Feeling Guilty...is this normal??

Hi. I've recently been signed off work with stress. I had a few weeks of being overcome with emotion, anxiety, low self esteem & not really feeling I had a purpose. I'm into my second wk of being off & have another on the certificate but I'm thinking, should I go back! I have my first counselling session in a little over a wk but I do feel better & feeling guilty that I still have another week. I'm feeling that maybe I should go back, although I know my negative thoughts will override me I don't feel that counselling will be an overnight success so I know I'll have to work through it anyway.

Is anyone or has anyone been in this or a similar situation?...


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  • Hello

    I am sure you will get some more replies but when you are feeling guilty just ask yourself if you were ill with anything else would you feel guilty or take the time of ?

    I think when we suffer with anxiety & Depression we don't see it like other illnesses but it is & that extra week is just one week which your Doctor obviously feels will benefit you so why not use it to your advantage so when you do go back to work you will be prepared to cope with what ever you have to x

  • Thanks for your reply. Your right we don't see it like an illness but thanks for your kind words, it helps x

  • Hi Honeybud, yes ,yes & yes please give yourself sometime out we all need it ,,our health comes first and over the years stress &;burn out too ok it's toll on me I know the saying us busy mind is a healthy mind but a slower mind is healther too, I'm just in need of some time out pure relaxation eating well long walks im lucky to be going away saturds , but I can feel my health anxiety creeping g uk.again on me worry feeling & health pains aches illnesses last few months , I have started e with nerve is in Inn left ear maybe a dental issue ,,just took painkiller nite always here if need to chat big hugs binkynoo x

  • Thank you for your kind words. It's good to know people are on here to give words of wisdom. Thanks x

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