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Constantly feeling unwell

Hi guys looking for some advice, in august we were on holiday in Mauritius couple of days into the holiday I started feeling dizzy and sick so I just assumed I had picked up a bug or the food/drink wasn't agreeing with me. Came home and to this day I still feel awful! I constantly have to keep near the bathroom incase I'm sick! There was a night I couldn't stop being sick and my stools were loose and had a ripping pain coursing through my stomach so bad I couldn't stop crying (and I never cry) went to a&e they gave me a urine sample and stool sample (that came back normal) and gave me a prescription of omprazol (acid reflux tabs) at first I felt they were helping but not now. I feel I can't really go anywhere incase I start feeling sick although now it's just the feeling sick I am not being sick. I have tried a food diary and it doesn't seem to be triggered by any certain types of food or drink! It's driving me insane and the docs say they don't know what's causing it and just brush me off. It's causing havoc with my social and work life, could I be making myself ill about worrying that I am going to feel this way? Could anyone give me any advice? Thanks

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Thanks anxious me. I am going to contact my go tomorrow morning. I won't stop until someone listens lol. Thankyou so much for your reply, it's nice to know you can come on here for some advice and not be judged


Hello Heather

I'm emetephobic and at my worst I can't seem to go five minutes without thinking 'what if I'm sick', it is certainly possible to worry yourself sick and then you don't risk it which confirms the fear...however it is also possible that your initial illness was caused by something parasitic, which is still lurking - I'm also on the IBS forum, there I've heard tales of a particular bacteria which has a tendency to lead to the development of IBS...wish I could remember what it was called - sorry - have you had any blood tests? Should at least go back to the g.p, even if it's not physical you can get help for the mental.

good luck

sam xx


Hi Sam thanks for your reply


Hi Heather,

Did you tell the doctor that the symptoms started while you were in a third world country? Perhaps they didn't test you for things that wouldn't be expected to turn up in the West.

'Western' food poisoning isn't usually something that causes long term problems. You catch a winter vomiting bug, you feel awful for a few days, then you get better. If you have long term problems with your digestive system, it's not usually because you are infected with something. It's much more likely to be something where the digestive system just isn't working right, like IBS. (Of course there are always exceptions, like stomach ulcers, but this is only meant to be a rough generalisation.)

In third world countries, there are things you can catch that cause long term problems, and it would seem sensible to test you for them. I'm not a doctor, though, so you should probably ignore everything I just said. :-)

Good luck,



hi,if all this started on hols,I would be inclined to agree with pete,you could have picked up something,I would get tested for this,and let the dr know when it started,I get nausea with anxiety,and I take motilium,it gets rid of the butterflies in my stomach,but you mentioned you had pain with it,thats why I would get tested,,let us know how you get on .xxxx


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