Getting closer to a diagnosis

Im back. On Monday I went to the gastro doctor and he ordered some blood tests and finally a colonoscopy. I am getting the blood tests done Monday and a colonoscopy the following Monday which is June 29th. I was told to expect that my colonoscopy would not be for 6 weeks. Now it is about a week away. Im terrified I do not want to get diagnosed with cancer before my best friends 21st birthday which is July 18th. i am so scared I do not even think I want to know if I have cancer at this point. :(


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  • Try to relax.. be positive and stay calm.. tell yourself everything will be ok..

  • Try not to worry I have one every 2 years, my first one they removed a lump and had it tested and proved it non cancerous, I would advise you to have it done it will ease your mind and it is painless.

  • Please try to relax, worrying yourself will only make it worse. Could be anything like a polipse or lump (not cancerous). If you keep thinking negative you only make yourself worse. Enjoy your weekend Monday will soon arrive and it will all be over. Let us all know how it went😊😊😊😊😊

  • Try to relax (it's hard). You are doing the right thing to have it checked out. (((hugs)))

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