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My dd, camhs 'diagnosis'.

Think it only fair to warn you this will probably be a long post. Sorry.

I have mentioned before my dd's emetophobia & had many lovely responses. She had an appt at camhs recently but couldn't go, so I went & had a long chat. We have had many encounters with camhs over the years & I am not a big fan. However, this gentleman actually seemed to listen, asked questions, gave me questionnaires for dd to fill in etc.

Managed to get dd to complete most of the forms, sent them to him, then got her to go to next appt. Another long chat with both of us. A few days later I received a letter, a copy of his letter to the gp who had referred her there. It lists the following as her problems:


Health Anxiety

Obsessive Compulsive Traits

Generalised Anxiety & Worry

Depression/low mood

Hyper sensitive/low frustration tolerance

Internalised passive aggressive attitudes

Such a lot for a 14 yr old to cope with. She very rarely made it to school for the last 3 months, she sleeps on the sofa because she's too scared to go to bed, we go through the same worries (being sick) every night & I'm lost.

She will be starting cbt in a couple of weeks, I can only hope it helps. We're both exhausted.

Really sorry for the very long post, if you made it this far well done. I really just needed to get that off my chest, no-one else understands the hell we are going through.

Thank you

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I just find it so incredibly sad that she is just 14 and has all these worries. Makes mine sem silly. I really hope the treatment helps her to get better and look at life as a young girl should. Must be so difficult for you as parents. Wishing you all the very best. xxx


Thank you, it is incredibly sad. All we want for our children really is that they're happy. Please don't feel your worries are silly, we all have them & mine aren't just about my dd, I have my own demons to fight which can make me seem selfish at times. But then if I don't take care of me, who will take care of her ? (I should probably point out there is just the two of us & has been since she was 3 weeks old, we're very used to it)


Please dont be sorry

We are here to help both you & your daughter in any way we can

This is so sad , my heart goes out to both of you & as a mother I can feel your pain

Please , have faith , she is young & treatment is about to start , & as she is young , I have faith she will get better

Sending you & your daughter big hugs & ask or rant on here as much as you want



Thank you whywhy. This is what I am clinging to. The cbt therapist told her what he will teach her will set her up to deal with whatever life throws at her. I am hoping (& praying) that he is right.

Just awful feeling so useless.

She has her GCSE's next year, she's very bright, I don't want this to spoil her future but would take happy & no exams over how she's feeling now.

Thanks for the hugs, much needed x



I understand exactly what you are saying & like I have said as a mum & someone that suffers , I would be worrying to

But unlike when I was your daughters age , things now have moved on , try & stay in the day with this , I no its hard , & i understand about the exams etc , but give the therapist a chance , I believe this will work & you have to hold on to that thought , she is young , it has been caught quick this is all positive

As for you been useless ...far from it , she is so lucky to have a Mum like you , that is there , giving her love & supporting the best you can , you are fantastic , not useless , you are doing everything you can , carry on loving her as you are , that will give her a good solid base to build on with the help she is going to get

Please talk to us when ever you need to , we will answer to the best of our ability anything we can to help you

More hugs , I no you need them



Don't be sorry, your post wasn't long. We are here to listen and help where we can. Sending my love and hugs to you all xxxxx


Thank you winter, could write so much more lol.

I don't want to let her down you know? But it's so hard, whatever I say seems to be wrong & it's hard doing it all alone. Add to that my mother now has dementia, my 80 yr old father is struggling with her & it's never-ending. I'm tired. But it is a great relief to get it all out.

Thanks for the love & hugs x


please don't be sorry for your post, sometimes getting it all out can make a difference, you are not useless at all, and you care very much , you can hear it in your post. Keep loving her the way you do, this and the therapy together she will be fine.





Thank you Bonnie

It's good to be able to say it all, scared to say too much to those close in case it gets back to her friends & at that age anything different marks you out, sure you know what I mean. Am keeping everything crossed x


I can't add anything to whats been said Thompson. Just want to say sorry you and your daughter are going through all this. Keep strong and positive. This will help her as well.

We are all here for each other on this site. We all understand anxiety and will help and support you both any way we can.

Come in anytime we are all here. Let us know what happens please. Hugs from me as well.

Bev xx


Thank you Bev.

I try to be strong & positive but not always as good at it as I should be. Still waiting for her worries/fears/anxieties to abate tonight so she can sleep, then I can go to bed. It's unfortunate that her worst time is night time & I'm sure you understand, when we're tired patience can be in short supply :-( Having somewhere to air my fears & frustrations definitely helps though. Thanks for the kind thoughts & hugs x


Hi thomson,

I know exactly what you are going through and how exhausting it can be.

My daughters had depression, and night times were so difficult as she would be awake most of the night, I know you cannot rest when you are so worried about a loved one,

I hope the cbt helps, just wanted you to know that there are lots of us who understand, you are not alone x

Mimii xx


Thank you Mimii, it's always good to know you're not the only one. Thankfully she's dropped off now (on the sofa as usual), so I just have to make my way from the kitchen to my bedroom without waking her & then, hopefully, sleep. I know it sounds mean that I'm in a different room to her but we find it works best. I'm near enough to be reassuring but not so close as to be a distraction, if that makes any sense :-S

It's a great comfort to know others have been where we are & any advice/tips will always be appreciated.

Again, thank you x


Hope you can get some sleep now, you have to look after yourself too :)

Still waiting up for my daughter, shes 18 now and lots better than she was, still on meds though x

Mimii x


Yay shes back and ok !!

Such a relief, shes even bought herself a chinese, as she has an eating disorder too this is good !

can finally go to bed, :)

Mimii x


Hope you (both) managed a peaceful night. Getting a Chinese is good news :-)

Been a particularly difficult couple of days here, dd had met up with some friends then found out the next day one of the girls was sick when she got home. Of course she is more convinced than ever that she is going to be sick. Nothing I can say or do to convince her otherwise or calm her down.

Another long night ahead I fear. Still, at least I have found somewhere to have a moan ;-)



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