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Why can't i just get rid of this stuff?


My chest and back hurt everyday. I can't stand it anymore...it makes me want to end it all...i feel like im going to die everyday. Nothing helps...medications don't help mediation doesn't do anything. I literally anticipate my death everyday. I can't tell if i have pain in the center of my chest or in my back. When i press on my chest it hurts on my back. I have had blood tests an echo and everything has come back ok...why won't this leave me alone? Why? I must be a huge scum bag...i feel like one everyday.

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I have the same exact feelings everyday and go through the same things on a daily basis. I’m sorry you’re going through this, while I don’t have great advice on how to fix it at the moment (hopefully eventually I will) I can just tell you that you’re not alone and that comforts me too because sometimes I think I’m going crazy and I’m the only one feeling these things. Take care

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You take any medication?

Hey Fireman,

I’ve been dealing with health anxiety or whatever it is considered too the experts for about 7 years, I had pain in my chest to where it would shoot intense pain up my neck and I would think I would be having a heart attack or worse I’m going to have a brain aneurism and then I had I had a bunch of tests done all game back good doctor diagnosed me with panic disorder and depression always thinking I’m gonna die from something then I started getting pain in my left side under my shoulder blade and I was told it could be chronic pain nothing serious it still hasn’t gone away hurts really and when I breath in deep and I get shooting pain and the worse thing to do is look it up online cause it gives you worse case scenario but I had it bad to the point I didn’t wanna live anymore and I was on so much meds making me feel worse but I eventually got through it and when on with my life for a good few years I stopped taking meds started feeling normal and just went in living, and just a couple months ago all these feelings came back and I’m scared of dieing again like I’m gonna die from cancer or catch the corona virus and I’ve noticed the past couple of weeks I’ve been more intune with my body thinking about every little pain or discomfort and thinking the worse,it’s hard man it really is but done give up I know it’s easier said then done but your not alone and your not CRAZY, we have a mental illness and it’s okay to accept it and if it helps you get second opinion form a different doctor, you’ll get through it, just hold on to the good moments when you have it, makes me feel hundred times better take it day by day,I noticed we tend to worry so much about the future and what if I’m dieing from this?, we just gotta try our best to live day by day and try and relax when you feel like everything is out of control think about the times when it was good I know it’s hard man but your not alone everything will be okay

Fireman, I know and understand what that continuous pain can do to us.

Let me suggest that you see a Rheumatologist if you haven't already.

They deal more with the soft tissue and muscles which sounds like where you

irritation is coming from. Possibly having some physical therapy could help

release the trigger point that the pain is coming from. It's not your heart but

can be a spasm in the neck or shoulders giving you referred pain in the chest

and back. If anything a Rheumatologist could do trigger injections which would

relieve the pain. Once the pain is gone, the anxiety lowers automatically.

Please keep in touch with the forum. Don't give up, there's always a Plan B. :) xx


Sadly it will never go away, anxiety I mean. It’s built in to our nervous system. So you can’t “cure” anxiety. Your nervous system is sensitive and that’s why you are experiencing what you are, and your the one actually feeding it as well. It helps to learn about what exactly anxiety is and what’s happening when we have these episodes. Go to YouTube and look up Dr Harry Barry, tons of videos will come up that will start you on your journey to get better, the first step in anything is always to understand fully what you are dealing with, without understanding what you need to overcome, you unfortunately will never overcome it ❤️ I wish you the best

And this is coming from someone who had heart anxiety, numb arms, chest pain, chest pain when I push on my ribs, racing heart, ambulance calls, trips and trips to the doctors and etc, it will get better but first you have to study it to understand how to get better.

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I fully agree with you Diamond Angel....knowing what we are dealing with

helps tremendously in reducing the fear. Thanks for sharing. :) xx

@Fireman2244- I commented on one of your previous posts already. It was a reply to someone else's comment, I was hoping you saw as I was in the same boat as you are not too long ago. I'll repost the comment below this message in hopes that you and others can read it and work on your return to "normal"...

Since your tests all come back negative, I'm pretty sure your dealing with a significant muscular imbalance and posture issues. The best part about this is that you can correct the issues.. the worst part is that all our bodies are different and you'll work very very hard to find your weakened muscles and then you'll work even harder trying to figure out how to treat aka strengthen and release the tightness in those muscles.

The mental side of this is rough! Don't let it get to you.. pain everyday makes it seem like this I'd the only way to live. It's NOT.


Firefighter2244 I agree totally with RyL83. You will be Fine.

TL;DR: I think you're dealing with a muscular issue affecting your vagus nerve. This is why the doctors can't find anything. For years I didn't train my back and neck muscles properly. Now, I have a muscular imbalance. My spine feels weakened. My neck, upper chest and back muscles are so small that they become over-loaded with simple daily activities and tighten up affecting the vagus nerve which leads to heart palpitations and stomach issues like gas and indigestion. SOLUTION: Trigger point therapy, light exercise, Heavy accurately targeted strength training, REST, and a proper diet.

