that you just pinpointed what is wrong with you? That you KNOW what is wrong with you? You are what you focus on. I'm guilty of the same thing. Start distracting yourself and it will slowly fade away. :)

  • I'm going to try to copy and paste some screenshots on here of ALL the symptoms and feelings anxiety can cause. It has helped me and I think it would help you!

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