Long Story HERE (PM me if you want more details):

I was the same. Try your best not to let your thoughts get the best of you..especially as a father and a firefighter. I think you're actually in a good position to turn this thing around. My situation was almost exactly like yours, but I've turned it around, and I did it without without meds. It's a long story, but from what you've written it's almost the same as yours, so buckle up!

First, I'm going to make a few assumptions, and you can correct me if I'm wrong. Since your a firefighter you probably thought of yourself as physically fit, am I right? You've rarely/never had a personal trainer? You tried an Intermittent Fasting diet or just don't consume enough calories? You tend to workout your chest muscles more than your back?

In one way or another I did all of the questions above, which after many doctors visits tests, stayed in ICU, EKGs, ECGs, MRIs, Xrays, Carotid Doppler Tests, and EVERY one coming back Clear of any devastating findings!! I had many many self reflections on wondering how I got the point of not being able to drive because I knew I would have a panic attack. (To explain driving: I wasn't anxious about driving, but the POSITION I sat in inside of the car caused a lot of tightness and pain which caused me to tense up more and more, until I had an actual panic attack.) After many months of reflection and some success I more so realized that my neck, back, shoulder pain, heart palpitations, and bout with anxiety/panic/general stress related issues was actually caused by years and years of improper training techniques, lack of nutrition (not enough calories), and to much PRIDE.

In high school and college I was very athletic and loved sports. Like most kids I wanted to go to the NFL. I always researched on google new exercises and diets I could do to better my chances of playing sports in college and make it to the NFL. I trained and trained, on my own, for years! I also wanted a beach bod to impress the "ladies" so, I spent a lot of time working my chest, Biceps, and Triceps. I had "success" I could run faster, jump higher, and was a "MACHINE" ...that couldn't be stopped. So fast forward 10 years, I played football for 1 year in college, but no NFL. That's fine I can still be successful right? Maybe.

This is December 2018, I'm now 30 years old. Im a teacher working overseas and life is going "good!" Haven't worked out consistently in 5 months prior to this period. If I did anything I was 500 pushups (or something ridiculous) I also unintentionally Intermittently fasted around my work schedule and consumed less than 2000 calories a day for 6 months prior. Also, during these months I notice that I am having a growing neck and shoulder. Late Dec 2018 I get sick with a stomach virus and lose 10 pounds, and I'm not really eating. I'm driving, and I experience my first anxiety, panic episode, where my vision closed, like some putting on blinders on me. I got Flushed and couldn't drive. Luckily someone was with me to take me to the ER.

ER said we think you're having a panic attack. I of course disagreed, because I was "Healthy!" They did check on my stomach issue and gave me some medicine. I continued to have panic attacks for 2 weeks straight, once or twice a day. It was the first time I felt my heart's rhythm change, the regularity was gone. So daily I was waiting to die of a massive heart attack. Mentally, it was rough!

Long story short, I wore out my welcome at many ERs. Even got laughed out of and shamed into never returning to one ER. My body looks healthy, the tests are perfect, I'm responsive, the doctors are doing the best but they can see that for years and years I haven't trained my back muscles properly (for years!). They couldn't see that I was living 30lbs underweight, that I'm not eating right, they couldn't see that my body was trying to change, but I'm still living my high school/college lifestyle.

So I had to embrace the test results that I do have. I had to accept that, this is a stress related issue. I had to embark on my own journey back to something that was near normal and not feeling as if I'm going to have a heart attack while teaching in front of my classroom.

I happy to say I haven't had a full on panic attack since March of 2019 and that I've made it back to relative close to my life before December 2018, and I did it without medication.

Still, some days are better than others, I still have a lot of work to do, but now I know where to start.

hi. u must know that ure not alone in this matter. I have been dealing with this same chronic pain for nearly 2 years. countless visit to ed. done many ecg, blood test, echo n result come out normal. still the pain keep coming back. chest pain, back pain, sob n etc. if all the test coming back normal n have rule out other chronic disease, I think u may have another mystical 'chronic' disease called fibromyalgia. it is a disease characterize with widespread pain all of the body(chest, abdomen, back, legs, arm and etc), chronic fatigue, insomnia, inflammatory bowel disease, anxiety/depression. try google fibromyalgia n compare whether u had all the symptom or not. sometimes when we know what happen to our body, our mind will relax a little bit n ur pain will reduced by their own.

It will go away.... give it time !

Not sure if you still have the chest pain but i was having this for a few months i thought it was my heart anyway i was just tested for h pylori which has come back positive which is the cause for all my symptoms you should ask your doctor to check you for this if you haven't already.

This is exactly what I get! I’m scared everyday of my life of a heart attack just can’t cope anymore. I hope your ok !x

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